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7 Best Cable Attachments Every Gym Needs [Buying Guide]

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Cable machines are a great way to improve your overall strength and build muscle mass. The problem is, without the correct accessories, they’re pretty much useless.

So, the Strong Home Gym team has tried and tested dozens to find the best cable attachments available right now.

The Ulalov Cable Attachments are the overall top pick if you need a set of cable attachments. The non-slip rubber handles are much more comfortable than some of the steel grip options. And you can pick and mix the attachments you need.

However, the Yes4All Deluxe Tricep Rope is our top rope pick. A rope is really versatile for a cable machine and the Yes4All is extra durable and comes at a price tag that’s a steal.

First I’ll show you the pros and cons of each attachment. Then there is an in-depth buyer’s guide and FAQ section just so you know exactly what you’re looking for no matter what muscles you want to work on.

Budget Option

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A2ZCare Combo Attachments

Best Overall

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Ulalov Cable Attachments

Tricep Option

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Yes4All Deluxe Tricep Rope

7 Best Cable Attachments

Need to Get a Pump On?

Here’s our top picks…

  1. Overall set: Ulalov Cable Attachments
  2. Tricep rope: Yes4All Deluxe Tricep Rope
  3. Row handles: ACBEE Double D Row Handles Cable Attachment
  4. Ankle strap: DMoose Fitness Ankle Strap
  5. Pulldown: Yes4All Deluxe Cable Pulldown Attachment
  6. D handle: A2ZCare Combo D Handle Attachment
  7. Budget set: A2ZCare Combo attachments

Here’s why these attachments have made the cut…

1. Best cable attachments overall: Ulalov Cable Attachments

51D5IN8lmHS. SL500

The Ulalov cable attachments get our top spot due to their affordability and the high quality finish.

Each of the attachments has firm rubber grips. This is far more comfortable than the chrome steel finish such as the A2ZCare attachments.

The downside to rubber grips is they can be harder to grip and sometimes get slippy when your hands get sweaty. However, these rubber grips use non-slip knurling to provide that extra traction.

The straight bar and the D handles have a 360-degree rotating shackle. The D handles also have a grip (knuckle) that rotates 360-degrees. This means you can perform a wide range of exercises at a range of angles such as various rows and pulldowns.

If you already have some of these attachments you can pick and choose the ones you want. Or you can get the full works including:

  • D handles
  • Double D handles
  • Straight bar
  • V shaped bar handle
  • Triceps rope (35 inches long)

The stainless steel is very durable and all of these attachments can easily take up to 500lbs of resistance.


  • Full range of attachments available
  • At least 500lbs of resistance- very strong and durable
  • Rubber grips- much more comfortable than steel grips
  • Solid steel with polished chrome finish- they look good!
  • 360-degree rotation shackles and knuckles- allows more versatile movements


  • Contacting customer support is not easy

2. Yes4All Deluxe Tricep Rope

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Giving your triceps that gaunt cheekbone look our number two spot is a simple attachment done right! With this little beauty in your fitness arsenal, your arms will be popping in no time.

Although this is a very minimal design, you can tell there’s been plenty of thought put into its construction by looking at the details.

The heavy-duty nylon braid provides both breathability and raw strength, keeping you safe and comfortable as you work out.

Large plastic stoppers knotted to each end of the rope stop your hands from slipping off. But what’s extra special is the smoothed, slightly domed top side edge.

This is going to prevent cuts and soreness when your hands push into the plastic.

Regarding the connection itself, it’s made up of a chrome finish revolving attachment that stops the plastic from flying around should you let go of one side mid pump, and a stainless steel snap hook for easy, secure fixing.

It doesn’t come oiled from the factory so you can expect it to be a little noisy and to work against you a bit, but add your own WD-40 and it glides like a dream, quiet as can be.

This rope is the perfect way to target the muscle fibers of all three muscles in the back of your upper arms, emphasizing outer portions for maximum pop.

It’s a universal design making it compatible with any gym pulley system, and it comes in two sizes and three different color schemes.


