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8 Best All In One Home Gym Machines [131 Reviewed]

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I used my two decades’ worth of experience as a personal trainer to choose 21 criteria to rate each machine. This is based on what I’ve seen from thousands of clients’ needs over the years.

It is the exact process I use for choosing equipment for my own 8,000-square-foot strength and conditioning gym.

Image of Steve's MyGym

The team at Strong Home Gym (including other personal trainers and an engineer) came together to choose how much “weighting” to put on these factors.

Hours of spreadsheet bashing and physically testing many of these machines later… the cream rose to the top.

In this guide, I’ll show you the best home gym machine for anyone’s budget, space, and training level.

Compare home gym machines


Total Gym Fit
Force USA G15
Total Gym XLS
Force USA G3
Total Gym Apex
Life Fitness G2
Total Gym Apex
Bowflex 2SE
Total Gym Apex
Total Gym Fit
Total Gym Apex
REP FT-5000
Best for
Small spaces
Cable machine
Rating (*)
Brand & reviews
Ease of use
Gauge steel
Weight capacity (lbs)
Width (")
3.6 (7.2 folded)
Length (")
49.2 (13.8 folded)
93 (50.5 folded)
32.3 (15.98)
Height (")
44.5 (8.5)
Footprint (sq ft)
Item weight
Resistance (lbs)
210 (410 add on)
Bodyweight + bar
Pulley ratio
2:1 & 4:1
Increases as you lift
Lifetime frame, 10 yr parts
2 yr
Lifetime frame, 10 yr parts
Lifetime frame, 3 yr parts
3 yr parts
Lifetime frame, 2 yr parts
2 yr
Lifetime frame, 1 yr parts
12-in-1 machine 18 attachments + upgrade kit
Tracks data & free membership
12-in-1 machine 14 attachments + upgrade kit
Optional leg press add on
Power rod technology
Sliding bench
Portable cable machine
Cable machine

Our testing and selection process

We always go through a 5 step process:

  1. We Start As The Buyer
  2. We Do A TON Of Research
  3. We Rate The Products Using Our Exclusive “Weighted” Rating System
  4. We Use Data To Decide The Top Picks
  5. We Get Our Hands On As Much Of This As Possible

You can learn more about this process here.

But here is the exact data we use with our weighting system in brackets:

Quality (25%)

  1. Gauge steel (12%)
    • 11 gauge steel (⅛” thick) is more than enough for most people (see image below)
  2. Size of the steel (8%)
    • 2×2″ is usually enough for most people- 3×3″ is more than enough
  3. Weight capacity (5%)
    • 900lbs+ capacity usually resembles a very solid machine (you can’t always trust this though- the previous 2 are more important)
Gym Equipment Gauge Steel Thickness

Versatility (25%)

  1. # Stations (8%)
    • More stations means more exercises you can perform i.e. leg press, pull up bar, cable machine etc.)
  2. Attachments included/ optional (5%)
    • Are there more attachments that add versatility to the machine?
  3. # Exercises (5%)
    • The more exercises the machine can perform the better
  4. 1” or ‘Westside’ hole spacing around pressing area (4%)
    • Makes it easier to position safety arms to the right height (see image below)
  5. Storage capabilities for attachments & plates (3%)
    • You won’t need to buy additional storage so it scores higher
Benefits of westside spacing on a squat rack

Brand reputation (10%)

  1. % of 3-star or less reviews (3%)
    • If there are over 10% 3-star reviews or less it lowers the score
  2. Repetitive flaws with the machine (3%)
    • For example, multiple people complaining about the head support being too low for them if they are over 5 foot 10” lowers the overall score
  3. Customer support score (2%)
    • We contact every brand as a customer to determine the speed of support and how helpful they are at resolving our question (see image below)
  4. Repetitive reviews of poor delivery (2%)
    • When multiple reviews mention slow delivery times or poorly packaged and damaged products it lowers the score
REP Fitness Customer Service

Ease of use (8%)

  1. How easy is it for a beginner to use? (3%)
    • If anyone could walk up to the machine and get a good workout it scores higher
  2. App/ exercises included or workout support (3%)
    • More points are scored if there is workout support using the machine (see example of an app below)
  3. Ease of installation (2%)
    • It scores higher if the machine is easy to install and set up or if you can pay for installation- because this is only a one time thing the weighting is low here

Compactness (7%)

  1. Recommended working area (3%)
    • A machine often needs more floorspace than the footprint e.g. a landmine attachment will take up more space outside of the machine (see image below)
  2. Footprint (2%)
    • How much space does the width and depth take up?
  3. Height (2%)
    • A taller machine can provide more versatility but it may not fit in your room depending on ceiling height
Landmine Traingle With Rotational Presses

Price (25%)

  1. Price/ quality (12%)
    • We divide our quality score by the price to ensure the quality of the machine is taken into consideration
  2. Price (10%)
    • The highest weighting goes onto price as this is often one of the main purchasing decisions for most people
  3. Warranty (3%)
    • A lifetime warranty helps to score higher. 1 year or under for any parts scores lower

Find the right machine for your needs

Overall | Smart | Budget | Traditional | Beginners | Small spaces | Portable | Cable machine

1. Best all in one home gym machine

Best Home Gym Overall

Force USA G15
Force USA G15
Quick specs
3×3″ 11 gauge steel
12 systems in one
Westside spacing (1″ holes)
2 x 289lb weight stacks

The G15 has every type of machine you could possibly want to use in one.

