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17 Best All In One Home Gym Machines [111 Reviewed]

The Force USA Monster G3 is our top pick after spending over 40 hours of research into 111 all-in-one home gym machines.

Choosing the best home gym machine that’s right for you is no easy task. 

There are different sizes and types of full-body workout machines. The quality also varies a lot. So I have spent over 40 hours researching 111 different all-in-one gym machines. I spoke to numerous personal trainers, some of who are part of the team here and ran them all against 11 criteria.

If you are in a hurry our top pick is the Force USA G3 due to the value, versatility, and convenience.

The REP FT-5000 as our top pick for functional trainers.

Functional Trainer

REP FT 5000

Best Overall

Force USA G3

Force USA G3

Premium Option

Force USA G6 All in One Trainer

Force USA G6

Table Of Contents
  1. 17 best all in one home gym machines
  2. Free weights vs machines
  3. What are the different types of all in one home gyms for home use?
  4. All in one home gym machine buying guide
  5. Our criteria for picking the best all in one home gym machine
  6. Best home gym brands
  7. All in one home gym machine FAQs
  8. Best all in one home gym summary

17 best all in one home gym machines

You’re probably wondering if the price is a factor in our criteria. You can find details of our tests later on but you’ll be glad to know that it is!

So here are our top picks…

NameBest ForPrice
1. Force USA G3Overall$$$
2. Bodycraft Galena ProMulti Stack- Our Pick$$$
3. Body-Solid EXM2500SSingle Stack- Our Pick$$
4. Body-Solid G6BRSingle Stack- Premium$$$$$
5. Marcy 150lb StackSingle Stack- Budget$
6. Bowflex PR1000Beginners- Our Pick$
7. Bowflex Xtreme 2SEBeginners- Premium$$$$
8. Powertec Fitness Lever GymBodybuilding- Our Pick$$
9. Body-Solid GS348QP4 Bodybuilding- Premium$$$$$
10. Marcy Smith Cage Machine SM-4008Bodybuilding- Budget$$
11. Rep FT-5000Cable- Our Pick$$$
12. XMark 7626Cable- Premium$$$$
13. Valor Fitness BD-62Cable- Budget$
14. Total Gym Apex G5Small Space- Our Pick$
15. Total Gym XLSSmall Space- Premium$$
16. BodyBoss 2.0Portable$
17. Force USA Monster G6 Power Rack“Money no object”$$$$$

These are the scores of our chosen machines against the criteria we used…

Best all in one home gym machines
Scores are out of 11 (** out of 10)

This table should also help you get an idea of what to expect from a full-body workout machine…

Averages of the 111 machines tested

Weight447 lbs

So let’s see why these machines made the cut…

1. Best all in one home gym- our pick: Force USA G3

Force USA G3


There are three reasons the Force USA G3 gets our overall top spot:

  1. Value
  2. Versatility
  3. Convenience

Let me explain what I mean by this…


The retail version of the G3 without any add ons is cheaper than any other high-quality machine on this list.

You can also pay monthly from as low as under $200 with some rates at 0% interest!

But this machine stands out because it includes:

It comes with 12 attachments making the cable machine super effective and then has 4 optional attachments.

This isn’t some flimsy thing either!

Using heavy gauge steel, it comes with the highly valued 1-inch Westside hole spacing around the pressing area. This means that you can position the spotter arms to the ideal position when bench pressing or squatting.

The maximum user height is 7′ 1″, whereas many all in one gym machines are only suitable for people around 6 feet or below.


The G3 allows you to do any movement that you can think of on a more “traditional” home gym machine. However, it allows you to do these movements in a more “functional” way.

There is a big debate over whether free weights or a machine is better for you at gaining muscle. The argument for using free weights (like dumbbells or a barbell) is that more muscles are under tension and they resemble more every day aka “functional” movement patterns (such as squatting down to pick your kids toys off the floor!)

However, as I explain later, machines have their advantages too as you can really target and isolate specific muscles.