  • Affordable
  • Incredibly strong
  • Plastic stoppers keep you from slipping
  • Plastic has smoothed edges to prevent injury and discomfort
  • Nylon braid is both strong and a little breathable
  • Perfect for any gym pulley system
  • Comes with stainless steel snap latch and chrome finish revolving slider


  • Specialized grips would make use more comfortable
  • Needs oiling to reduce noise and friction

3. ACBEE Double D Row Handles Cable Attachment

41+99pOKMYL. SL500

Providing a deep burn at our number three spot are a pair of row handles ideal for those challenging V-bar pulldowns and T-bar rows.

You’ll have the arms of a battle-ready Viking after a month-long voyage when these things are done with you.

Row handles benefit from a really lightweight design, so finding the right balance between weight and durability can be tough, but ACBEE seems to have done an amazing job.

Made entirely of stainless steel, each joint is evenly welded at every point of connection.

This means that ABCEE has been able to cut down on bulk, opting instead for thinner bars without sacrificing structural integrity.

Thanks to some exceedingly well-shaped, knurled rubber grips, these handles couldn’t be more comfortable, so if you prefer not to wear gloves for a workout, these are perfect for you.

Moreover, rubber has great natural antimicrobial qualities, making it the perfect substance to deal with lots of sweat.

The grip itself has a fluid swivel function that facilitates smooth movements and perfect form.

It also drastically reduces friction on the hand that a stationary grip causes as it moves slightly with each rep.

These handles also come with a heavy-duty stainless steel carabiner which you may or may not already have. Either way, it’s a really nice gesture from the company.


  • Ergonomic and antimicrobial rubber grip
  • Grip swivels for smooth movements
  • No need to wear workout gloves
  • Great for your back, arms, shoulders, and chest
  • Solid steel construction
  • Thin metal design keeps weight down
  • Joints are firmly welded in place


  • A little pricey for a single attachment

4. DMoose Fitness Ankle Strap

51bzjLnCEkL. SL500

Despite placing all the way up here at number four, the next muscle maker on our list is all about the bum and below.

If you’re in the market for the perfect attachment to help you tone everything below the belt, this is everything you’ve been hoping for.

These ankle straps will tone those massive muscle groups and take you from chicken legs to tree stumps.

DMoose has really done the textiles research with these ankle cuffs. They’ve chosen a material called neoprene which couldn’t be more fit for purpose.

It’s breathable, meaning you won’t sweat as much from the ankle. It’s also waterproof so sweat can’t breach the straps and cause odor issues.

It’s just stretchy enough to offer amazing flexibility during explosive movements, and it’s strong too.

Putting the cherry on the low carb cake, these straps are completely double-stitched for maximum durability.

Connections are impressive here as well. The double D rings are made from reinforced steel, and the straps secure on your ankle with some practically military-grade velcro.

We honestly couldn’t fault these things. The extra-wide fit is going to spread tension over a larger area of your ankle, reducing pressure and irritation during a long session; they come in loads of awesome colors, and DMoose’s logo is a super jacked moose.

What’s not to love?


  • Waterproof neoprene build
  • Breathable
  • Wide fit for comfort
  • Flexibility facilitates explosive movements
  • Solid steel double D rings
  • Double-stitched
  • Incredibly strong velcro for quick and easy fit
  • Compatible with most resistance machines
  • Perfect for toning your lower body
  • Sexy moose logo!
  • Available in a ton of colors
  • Affordable


  • A ‘pack’ contains only 1 strap

5. Yes4All Deluxe Cable Pulldown Attachment

21P7I3N3aNL. SL500

Bringing the pump to our number five spot is a straight bar attachment designed to help you sculpt your back, bis and tris into a masterpiece of muscles.

A lot of straight bars on the market at the minute are hollow, which is fine, but it means they’re capped at a pretty low weight capacity.

This one, on the other hand, is completely solid steel with a chrome finish to prevent rusting, capable of supporting up to 880lbs of weight.