89/100 Overall Score





Brand reputation


Ease of use






  • Perform any exercise you can think of
  • Highly adjustable cable resistance (4:1 & 2:1 ratio)
  • Save time changing weight stacks (instead of plates)
  • Super strong (11 gauge steel)
  • Position safety arms to the perfect height (Westside 1″ hole spacing)
  • One-click installation


  • Expensive
  • 2×2″ uprights are not as big as the X15 3×3″

Do you like the idea of using a gym machine for safety and to make it more beginner-friendly?

The G15 is perfect for you.

Would you like the option to do any exercise you want with a barbell and free weights?

The G15 is for you.

With 12 stations you can perform any exercise you can think of with this machine. This saves a ton of space and money from buying multiple machines. And the quality is immense.

The Force USA G15 is the best home universal weight machine, and it comes out on top against our criteria for 3 reasons…

  1. Versatility
  2. Value
  3. Convenience

Let me explain what I mean by this.

1. Versatility- machine & free weights

The G15 is an all-in-one trainer.

It allows you to safely do any movement that you can think of on a “traditional” home gym machine. It has a leg press, lat pulldown, shoulder press, chest press, row, leg extension, leg curl, etc.

But… it allows you to do these movements in a more “functional” way.

There is a big debate over whether weights or machines are better for you at gaining muscle.

The G15 is the all in one gym machine bringing together the best of both worlds!

Just watch the 3-minute video below to see it in action…

The argument for using weights (like dumbbells or a barbell) is that more muscles are under tension and they resemble more everyday a.k.a. “functional” movement patterns (such as squatting down to pick your kid’s toys off the floor!).

However, as I explain later, machines have their advantages too. You can really target and isolate specific muscles, they can be safer working out alone… and there’s less of a learning curve.

The G15’s 2-to-1 and 4-to-1 cable ratio makes it super versatile.

It provides a longer length cable than the G20’s 2-to-1 ratio (used to be 1-to-1). This is ideal for exercises that need more slack, such as a kneeling row…

Weight-to-resistance ratio of a cable machine explained

Plus, you can make micro-adjustments to ensure you keep making progress.

It’s very hard to jump from 10 lbs to 20 lbs (a 100% increase) for certain exercises like a lat raise. But going from 10 to 12.5 lbs is very doable.

2. Value

Let’s start with the elephant in the room…

This is the most expensive item on this list (check out any of our other guides and you’ll see this is very rare as a heavy weighting goes on pricing).

However, you can easily find other machines out there that are more expensive than this.

To name a few… BodySolid EXM4000S, Bodycraft X4 Strength System, or Force USA’s G20 (the G15 wins due to the 2-to-1 and 4-to-1 cable ratio).

But this machine stands out because it includes:

  1. A power rack
  2. A functional trainer (cable machine)
  3. Smith machine
  4. Chin up station
  5. Suspension trainer
  6. Landmine station (ideal for training your core)
  7. Low row
  8. Dip station
  9. Lat pulldown
  10. Jammer arms
  11. Vertical leg press
  12. Leg developer (leg curl/ extension)

If you were to buy these separately it would easily add up to more than this.

And this isn’t some flimsy thing either!

Using 11 gauge steel, it comes with the highly valued 1-inch Westside hole spacing around the pressing area.

This means that you can position the spotter arms to the ideal position when bench pressing or squatting alone.

Benefits of westside spacing on a squat rack

Also, the maximum user height is 7′ 1″, whereas many all-in-one gym machines are only suitable for people around 6 feet or below. So your NBA neighbors can come over and use this bad boy too!

3. Convenience

A few common issues with any gym equipment are:

  • You have to order things from different places
  • The customer service sucks
  • You have to figure out how to install the blooming thing

Force USA has you covered!

This machine doesn’t come with weight plates, a barbell, or a weight bench. However, you can seamlessly add these to your order on the checkout page.

And typically companies that do this sell you things that are pretty pants or really expensive.

But Force USA breaks the mold!

The barbells on offer are very decent. The weight plates only cost about $15 more for a 200lb set than other very affordable weight plates we’ve found and the benches fall in line with other pricing points.