The G3 is the best of both worlds!

Just watch the 90-second video below to see it in action…

The adjustable pulley cables allow you to do all sorts of regular machine lifts such as a lat pull down, single-arm rows and face pulls. The optional attachments also allow you to perform a leg press and more exercises.

This leads me nicely onto my next point…


A few common issues with any gym equipment are:

  • You have to order things from different places
  • The customer service sucks
  • Or you have to figure out how to install the blooming thing

Force USA has you covered!

This machine doesn’t come with weight plates or a barbell or a bench. However, you can seamlessly add these to your order on the checkout page. And typically companies that do this sell you things that are pretty pants or really expensive.

But Force USA breaks the mold!

The barbells on offer are very decent. In fact, the Force USA Gunner bar is the best budget barbell in our epic guide here. The weight plates only cost about $15 more for a 200lb set than other very affordable weight plates we’ve found and the benches fall in line with other pricing points.

If you do want to save a bit of money or buy the top-quality stuff then check out our extensive research here:

I would also highly recommend the flooring as 5/8″ thick mats are ideal for a gym but are like Goldust to find in recent years. And I would advise getting the leg press attachment. Our very own certified personal trainer, Steve Hoyles, has pointed out that performing regular squats on a Smith machine can cause injuries due to the lack of engagement of muscles around the knee joint.

G3 Leg press attachment

Top tip- If you’re not very handy then it’s definitely worth getting the Professional Assembly Service. All of this can be done with a few clicks of the button from one place, which can save money on shipping costs!

The bottom line…

Force USA’s all-in-one trainers beat the competition out there for me simply because they fall in line with the equipment we recommend to build a home gym.

But the advantage over using just a rack and barbell is that it also provides the cables and machine-like features to offer more movements!


  • Value- offers great quality with good resistance for a reasonable price.
  • Versatility- a power rack, smith machine, functional trainer and landmine attachment included.
  • Convenience- super easy to order from one place.
  • High weight capacity– a lot of weight can be loaded onto the pulleys and smith machine.
  • Compact- for what it offers this won’t take up too much space.


  • Additional costs- if you haven’t got any weight plates you will at the bare miniumum need to allow for these.
  • 2:1 weight ratio pulleys- this means if you add 100lbs to the pulley cables it will count as 50lbs of resistance (this is quite standard for most machines on this list other than our premium option)

I spoke to Force USA about getting a deal for Strong Home Gym readers.

I’ve managed to wangle you an exclusive 5% discount if you use Strong5 on the checkout page!

2. Best multi stack home gym- our pick: Bodycraft Galena Pro


The Galena Pro just ticks all the main boxes. 

Scoring 7 out of 11 against our criteria it was the highest-scoring “weight stack” home gym. 

It’s made from heavy-duty 11 gauge steel so it’s very sturdy and doesn’t wobble. You can upgrade the 150lb weight stack to 200lb. This provides more than enough resistance for most people.

Bodycraft comes with some good benefits such as a lifetime warranty. The instructions are also easy to read so you can assemble the machine in a few hours by yourself. 

You’ll be able to perform all the main exercises that you’d expect from an all in one home gym thanks to:

  • The press/ pull station
  • Low/ high pulley station
  • Dual pec dec 

The reason this is our number one choice is that you simply can’t beat the value you get from this model.

Watch the 60-second clip below to see it in action…


  • Two workout stations are perfect if more than one person uses the machine at the same time.
  • Easy to switch between exercises due to the different stations.
  • 110 different exercises included on the poster.
  • 150lb weight stack can be upgraded to 200lbs if you want or need more resistance.
  • Heavy duty 11 gauge steel makes the machine very safe and strong. 
  • Compact- for everything provided it still doesn’t take up too much space with a footprint of only 58×72 inches.


  • Not great for tall people- you may not be able to complete the full range of motion for certain exercises.

3. Single stack- our pick: Body-Solid EXM2500S


If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck you won’t go far wrong with the EXM2500S.