Grip-wise, the steel features textured knurling. If we had our way, it would come with a specialized grip as they can be much easier on the hands, but you can always add your own grips, using the knurling for internal traction.

Moving on to the connections, you get a 360-degree swivel shackle for smooth and constant motion during exercises, but no carabiner this time around.

While the chrome coating will prevent abrasion and rust on the outside of the bar, there’s nothing in place to protect the gap between the bar and the shackle, which can disrupt movement.

It’s a little disappointing, but all in all, it’s an easy fix. Just grease it up and file away any burs or exposed rust, and you’re good to go.


  • Affordable
  • Swivel shackle makes for unrestricted movements
  • Solid steel construction capable of supporting 880lbs
  • Knurling grip
  • Perfect for working your back


  • Padded grips are better, especially for heavier resistance
  • Shackle may arrive a little rough

6. A2ZCare D Handles Attachment

41KGO9lKE6L. SL500

D Handles attachments work bis and tris, chest, shoulder, and even core muscles.

Much like our last pick, to prevent oxidation due to repeated exposure to sweat, these solid steel attachments are finished with a chrome coating.

The knurled grip spins 360 degrees, helping it to move seamlessly along with you, allowing you to maintain perfect form during challenging sets.

The metal might start to catch a bit straight out of the box or after significant use, but light lubrication should have them back in full working order.

Once again, the absence of a comfortable grip is a real letdown, especially as there’s no way to really add your own in this case, but this can be solved with a decent pair of weight lifting gloves. 

You can actually get this exact product with more advanced grips, but they’re momentarily out of stock.

You might be able to score some as part of their multipacks but ask ahead of purchase to make sure.


  • Spinning knurled grip flows with your movements
  • Great for working out arms, backs, shoulders, and chest
  • Solid steel construction
  • Chrome finish protects against oxidation
  • Available with comfier grips 


  • Needs oiling from time to time
  • No specialized grips

7. Budget set: A2ZCare Combo attachments

41kZpuLtBEL. SL500

If you are on a tight budget then the A2ZCare cable attachments could be perfect for you.

You can buy other cheap attachments such as the KMM attachments. But the A2ZCare is really affordable because of the steel chrome coated grips. Many people prefer the firm rubber grips.

However, the A2ZCare is far better quality than some other cheap alternatives. It uses strong steel and can handle over 500lbs. Some other options have terrible welded steel that rips your hands. The finish on these attachments are very good.

There is also a 30 day free return policy and a 1 year warranty.

This provides that peace of mind when you make the purchase that you’re not stuck with these if you really don’t like them.

I would personally recommend these attachments if you have lifting gloves as the grip is the only thing that is different compared to some of the other options on this list.


  • Affordable- one of the most affordable options on this list
  • High quality steel used- extra durable and won’t need replacing
  • A variety of cable attachments- possible to buy the ones you want in one go
  • Chrome finish- helps to prevent rust and they look great


  • Needs oiling
  • Steel grips- firm rubber is more comfortable

Best Cable Attachments Buyer’s Guide

Before you shell out for any old attachment because you’re yearning for a burning, hit the brakes a second. There are 5 main things you need to consider:

  • What exercises you want to do- depends on the type of attachments
  • Quality- you can often tell this by the weight
  • Grip- does it have firm rubber or steel?
  • Materials used- what finish is used to prevent rust?
  • Price- does it fit your budget?

Have a quick scan of our buyer’s guide to make sure you find the attachment that’s right for you.


Attachments don’t normally really cost all that much because they’re quite small products. But some will definitely run dearer than others, and if you want one of each attachment, it’s going to add up.

Some brands sell packages with three or four different attachments, which saves money, but you have to settle for the quality of whatever’s in the package. This is why the Ulalov attachments are our top pick.

But I recommend spending some time looking for the best attachments and buying them individually, over time if necessary. 


In most cases, the heavier the attachment the better quality, but not always. Sometimes a lightweight attachment is more suitable for an exercise.

Row handles for instance should be quite light as excess weight is going to strain muscles you’re not focusing on. Ultimately this will limit your form and slake your reps.