Customer service is great too!

Top tip – Use this video series to help install the machine if you are going to do it yourself… note- you can add installation with one click if you’re not very handy/ want to save time!

Bottom line – the G15 offers more stations (12 vs 9) than the multi-trainers such as the X15, and includes a leg press attachment, which can be a deal breaker for some people!

It offers similar versatility to units such as the more expensive G20. And it has better functionality, primarily regarding the 2-to-1 & 4-to-1 pulley systems.

That’s why it earned its “best all in one workout machine” label in our research.

Specs of the G15

G15Upgraded G15
Height x Width x Depth (“)87 x 80 x 5387 x 80 x 73
Gauge of steel1111
Included weight stacks285 x 2285 x 2
Number of stations812
Number of attachments1826
Pulley ratio2-to-1 & 4-to-12-to-1 & 4-to-1

Find the overview & price for the Force USA G15 here.

I spoke to Force USA about getting a deal for Strong Home Gym readers.

I’ve managed to wangle you an exclusive 5% discount if you use STRONG5 on the checkout page!

2. Smart home gym machine

Best Smart Home Gym

Speediance Home Gym
Quick specs
Free lifetime membership
11.2″ folded footprint
21″ screen (32″ Plus max model)
110lb max weight per arm

The smart features adapt your workouts to suit your body over time. It’s portable and has no membership (why it beats Tonal).

82/100 Overall Score





Brand reputation


Ease of use






  • Portable – it has wheels and is not fixed to a wall
  • Space-saving build – fits in any room
  • Free personalized, guided workouts – no subscriptions like most smart gyms
  • AI-powered tension – automatically adjusts resistance
  • Access to live classes
  • It feels premium
  • No installation
  • The screen moves- so you can see it from the floor


  • The extras are essential – costs more than you first think.
  • Controls can be hard to reach on some exercises
  • Resistance feels different than free weight
  • The maximum load is 220 lbs
  • Barbell exercises can feel unstable at heavier weights

Tonal is still the smart home gym to beat.

The reason Speediance gets our top pick is:

  • Pricing (~$1,500 less)
  • No membership fees
  • It’s on wheels and not attached to the wall
  • The screen moves so you can see it from the floor when exercising

It is more compact which is great for some people. But this does mean it doesn’t have the extended arms like Tonal so if you’re used to doing a wide cable fly you have to work around it.

Despite the successful Kickstarter campaign, Speediance is not as well known as its main competitor, Tonal.

Speediance vs Tonal

It seems to me that the reason is not the quality or functionality but a smaller marketing budget for the Speediance vs Tonal battle.

They’re younger, not endorsed by celebrities like Lebron James (who owns a part of Tonal), and they’re not all over TV.

For you, the potential buyer, this means you can get better value by looking beyond the frills and into the substance.

And the substance is as good as with any other smart gym.

Add to that the lower price tag, and you get the best value among smart home gyms.

The main downside is a positive to some…

It is more compact than Tonal.

But this means it doesn’t have the wide arms. This can make certain exercises like a cable fly feel a bit weird, and you’ll have to work around it (which is possible!)

Bottom line – it’s basically a Tonal, not fixed on your wall. Which many people prefer… oh and it’s cheaper!

Specs of the Speediance

Height x Width x Length (“)72.3 x 28 x 49.2
H x W x L folded (“)72.3 x 28 x 15
Max resistance (lbs)220
Number of exercises100

Find the overview & price for the Speediance here.

3. Budget all in one gym machine

Budget Home Gym Machine

Force USA G3
Force USA G3 All-In-One Trainer
Quick specs
11 gauge steel
6 machines in 1 (upgrade to 12)
Add plates for resistance to cables
2 to 1 cable pulley ratio

The G3 allows you to perform any exercise using free weights or a machine for a budget price.

83/100 Overall Score





Brand reputation


Ease of use






  • Value– decent quality for a great price
  • You can grow with this machine with add ons
  • Versatile– use machines or free weights for exercises
  • Super strong (11 gauge steel)
  • Position safety arms to the perfect height (Westside 1″ hole spacing)
  • One-click installation


  • Time-consuming to load plates for cable machine
  • Wobbles more than the G15 as there are no weight stacks
  • Only 6 stations (vs 12 for the G15) without the add-ons

The G3 is a premium home gym on a budget.

It can do everything the G15 does with the upgradable extension packs.

But it doesn’t have selectorized weight stacks which can make adding plates for the cable machine more time-consuming and fiddly.

For a third of the price, it is worth it if you’re budget-minded.

With the arrival of all the new fancy units, the G3 lost some of its appeal…. I’d argue undeservedly.

It’s still THE option if you already have many of the puzzle pieces and need a piece that ties them all together. Or if you’re on a budget…

Pricing of All In One Home Gym Machines

There’s no predefined upgrade with the G3, which means you can add the stuff you need without paying for packages.