With a massive 210 lb weight stack, this home gym is perfect for those looking to build muscle mass from home. The heavy-duty 12 gauge steel is more than enough to provide excellent quality and stability. 

The only problem we have found with this home gym is the issues assembling it. The instructions only provide images and are not great if you’re not very handy. 

But once it’s up and running the smooth pulleys and 2 stations make working out a pleasure. 

Top tip- do not tighten the pulleys until they are all threaded! It makes it very hard to assemble the machine if you do this. 


  • 210 lb weight stack (can be upgraded to 260 lb) provides plenty of resistance for most gym users.
  • 420 lb resistance on the leg press station offers more than enough resistance for your legs too.
  • Compact- for what it offers this won’t take up too much space.
  • Two workout stations- easy to switch between different exercises. 
  • Value- offers great quality with good resistance for a reasonable price.


  • Assembly instructions with pictures only- it can take several hours and some patience to get this built.

4. Single stack- premium pick: Body Solid G6BR


If you want to get a commercial-grade home gym then this may well be the one for you. 

The 11 gauge steel makes this machine super strong and sturdy. Plus, the cables can take up to 2,200 lbs of weight. They move in a very smooth motion just like a machine you would find in your local gym. 

If you are looking for more resistance to really bulk up the 210 lb weight stack can be upgraded to 260 lbs.

The accessories and extras are what make this machine really stand out to me though. It comes with a range of bars, straps and exercise tips. 

It scored only 1 less than our top pick, the Galena Pro, because of the price. 

Top tip- use the manual provided with the machine, not one downloaded from the internet!


  • 11 gauge steel- a very high quality machine that could be used commercially in gyms.
  • 210 lb weight stack (upgradable to 260 lb)– more than enough resistance for most people. 
  • Accessories make this very versatile– includes lat bar, straight bar, ankle strap, ab/ triceps strap, Total Body Workout DVD, exercise chart and more!
  • High and low pulley provide additional exercises that you can perform.
  • Quality cables- very smooth motion when in use and they can take up to 2,200 lbs of weight.


  • Assembly can take a few hours and patience.

5. Best budget all in one home gym: Marcy 150lb Stack


If you are on a tight budget then this is probably the best home gym for you. 

It’s pretty good for small spaces with a footprint of 36×68 inches. Remember, the average for all 100+ machines we tested is 65×62”. Also, the 150 lb weight stack is a decent weight and enough for most people. 

However, if you are taller than 6 foot you may find you won’t be able to use a full range of motion. The cable is not long rough for certain exercises such as a chest press. Whilst 14 gauge steel is not as strong as 11 gauge it is still strong enough to support 300 lbs user weight.

Top tip- thread the pulleys as you go when assembling the machine. 


  • Great price for a decent quality machine.
  • Stable and doesn’t rock.
  • Very compact and possible to use in small spaces. 
  • Versatile- you can move each arm press individually and there are high and low pulleys. This means there are more movements you can perform. 


  • Not great for tall people- the pec dec is a bit tight for people with broad shoulders. You won’t get a full range of motion on all exercises if you are much over 6 foot.
  • Assembly can be time-consuming and only pictures are provided in the instructions.

6. Best home gym for beginners- our pick: Bowflex PR1000


If you are a beginner using home gym machines then the Bowflex models are a great place to start. 

Bowflex provides resistance with “power rods” instead of a weight stack or weight plates. This makes them safer to use as you can’t drop any weight on yourself. It also makes them family-friendly as children won’t be able to trap their fingers in the weight stack. 

However, the rods do not provide as much resistance as regular weight stacks or plates. So if you want a machine to bulk up with, it’s probably not the right one for you. 

The PR1000 can even be used in your living room. The bench folds up to store the machine in a corner without taking up too much space or being an eyesore. 