If the product weights are all listed but you’re not sure what constitutes an appropriate weight, compare it to a few others with similar designs and see how it stacks up.


As you’ve seen from our list, a lot of quality attachments only come with a knurled metal grip, which is much better than nothing, but it will get quite hard on the hands if you’re working with lots of resistance.

Some of these attachments will be compatible with grips purchased elsewhere, but others may not be.

If you really want to care for your palms, but you only have a knurled grip, why not try out some weight lifting gloves?


It’s important to choose attachments made of materials that are appropriate for exercise. If rigidity is key for a particular exercise, you can’t go wrong with stainless steel.

Coated steel is even better as it prevents oxidation. If flexibility is key to a set, you’ll need something firm yet elastic like neoprene.

Another important aspect of soft fabric attachments such as ankle straps is breathability. Breathability refers to a material’s ability to reduce the build up of heat when in contact with skin.

Breathable fabrics keep you from sweating as much thereby increasing comfort, helping you to hold your form during challenging workouts.


If the attachment you’re buying has moving metal-on-metal parts, it’s a good idea to buy some sort of lubricant to keep the connections moving smoothly.

It’s just like a bike, sometimes it needs a little bit of oil care to stop it from squeaking or seizing up. We’d suggest WD-40. 

Types of Cable Attachments

Straight Bar

A straight bar is precisely what it sounds like. It’s a straight bar with a swiveling central shackle.

They’re best used for strengthening and sculpting your shoulders, but if you get a little bit creative, they can be used for a decent full body cable workout.

Curved Bar

Curved or EZ bar attachments have roughly the same application as the straight bar, but the added option of holding the bar at a slight angle takes a lot of strain off your hands, wrists, and forearms, so you can focus tension on your target muscle group and pump out more reps.

They’re great for returning to a workout after an injury as it reduces strain on weaker areas.

Ankle Straps

Ankle straps are the ideal little partners to help you sculpt the lower portions of your body.

They’re mostly used to pump the calves, glutes, and strengthen the hips as well. Popular moves include leg curls, leg extensions, leg raises, kick outs, and hip abductors.

Row Handles

Needless to say, row handles are used for cable row workouts.

These workouts entail pulling the handles in towards your chest from a seated position to work your arms and back.

Single Handles

Single handles look like individual stirrups.

They normally come in a pair, and they’re the most versatile of all the attachments as they offer the greatest freedom of movement and can be used individually or simultaneously.

They increase back, chest, core, and arm strength.


The rope can be bought as a two-handed or individual single-hand attachment. It’s the second most versatile in applications after the single handle.

Naming just a few, you can use it for J pulldowns to work your back and triceps, face pulls for your upper back and shoulders, and chest fly pulls for your pecs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cable attachments?

Cable attachments are various handles, ropes, and straps you can hook up to a number of resistance cable machines to isolate particular muscle groups in a myriad of challenging ways.

Is a cable machine good for a home gym?

As long as you have space and know how to use it correctly, a cable machine is the perfect multi-use piece of home gym equipment. If you have the appropriate attachments, you can sculpt pretty much any muscle group.

It won’t help with cardio fitness, but a cable machine paired with an exercise bike, treadmill, or hit session routine, is all you really need in a home gym.

What’s the best cable attachment for working your core?

Most cable exercises are going to engage your core. But the tricep rope is a great attachment for working your core. You can do ab crunches with added weight from the machine to progress each workout.

What attachment is best for doing cable rows?

A v-grip cable attachment is best for doing cable rows.

Using a v-grip will ensure that your arm posture and overall technique is good so that you can focus on strengthening your back muscles, minimizing the risk of injury.

Best Cable Attachments: The Bottom Line

Cable attachments are necessary for any functional trainer or cable machine.

Our top pick is the Ulalov Cable Attachments due to their versatility and quality. They are some of the most used attachments at my gym as they offer so many variations.

If you’re looking for the perfect all in one home gym machine for your own gym then be sure the check out our guide. We have tested and compared over 125 machines to show you the best ones available right now.

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