The price also gives you more freedom to plan your gym and choose which station should be standalone.

It’s probably unfair to think of the G3 in the same way you would the X15, G15, or G20.

Type of Force USA Multi-Trainer

It’s a much more basic machine, and that’s reflected in the price.

It’s probably not going to be the centerpiece/entirety of your gym – although, with the right add-ons, it can be! But it’s a great value addition to most home gym setups.

Just as good in some ways, better in others

In some aspects, like the design of the j-hooks (fully protected), it’s better than the machines that cost 5 times as much.

In others, like weight capacity, it’s just as good.

Weight Ratings of All In One Home Gym Machines

It’s lacking in versatility – the G3 has only 5 stations (rack, chin-up, Smith machine, core, and functional trainer) or 7 (if you get the lat pull-downs and leg press upgrades).

Compared to the G15’s 11 stations (dip station, suspension trainer, jammer arms & low row).

See the 90-second video below to see what the G3 offers…

The bottom line – I would recommend this machine to most people who are on a budget. It certainly is up there among the best affordable home gym machines.

You’ll also need to allow for a barbell, weight plates & a weight bench (click one of those links for our research).

We’d advise most people to get the leg press attachment too as it’s not advised to use a Smith machine for heavy squats.

Spec sheet of the G3

Height x Width x Depth (“)87 x 80 x 55
Gauge of steel12
Included weight stacksn/a
Number of stations5
Number of attachments18
Pulley Ratio2-to-1

Find the overview & price for the Force USA G15 here.

4. ‘Traditional’ home gym machine

Best Traditional Home Gym

Life Fitness G2
Life Fitness G2
Quick specs
11 gauge steel
160lbs weight stack (210lbs add on)
2 to 1 pulley ratio
Optional leg press add on

Life Fitness provides commercial-quality home gym machines for a reasonable price.

71/100 Overall Score





Brand reputation


Ease of use






  • Good quality machine allows you to hit correct muscle groups
  • Decent warranty compared to other similar models
  • Save time changing weight stacks (instead of plates)
  • Simple to use for beginners
  • 210lbs is enough for most people (50lb upgrade available)


  • Time consuming to assemble
  • 2 to 1 ratio is not always accurate on these types of machines
  • Limited to the exercises you can do

When most people think of a home gym machine this is exactly what they think of.

The G2 is one of the best value machines like this that exists.

11 gauge steel and a good construction allowing people taller than 6 feet to be able to use it and still target the muscles they are supposed to.

Any machine like this is limited to the exercises you can perform on it.

But if you’re looking to lift with the safety of a machine this is the one for you.

Jack of all trades, master of none.

That rings so true for the vast majority of single/multi-stack home gyms.

If I had to guess, I’d say that 80% of them are unusable. Due to poor angles of cables, poor sizing for anyone over 5 foot 8, and poor stability.

This Life Fitness is anything but. 

First and foremost, the angles are well executed, which means you use all the stations. That part is especially impressive in this combo – chest press, high pulley, and leg extension.

These are typically next to each other on stack machined, making it hard to get the geometry right.

Bottom line – The best home multi-gym you can get. It reminds me of the multi-user stacks that were so common in the 80s and 90s gyms. They did a job then, and they’ll do a job now.

Specs sheet

Life Fitness G2
Height x Width x Length (“)80 x 53 x 84
Number of stations6
Included weight stacks160-210

Find the overview & price for the Life Fitness G2 here.

5. Beginner gym machine

Beginner Home Gym

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE
Bowflex 2SE
Quick specs
210lbs resistance (up to 410lbs)
11 gauge steel
Power rod technology
No change pulley system

Super easy to use and move between exercises due to the ‘no-change’ pulley system.

74/100 Overall Score





Brand reputation


Ease of use






  • Safe (probably the safest universal home gym)
  • Save time during workouts with the “no-change” pulley system
  • You can upgrade the load from 210 to 310/410 lbs
  • Super strong (11 gauge steel)
  • Rods are quieter than weight plates and stacks
  • Good price


  • The load doesn’t feel like “real weight”
  • Resistance increases as you lift
  • Cables loosen over time

This is the easiest machine to “jump on and use”.

If you have little experience lifting weights this is ideal for you as it’s so intuitive and there’s very low risk of injury.

It uses “power rod technology” rather than traditional plates or weight stacks on machines.

The 2SE stands out compared to other Bowlfex models due to the “no change” cables. Allowing you to move from one exercise to another very quickly.

Bowflex often gets a bad rep based on a few flimsy models. Thankfully though, the 2SE is not in that part of their lineup.

It’s one of the best complete home gyms.