  • Very versatile- includes a rower and over 25 exercises that you can perform.
  • Great for beginners- the media rack and 7 pre built trainer workouts help you plan your workouts.
  • Very compact- foldable bench to maximise space and reduce the footprint by 50%.
  • Affordable price and good quality.


  • Not great for building muscle- 210 lb resistance from the rods is not the same resistance as a 210 lb weight stack.
  • Rods resistance can loosen over time (they are replaceable though). 

7. Best home gym for beginners- premium pick: Bowflex Xtreme 2SE


If you like the idea of using a Bowflex but also want to be able to build muscle mass, then the Xtreme 2SE is your best choice. 

It comes with all the benefits of the cheaper PR1000 but provides up to 410 lbs of resistance. Power rods resistance certainly are not as effective as a weight stack home gym or free weights. But the 2SE has done a good job of resembling this feeling. 

It’s a high quality machine with smooth resistance throughout the full range of motion. 


  • Up to 410 lb resistance helps to build muscle mass.
  • Over 70 exercises are possible to perform so you will never get bored on this machine. 
  • Clear instructions make it easy to assemble by yourself in a few hours. 
  • Safety- reduce the risk of injury from dropping weights on yourself with the rods.


  • Rods resistance can loosen over time (they are replaceable though). 

8. Best home gym for bodybuilding- our pick: Powertec Fitness Lever Gym Work Bench


The Powertec Lever Gym scored 7 out of 11 on our criteria (the highest score for any home gym is 8 out of 10).

This is our top pick for building muscle mass because nothing else competes with the pricing and quality in this category. 

This machine can easily handle 500 lbs of weight plates as it is built from 11 gauge steel. You also have peace of mind that you won’t drop the weights on you due to the lever design. So if you want to lift heavy weights by yourself to build muscle mass then this could be perfect for you. 


  • Good for building muscle with a 500 lb weight capacity. 
  • Very smooth pulley system that provides resistance through the full motion. 
  • Bench can be removed to allow more movements such as squats under the levers.
  • Good quality machine with 11 gauge steel making it very strong and safe.
  • Safer than using a barbell or smith machine– if you drop the weight it won’t land on you. 


  • Certain movements can feel awkward compared to using free weights i.e. squats and deadlift.
  • Weight plates are not included- allow an extra budget for this.

9. Best home gym for bodybuilding- premium pick: Body-Solid GS348QP4


Scoring 8 out of 10 the GS348QP4 was the joint highest-scoring home gym out of over 100 models. 

In fact, it only dropped points in the “compact” and “price” categories. 

With a lifetime warranty, heavy-duty 11 gauge steel and a 210 lb weight stack included this home gym really has it all. You can use the smith machine or your own barbell and plates to lift some serious weight on this machine. 


  • Quality construction- 11 gauge steel is very strong for a home gym machine and could be used in a commercial gym.
  • Great for building muscle- 210 lb weight stack is included. Plus you can load the barbell with heavy weights. 
  • Accessories- pec attachment, heavy-duty weight bench, preacher curl attachment, leg roller attachments. Never get bored with your workout.
  • Possible to use an external barbell with the squat rack and strong safety arms.


  • Weight plates not included. 

10. Best budget home gym for bodybuilding: Marcy Smith Cage Machine SM-4008


The Marcy SM-4008 is a great option if you want to use free weights and are on a budget. 

It’s just hard to beat the price point of this beast.

It also has a focus on safety. If you exert yourself to failure and can’t lift the weight the machine always has a backup. You have the safety of a smith machine which can catch the bar at various heights. Also, use your own barbell safely with the spotter arms to help with a bench press or squats. 

However, you do need to be careful not to load too much weight onto this machine due to the 14 gauge steel. It’s not as thick and strong as 11 gauge steel. But 300 lbs is the recommended limit, which is still enough for many people. 


  • Versatile- perform a variety of exercises with the weight bench, pull up bar & functional trainer cables. Never get bored!
  • Storage- barbell and plate storage save space. 
  • Safety- smith machine and spotter arms included. 


