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  • Certified personal trainer with 35 years of experience, specializing in fat loss, strength improvement, and general health and fitness.
  • Strong background in scientific research combined with practical expertise, empowering men and women of all ages in their fitness journey.
  • Featured in reputable publications like Strong Home Gym, Muscle and Brawn, Gymaholic, Fitness Volt, Zumub, Set for Set, and more.


With over three decades of expertise, Steve Theunissen stands as a beacon of knowledge and guidance in the realm of personal training. A certified personal trainer, Steve crafts customized fitness programs aimed at fat loss, strength enhancement, and overall well-being. Rooted in scientific research and fueled by his extensive gym floor experience, Steve adopts a unique approach to personal training.

His philosophy centers on education. Rather than prescribing mere routines, Steve empowers his readers by delving into the rationale behind exercises and nutritional choices. Drawing from relevant studies, he distills complex information into accessible insights, providing credible and valuable content. His ultimate aim is to educate and empower, fostering a lasting fitness mindset.

Beyond his role as a personal trainer, Steve is a prolific historian and author of over thirty books on great battles throughout history. This passion for history enriches his perspective and creativity, adding depth to his work.

In his home gym sanctuary in Tauranga, New Zealand, Steve continues to refine his skills and knowledge. He envisions transforming Strong Home Gym into a global fitness community—a hub of education where people from diverse backgrounds learn about gym equipment, exercise, and the transformative power of fitness.


Steve Theunissen holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Massey University of New Zealand and boasts the esteemed title of Master Personal Trainer from the International Sports Sciences Association. His dedication to continuous learning is evident through his numerous certifications, including Fitness Nutrition, Group Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Nutrition, and Transformation Specialist.

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