Bowflex vs Free Weights

Whilst I’m generally not a big fan of Bowflex, I need to give credit where it’s due. Xtreme 2 SE ticks all the right boxes for beginners, recovering athletes, or those who prioritize safety.

There are two main reasons for that:

  1. The no-change pulley system is a game-changer – it eliminates the peskiest part of working out on lesser Bowflex units like the Blaze or the PRX1000 – switching between stations by disconnecting and reconnecting cables.

The seat and the padding are better (high-density foam)

Bottom line – The Bowflex 2SE is our top pick for the best home gym for beginners because there is a lot less of a “learning curve” than other models on here.

If you fail to lift a certain weight you can let go and you won’t hurt yourself by dropping the weights or the weight stack on yourself.

The Bowflex 2SE is certainly up there among the top-ranking pieces in the best home gym equipment category…

Spec sheet of this Bowflex

Bowflex SE
Height x Width x Depth (“)84 x 49 x 53
Included resistance210 (option to upgrade to 410)
Number of exercises70+

Find the overview & price for the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE here.

6. Home gym for small spaces

Compact Home Gym

Total Gym FIT
The Total Gym FIT
Quick specs
93 (50.5) x 44.5 (8.5) x 18.5″
66lbs weight
12 gauge steel
11.9 sq ft footprint

Glide board machine using bodyweight and gravity as resistance. Possible to use cables to do similar exercises as a cable machine.

70/100 Overall Score





Brand reputation


Ease of use






  • Saves space – folds away
  • No need for plates & extra equipment
  • Possible to add extra weight bar and plates if wanted
  • More sturdy than other Total Gyms


  • Limited resistance
  • Costs more than other Total Gyms

If you’re tight on space, this could be the perfect machine for you.

Taking up less than 12 feet squared you don’t need extra working space to use the machine.

Total Gym would have been better off if they had never made some of their models.

However, it still should be part of the top-rated home gym conversation for people who know what to expect from a low-impact body-weight workout. 

That goes twice if you don’t have a dedicated space and need something that folds away.

All In One Home Gym Footprint
Note this is the footprint of the machine- it doesn’t take into account “working space”. The Total gym doesn’t require any extra space than this.

Among the Total Gym machines (and the many alternatives and knock-offs), one stands out as the top-value compact home gym model – the Total Gym Fit.

I wouldn’t say it’s the absolute best because GTS exists, but it’s the top value (we go more in-depth about this in our best total gym model guide).

The burly frame of this Total Gym model allows for a max weight capacity of a whopping 450 lbs at 12 levels of resistance.

Fit’s glideboard and seat are only second to the commercial-grade GTS, which costs almost three times as much.

The bottom line – let’s be honest. This compact home gym model is not going to transform your physique, but some people will find value in it.

As a training apparatus – it has its market, and frankly, not everyone wants to lift weights in the conventional sense. That’s the reason it’s being reviewed here.

Specs of the Total Gym Fit

Total Gym Fit
Height x Width x Length (“)44.5 x 18.5 x 93
Folded size (LxWxH, in inches)18.5 x 50.5 x 8.5
Included resistancen/a
Number of exercises85

Find the overview & price for the Total Gym FIT here.

7. Portable home gym

Best portable home gym

MAXPRO Portable Cable machine
Quick specs
15.98″ H x 7.2″ W
40 min charge time: 2 month life
300lbs resistance cables

Decent resistance and versatility for something so compact and portable.

74/100 Overall Score





Brand reputation


Ease of use






  • Super portable
  • 300lbs resistance – more than enough for most people
  • Long battery life
  • Reasonably priced
  • App makes it simple to use
  • Already installed


  • Not the same as free weights
  • No resistance when lowering
  • “Break in” period can take a while

If you travel a lot and don’t always have access to a gym then this is ideal for you.

Weighing less than 10lbs and only 16″ high you can pack this and take it anywhere with you.

The cables do have a decent 300lbs resistance.

But the big downside is there is no resistance when you lower the cables- some people are not aware of this when they buy it.

The MAXPRO is super easy to pack and take with you anywhere you travel (even if you fly!)

But it’s not just some flimsy bit of gear and is far more useful than a set of resistance bands.

You can use the cable technology to set any resistance from 5 to 300lbs.

This means you can make tiny increments, which is ideal for those pesky lat raises.

But it also means you can deadlift a decent amount of resistance that is more than enough for most people.

The one downside is that there is no resistance when you lower the cables (the eccentric).

This means you lose a lot of the benefits from this part of the movement, which is the most common criticism for this piece of kit.

However, I’m yet to see a piece of gear that can be transported so easily that is this good so it makes our list.

Find the overview & price for the MAXPRO here.

8. Cable home gym machine

Cable Home Gym

REP FT-5000
Rep Fitness FT-5000
Quick specs
11 gauge steel
2x224lbs weight stacks
2 to 1 pulley ratio
85.5 x 58 x 36″

High-quality cable machine for a home gym price.