  • 14 gauge steel– make sure you don’t load more than 300 lbs onto the machine. 

11. Best cable machine- our pick: Rep FT-5000


The FT-5000 was our highest ranked functional trainer with a score of 7 out of 10. 

A functional trainer is a great way to perform exercises that replicate sporting movements and daily life functions. Many people think of them as machines to recover from injury, but they can also be a great way to build muscle. 

The Rep FT-5000 is a commercial-grade functional trainer with a home gym price. 

You can perform a full body workout with this machine as you can see in the 4 minute video below…


  • Great quality made from 11 gauge steel.
  • 2x 220 lb weight stacks provide more than enough resistance for most people. 
  • Allows you to perform “functional” movements similar to daily life and certain sports. 
  • Versatile- 16 cable positions, pull up bars, multiple attachments available. 


  • Not as intuitive as a multi gym– you need to learn movements available. (12 movements are on the machine or you can watch YouTube videos like the one above). 

12. Best cable machine- premium pick: XMark 7626


If you want a functional trainer with a lot of extra attachments included then the XMark 7626 is a great machine. 

It has a few more cable positions than the Rep FT-5000 and the same commercial-grade quality. 


  • High quality made from 11 gauge steel.
  • 2x 200 lb weight stacks provide more than enough resistance for most people. 
  • Allows you to perform “functional” movements that are more suited to daily life and certain sports. 
  • Versatile- 19 cable positions, pull up bars, long strap handles, tricep rope, short bar, leg extension strap, ankle strap and workout poster. 


  • Not as intuitive as a multi gym– you need to learn movements available (workout poster provided). 

13. Best budget cable machine- our pick: Valor Fitness BD-62


If you are really on a budget but like the idea of a functional trainer then the BD-62 could be perfect for you. 

The small footprint of 25×25” is perfect for you if space is an issue. Just make sure you have a wall that you can attach it onto.

You will also need to budget for additional weight plates to add resistance.

Top tip- if the pulleys do not feel smooth you probably have not tightened the wheels enough.


  • Space saving– only 25 x 25 inches footprint.
  • Good for the price.
  • 200 lb possible load with a 1:1 ratio is a good amount of resistance. 


  • Can’t use the top adjustment position so it really only has 16 positions, not 17. 
  • Need additional weight plates.

14. Best home gym for small space- our pick: Total Gym Apex G5


The Total Gym Apex G5 is our top pick for a home gym in a small space because of one word…


There are tons of Total Gym variations that exist now. You can find out a lot more about our best Total Gym models here.

But here’s all you need to know about these “glide board” home gyms…

Your bodyweight provides resistance on the gliding incline board. With 10 incline levels, you can adjust how much resistance there is, making it ideal for beginners. The 4 power bands help you to perform over 80 exercises to keep your workouts exciting. 

If you are looking to lose weight and tone up at home this is a great option at a very affordable price. 

It is ideal for people that don’t have a lot of space. If you’re planning to use your gym in a room that you use for other things (living room or dining room), then this is an ideal choice.


  • Very compact making it ideal if you are short on space.
  • Easy to move with wheels and it’s lightweight. 
  • More than 50 possible exercises meaning you won’t get bored with this machine. 


  • Resistance relies on your bodyweight so it’s not ideal for building bulging muscles. 

15. Best home gym for small space- premium pick: Total Gym XLS


You may have seen the 60 second Chuck Norris commercial for the Total Gym before. If you haven’t, here you go (note- ignore the expired free trial and phone number at the end!)

It may seem like an odd design but it really is a machine that just works and has no fuss to it. It’s more expensive than the Weider alternative above. But it comes with more accessories such as the nutrition plan & exercise chart and can take more weight on it. 


  • Comes with an exercise chart, Total Gym TV access and a nutrition program, which is great for beginners. 
  • Over 80 exercises to perform on this machine so you won’t get bored of it. 
  • Good for larger users as it can take up to 400 lbs of weight.