83/100 Overall Score





Brand reputation


Ease of use






  • Compact corner design
  • Very smooth cables
  • Quick to change magnetic weight stack
  • Commercial quality for home gym price


  • Need creativity for certain muscles (like legs)
  • Installation isn’t easy

The best quality cable machine on this list.

You can do a full-body workout with just a set of cables but there is a learning curve for certain exercises and muscle groups.

REP FT-5000 is the top dog among functional trainers for a home gym.

It has a whopping 448lbs of resistance, which is more than enough for 99% of gym goers.

The 11 gauge steel makes this a beast of a machine but with a small footprint of 14.5 sq ft.

The clever corner design also helps to save space.

The bottom line – The 224 lbs of weight packed into a small frame of the FT-5000, with a 2-to-1 ratio on the pulleys, is just what the doctor ordered for a home gym.

Specs of the FT-5000

Height x Width x Length (“)85.5 x 58 x 36″
Pulley ratio2-to-1
Max load112 lbs per side

Find the overview & price for the REP FT-5000 here.

Home gym machine buying guide

Generic information is my pet peeve.

Over the last two weeks, I spent nights and mornings thinking about how to make this guide non-generic.

Ideally, I wanted to craft something helpful without creating a “monster” that would bore you to death.

I only managed to do the former, because a monster it is.

Boring? God, I hope not…

All this poor-me talk is actually about you – about giving you the roadmap to your next universal exercise machine.

This is what I’ll go over below:

  1. Free weights vs. machines – the debate for the ages, simplified.
  2. Costs of free weight home gym versus that of machines – We put this to rest today because it’s been beaten to a pulp.
  3. Types of all-in-ones to choose from – let’s establish some order.
  4. Primary factors of choosing a quality home gym – this is the crucial part; if you’re gonna read just one part of this page, go for that.

From a purely scientific point of view, there’s very little evidence that weights build more muscle than machines. It’s like comparing vegetables with fruits.

Machines have advantages overweights and vice versa. Machines allow better targeting of muscles, but weights provide more compound movements. 

Weightlifting expert Brad Schoenfeld hits the nail on the head here…

So, what should you do?

Here’s a question to rule them all – are you looking to pack on serious muscle?

The key word here is “serious” because some muscle building is possible with pretty much any machine, from Bowflex to Total Gym.

Let me put it like thisyour muscles don’t know the difference between resistance. Machines are as effective at building muscle if they can safely emulate the same level of resistance and intensity.

Realistically, you are looking at between $1,500-$5,000 for a good quality all-in-one home gym (up to $10K for the high-end stuff with all the trimmings).

This can provide a full-body workout with one machine.

When you account for setting up a free weight gym, you’ll need:

These costs can easily come to a few thousand. In fact, from our 1,000+ person survey, it costs $3,141 on average.

Check out our full guide on building a home gym here for more money-saving tips on this.

9 types of all-in-one home gyms

You can see the 9 main types of home gyms in the image below.

All In One Home Gyms 9 types

When you think of one of the best multi-gyms this is probably what you think of. 

Stack machines usually have:

  • A weight stack of between 100-300 pounds 
  • Seat bench
  • Chest press and or pec station
  • Overhead pulley (sometimes a mid or low pulley too)
  • Leg extension and or press

The movements you can perform on these machines are “fixed” to what the machine allows.

See our top “traditional” home gym pick here.

Safest resistance trainingLimited movements
Push yourself to failure without a spotterWeight limit

A lever gym is an all in one weight machine that provides resistance with weight plates. Whereas a traditional multi gym will have a weight stack.

You can change the lever height to perform power movements such as squats, shrugs and rows. You can also add more weight resistance compared to a multi gym and they are safer than weights. 

The Powertec Fitness Lever Gym Work Bench is one of the best value lever gyms available. 

Safer than free weights (don’t drop the bar on you)Can be less stable (need to add weight to stop machine wobbling)
You control the resistance weightBuy weight plates separately

A smith machine has a fixed barbell to steel rails. It only allows vertical movements along this rail and provides more support than a free weight barbell.

The advantage over a multi gym stack is that you can load more resistance onto the barbell.

Be aware that if you get a smith machine combo you will need to allow an extra budget for seperate weight plates.

The Force USA G15, our best workout home gym top pick, includes a free weight and Smith Machine combo.

Keeps the feel of using weightsCan be more dangerous if working out alone (use spotter arms)
Add more resistance with platesBuy weight plates separately

A functional trainer is a cable machine that uses two separate weight stacks with handles at the end of the pulleys.

It allows you to perform similar movements that you would perform in daily life and in sports with resistance.

The Rep FT-5000 is one the best “bang for your buck” functional trainers available. It is the best value, highest-scoring functional trainer in our criteria with a score of 7 out of 10.

Allows functional range of movementsLess intuitive
Less stress on your jointsMore individualised training required

Power rod home gyms are low impact alternatives to weight stack home gym machines. They are great for beginners to intermediate level users because they are safer than using a weight stack home gym.

Resistance is applied from tension on the rods, which is similar to resistance bands.

The Bowflex PR1000 and the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE are two of the best power rod home gyms that you can buy today.

Beginner friendlyLess resistance
VersatileSome movements “feel” weird

These total body workout machines use a padded board that glides on rollers. The resistance is provided by your own bodyweight on the board.

The amount of resistance can be adjusted by changing the incline of the board.

The cables provide a variety of exercises that you can perform for a full body workout.

The Total Gym is the most well-known incline bodyweight home gym. But you can find other options like Wieder and GR8FLEX.

There are many options I would recommend everyone steer clear of. See our full Total Gym models review here.

Space saverLess resistance
Safe and easy to useLess intuitive

Using straps, cords, webbing, or rings as home gym equipment and relying on your weight for resistance qualifies as suspension training.

By far the most popular in this group is the TRX-type of suspension trainers.

You change the level of resistance by adjusting the length of the straps and tweaking your body position. It’s an underappreciated form of full-body workout because it’s not intuitive.

It also offers a big change in training approach, requiring balance and stability, plus engagement of muscles in a way that just can’t be replicated easily on a weight bench.

There’s also a learning curve for which most people don’t have the patience.

If you do give it a serious go and stick with it, it does work. It also helps to build great form, thanks to the balance and core stability challenge.

An important part of “giving it a serious” go is getting a good trainer. Check out our best suspension trainer article to see our top picks.

Portable and affordableTakes time to learn how to use it
MultifunctionalCan’t match the intensity of weights/machines

This is a tricky one because the word “smart” is thrown around like a rag doll.

So, what exactly is a smart home gym?

I used two criteria to qualify a piece of home gym equipment as smart:

  1. It learns about you and adjusts the load (or suggests it)
  2. It guides you through a workout

So, it’s not about connecting to your phone to play music. It’s about actually helping you.

Our choice among smart home gyms is Speediance.

Can a smart gym rank among the best multifunctional home gyms on the market?

For some, yes. For the advanced-level bodybuilders out there – perhaps not.

For the average person who wants to upgrade their home gym – possibly yes.

Space-saving buildExpensive in the long run
AI-powered workout recommendationsHard-to-reach controls (on some exercises)

Occasionally, you’ll stumble upon a home gym machine that doesn’t belong to any of the groups above.

The perfect example of a machine like that is the LIT Strength – it’s a rower-turned-home gym. My initial thinking is that it’s probably more gimmick than revolution, but I might be wrong.

It’ll be easy to tell if I am – if it’s any good, expect a bunch of people copying it in the near future.

For you to like a machine like this, two conditions have to be met:

  1. You like the basics behind it (at least a bit) – in the case of LIT, you’re not gonna like the machine if you don’t like rowing.

    Few of the hundreds of exercises you can do with the LIT are rowing-based, but the movement has a similar quality.

    And the resistance tank is filled with whooshing water…so there’s that.
  2. The machine has to actually work.

6 categories for a home gym machine

The main 6 categories that you should think about before buying a home gym machine are:

  1. Quality
  2. Versatility
  3. Brand reputation
  4. Ease of use
  5. Compactness
  6. Price

Click here to see the full criteria with the 21 factors we assessed.

Also, it will explain the way we test and compare the different machines.

Other machines – close but no cigar

To make this guide concise and simple, I had to leave many home gyms behind. Only the best all in 1 home gyms made it to the top.

The section below is where I’ll list the machines that didn’t make the cut.

It deserves a read if you haven’t already pinpointed the right home gym for you because it’s home to some gems.

I’ll split the list into scannable sections.

  • Force USA G20 – the most versatile and one of the best home gym machines out there. Compact, too. The 1-to-1 ratio has now changed to 2-to-1 which is great (although the G15 has 4-to-1 and 2-to-1). But you’re paying $500 more than the G15 for a calf raise attachment and a swinging arm to hang a punching bag.
  • X20 is the X15’s bigger cousin. The question of choosing between the two is a question of whether half vs. full rack. Costs more, too.
  • G10 all-in-one trainer  – if the G3 reads as basic and too stripped down, the G10 might be the upgrade for you. It was the runner-up in the guide on top Force USA machines. (link).
  • Prodigy I HLP Selectorized rack – an awesome rack-functional combo that’s too expensive to compete with the likes of X15 for the best all-in-one home gym.
  • REP Ares combined with the PR4000 or PR5000 racks – a promising concept that we’ll definitely talk more about in the future – it just costs a similar amount to the Force USA models but you don’t get as many stations. You add the Ares to the racks to create an all-in-one trainer similar to the X20.
  • Jacked Up Power Racks- A common question we get is “What’s better between Jacked Up vs Force USA machines?”. On the surface, they do look very similar but it’s the finer details such as plastic pulleys on the cheaper Jacked Up models and lack of add-ons compared to Force USA that means they don’t make the list currently.
  • X3 bar – a bar coupled with resistance bands. Good idea, better execution…just not as versatile as a suspension trainer.
  • Body Boss – a similar concept to the X3 bar – a platform, resistance bands, a bar, and a claim that it “replaces traditional workout equipment.” You might prefer it to the X3 bar if a community motivates you.