  • Not easy to transport or fold away and store. 

16. Best portable home gym- our alternative pick: BodyBoss 2.0


This really is an alternative pick. In fact, it only scored 3 out of 11 in our criteria list below. 

But that’s really because this isn’t a machine at all. 

It’s using resistance bands for resistance.

If you are someone that is on the go all the time, then this may be a great option for you. Especially if you find it hard to workout when travelling for work.


  • Easy to transport- it folds up into a small case. Perfect for busy people who travel away with work regularly. 
  • Affordable enough to give or receive as a gift!
  • Over 300 exercises you can perform with this so ideal for people that get bored of repetition. 


  • Resistance from bands is not going to help you build big muscles. 

17. Our “if money was no object” pick- Force USA Monster G6 Power Rack

Force USA G6 All in One Trainer


If money is no object and you want an all singing and dancing all in one home gym then the Force USA G6 Power Rack could be perfect for you. 

It includes a: 

  • Power rack
  • Functional trainer
  • Smith machine
  • Dip station
  • Chin up station
  • Core trainer
  • Suspension trainer
  • Leg press 
  • Low row

This is all combined into one machine saving you a ton of space compared to buying each machine individually. 

It’s not the cheapest option out there but the heavy-duty steel and high-quality cables will last a lifetime. And if it doesn’t then you can use the lifetime warranty!


  • A true all in one home gym machine- it has every variation you can think of. 
  • Great for building muscle- 2x 220 lb weight stacks provide more than enough resistance for most people. There’s also the option of loading up to 772 lb on the smith machine. 
  • Doesn’t take up too much space compared to buying the multiple machines this includes. 
  • Lifetime warranty and high quality machine.


  • It’s expensive.

I spoke to Force USA about getting a deal for Strong Home Gym readers.

I’ve managed to wangle you an exclusive 5% discount if you use Strong5 on the checkout page!

These are the best home gyms from our tests and research. But you probably have also considered if it’s even worth getting a home gym machine. Is it part of the best equipment for a home gym? 

So let’s dig into one of the biggest debates around…

Free weights vs machines

Purely from a scientific point of view, there’s very little evidence that free weights build more muscle than using machines. It’s like comparing vegetables with fruits. Machines have advantages over free weights and vice versa. Machines allow better targeting of muscles but free weights provide more compound movements. 

Weightlifting expert Brad Schoenfeld put it simply…

Here are just some of the different benefits of using machines vs free weights…

All in one home gym machineFree weights
SaferMore muscle groups engaged
ConvenienceNo weight limit
VarietyDifferent movements available
Low impactMore interesting- technique etc.
Benefits of using an all in one home gym vs benefits of using free weights

For setting up your own home gym the cost is actually about the same.

Realistically, you are looking at between $1,000-$3,000 for a good quality all in one home gym. This can provide a full-body workout with one machine. When you account for setting up a free weight gym you will most likely need:

  • Barbell
  • Plates
  • Weight bench
  • Power rack
  • Dumbbells
  • Accessories (collars, weight belt, mats etc.)

These costs can easily come to more than $1,000. Check out our full guide on building a home gym here for more on this. 

However, not all machines are made equal. Muscle building is possible from any type of machine. But one study found that “free form machines” (i.e. cable machines) have been found to significantly improve strength compared to “fixed form machines” (i.e. stack machines). 

So you’re probably wondering…

What are the different types of all in one home gyms for home use?

There are many different types of weights machines you can buy for home use. But there are six main different types of all in one home gyms you’ll find…

Types of All in One Home Gyms

1. Single stack or multi-stack

When you think of an all in one multi gym this is probably what you think of. 

Stack machines usually have:

  • A weight stack of between 100-300 pounds 
  • Seat bench
  • Chest press and or pec station
  • Overhead pulley (sometimes a mid or low pulley too)
  • Leg extension and or press

The movements you can perform on these machines are “fixed” to what the machine allows.