There are also a ton of suspension trainers which are great pieces of kit to travel with. Check out our full suspension trainer guide here.

  • XMark 7626 functional trainer/cable machine –  if the price wasn’t a factor, I’d say this functional is just as good as the REP that I ultimately choose. However, it does cost 20-30% more, and the extra weight won’t be worth it for most people.

Find our full best functional trainer guide here.

  • Tonal– the big one on the space. And as we mentioned it’s really because of their marketing and it costs more than other smart models. It’s a very good Speediance alternative, but it is fixed to the wall. Still one of the best full body workout machines for home use.
  • Tempo studio – a futuristic concept that still relies on weights and AI trainers.
    Not as “smart” as Speediance.
  • Norditrack Vault – one of the few gym-and-mirror concepts out there. It comes with weights, a 6-foot mirror, and virtual trainers who lead you through iFit classes. You can stream iFit classes on your phone or tablet you don’t really need the Vault…so there’s that.
    Not as slick as Speediance.
  • Fusion CST by Norditrack- the only smart home gym that’s brawny enough to actually take on serious weight training.
    Not as space-saving as Speediance.
  • Mirror – ah, the luxury to grab the name that goes on to grow into a type of home gym. Unlike other units here, nothing sticks out or is hidden in the Mirror. It’s just a display that houses handsome people telling you what to do.
    It definitely adds to your lifestyle.
    To your workout? Not so much.
  • Echelon Reflect – similar to the Mirror, only it doesn’t come with professional installation, which is a hassle.

Is a home gym worth it?

In the long run, an all in one gym is nearly always worth it. It costs Americans an average of $50 per month for a gym membership. The initial outlay may seem expensive at the time, but it only takes around 15 months to recoup the initial investment.

The added benefits of saving time from commuting to the gym can add up to a lot of saved time and money.

What are the key features to look for in all in one home gyms?

The key features to look for in all-in-one home gyms are versatility in exercises, adjustable resistance levels, and ergonomic design.

Versatility ensures that the equipment can accommodate a wide range of exercises targeting each muscle on your body.

A prime example of a versatile all in one home gym machine is the Force USA G15.

Finally, adjustable resistance is crucial for progressive training, while an ergonomic design ensures safety and comfort during workouts.

What is the best all in one home gym?

The best all in one gym machine, and our top pick, is the Force USA G15.

The G15 earned our top pick spot because it topped off all of our main criteria – versatility, value, and convenience.

If you’re on a tight budget, the go-to option for you would be the Force USA G3.

What’s the price range of a good all in one home gym?

A good all in one home gym will cost anywhere between 1k and 8k.

It’s worth noting that a good all in one exercise machine is a hefty investment, but it brings immense exercising possibilities to one’s home gym.

How do I choose a home gym?

In order to choose a home gym ideal for you, focus on these aspects: the size of the home gym machine vs. your available space, the versatility, your specific needs, and the overall quality.

You need a home gym that will fit into your available space, that will cater to your user-specific aims (what exercises do you want to use it for), and whose overall versatility offers a variety of choices.

Finally, focus on the quality and value that each choice offers. Read more about this in our ‘Choosing the best home gym FOR YOU‘ section.

Best all-in-one home gym – the bottom line

I feel that the time invested into completing this guide was well worth it because we’re walking away with some clear winners from a saturated market section.

If you’re looking for the best all in one home gym machine I’d recommend the Force USA G15.

The budget alternative is the G3.

Click here to skip back to the table with the top home gym machines.

Force USA G15 Machine

Force USA G15 All-In-One Trainer
Read our best all in one home gym guide here

The Force USA G15 combines a Smith machine, a squat rack, and a pulley system in one compact machine.

The G15 pulley cables have a 2-to-1 and a 4-to-1 ratio allowing you to perform any movement on it. The cable length is longer than a 1-to-1 ratio and allows you to lift lighter weight, ideal for lat raises etc.

Add a leg press and lat pull-down attachment to make it become a true all-in-one home gym machine.

After comparing over 100 machines the G15 came out on top for quality, versatility, and nothing competes at this price point.

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