Our home gym stack top pick is the Bodycraft Galena Pro.

Safest resistance trainingLimited movements
Push yourself to failure without a spotterWeight limit

2. What is a lever gym?

A lever gym is an all in one exercise machine that provides resistance with weight plates. Whereas a traditional multi gym will have a weight stack. You can change the lever height to perform power movements such as squats, shrugs and rows. You can also add more weight resistance compared to a multi gym and they are safer than free weights. 

The Powertec Fitness Lever Gym Work Bench is one of the best value lever gyms available. 

Safer than free weights (don’t drop the bar on you)Can be less stable (need to add weight to stop machine wobbling)
You control the resistance weightBuy weight plates separately

3. Free weight or smith machine combo

A smith machine has a fixed barbell to steel rails. It only allows vertical movements along this rail and provides more support than a free weight barbell. The advantage over a multi gym stack is that you can load more resistance onto the barbell.

Be aware that if you get a smith machine combo you will need to allow an extra budget for seperate weight plates.

The Force USA G3, our best home gym top pick, includes a free weight and Smith Machine combo.

Keeps the feel of using free weightsCan be more dangerous if working out alone (use spotter arms)
Add more resistance with platesBuy weight plates separately

4. Functional trainer

A functional trainer is a cable machine that uses two seperate weight stacks with handles at the end of the pulleys. It allows you to perform similar movements that you would perform in daily life and in sports with resistance.

The Rep FT-5000 is one the best “bang for your buck” functional trainers available. It is the best value, highest-scoring functional trainer in our criteria with a score of 7 out of 10.

Allows functional range of movementsLess intuitive
Less stress on your jointsMore individualised training required

5. Power rod home gym machines

Power rod home gyms are low impact alternatives to weight stack home gym machines. They are great for beginners to intermediate level users because they are safer than using a weight stack home gym. Resistance is applied from tension on the rods, which is similar to resistance bands.

The Bowflex PR1000 and the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE are two of the best power rod home gyms that you can buy today.

Beginner friendlyLess resistance
VersatileSome movements “feel” weird

6. Incline bodyweight machine i.e. Total Gym

These total body workout machines use a padded board that glides on rollers. The resistance is provided by your own bodyweight on the board. The amount of resistance can be adjusted by changing the incline of the board. The cables provide a variety of exercises that you can perform for a full body workout.

The Total Gym XLS is the most well-known incline bodyweight home gym. But the Weider Ultimate Body Works rivals this due to a lower price. 

Space saverLess resistance
Safe and easy to useLess intuitive

All in one home gym machine buying guide

There are 5 main areas to consider when choosing a home gym that’s right for you: 

  1. Space
  2. Quality
  3. Fitness goal
  4. Type and practicality
  5. Budget

It’s important that you think about your own personal fitness goals. You may want a very different home gym for a weight loss goal compared to a muscle building goal.

So let’s dig into these steps in more detail…

Our criteria for picking the best all in one home gym machine

There are 11 factors that are crucial to look into before buying a home gym machine.

All in One Home Gym Buying Guide


  1. Compact 
    • A footprint under 55×40″ (or 4 square feet) is considered a very compact home gym
    • If you have a lot of space this won’t be an issue for you
Best all in one home gym machines square feet chart
Square foot of some of machines tested (the average of all machines is 5.2 sq ft)


  1. 11 gauge steel or better
    • The lower the gauge rating the stronger the steel.
    • 11 gauge steel is strong enough for 99.9% of home gym owners.
  2. Weight stack over 200 lbs
    • A weight stack of 200 lbs is enough for most home gym users.
    • Less than this isn’t always enough, particularly for leg exercises.
  3. Do you need to bolt it down?
    • Some home gyms need to be bolted down or attached to a wall.
    • Any home gym weighing over 200 lbs should be sturdy enough by itself.
Best all in one home gym machines weight stacks bar chart
Weight stacks in lbs of some of the machines tested (the average of all machines is 184 lbs) *can be upgraded ** double stack ****additional weight plates needed


  1. Can you add weight to the machine (i.e. lever gym)
    • Being able to add your own weight plates provides more control (i.e. you can buy 1 lb weight plates or multiple 45lb weight plates).
    • You can usually add more weight onto these machines.
  2. Cables or pulleys
    • A home gym machine with a pulley system provides a lot more movements.
    • These are often safer than using free weights (dropping the weight will not land on you).
  3. Functional trainer
    • A functional trainer provides a wide range of extra exercises.
    • It can make training for a specific sport better i.e. a golf swing or hockey shot.
  4. Includes smith machine or power rack
    • A smith machine or power rack attached provides the movements available with a barbell. For example squats, bench press, deadlifts etc.
    • You can add a lot more weight  to these machines if building muscle is your goal.


  1. Over 4.5 Amazon rating (and over 100 reviews)
    • A great sign the machine is good quality. (Note- not all of the machines we researched are available on Amazon so this criteria was removed for them).
  2. Good value 
    • Under $1,500 for a single stack. 
    • Under $2,000 for other types.
  3. Lifetime warranty
    • A lifetime warranty shows the company rates their machines very highly.
Best all in one home gym machines average Amazon ratings chart
Average Amazon ratings for some of the machines tested (the average of all machines is 4.27 out of 5 stars)

After testing out many of these machines and running them all through our criteria we were left with clear winners. Here are some of the results:

Best home gym brands

Some of the best all in one home gym brands include:

  • Bodycraft
  • Body-Solid
  • Weider
  • Total Gym
  • Bowflex
  • Force USA
  • Titan Fitness
  • Rep Fitness

The most well known brands are the first five in the list… 


Bodycraft was founded in 1994 by Manjul Gupta. The company prides itself on creating the ultimate in safety, variety, design and affordability. 

Simply put, they make good home gyms!

They offer lifetime warranties as proof of their commitment to providing quality machines that are built to last. 


Another American manufacturer of home and commercial home gym machines. 

Body-Solid was founded in 1989. They now sell their products in over 100 countries worldwide. They have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and another company with lifetime warranty on their high quality products. 


Joe Weider, the “father of bodybuilding”, founded the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB). 

The Weider company has been making home gym equipment for over 50 years and has a good reputation in the industry.

Marcy Pro

The weightlifter, Walter Marcyan, founded Marcy Pro in 1959. 

Marcy provides high quality home gyms at competitive prices. Although they do not offer lifetime warranty it’s hard to argue with their prices and high customer ratings. 


Bowflex is well known for their adjustable dumbbells and their unique home gyms. 

They provide some of the most affordable good quality home gyms that you can buy. Typically their machines are power rod resistance, which some serious lifters do not rate highly. 

Overall they are the best home gym brand for beginners. 

All in one home gym machine FAQs

What is the best home gym machine?

The Force USA G3 is the best home gym machine for the money. It has a Smith Machine, squat rack and cable machine all in one. You can also add attachments for the leg press and lat pulldown to make it the only machine you need. It’s very affordable and the quality is comparable to machines that cost double the price.

Is a home gym worth it?

In the long run, a home gym is nearly always worth it. It costs Americans an average of $50 per month for a gym membership. The initial outlay may seem expensive at the time but it only takes around 15 months to recoup the initial investment.

The added benefits of saving time from commuting to the gym can add up to a lot of saved time and money. 

Are home multi-gyms worth it?

Research suggests that home multi-gym machines and free weights can build muscle equally well. Machines have a particular benefit for maximizing muscular development as they allow better targeting of individual muscles and even portions of a given muscle. The added benefit of a home multi-gym is that they take up less space than dumbbells, barbells, and other free weights.

What’s better: Total Gym or Bowflex?

A model such as the Bowflex 2SE offers more resistance and exercises compared to the Total Gym XLS. The maximum resistance of a Bowflex model is 410 pounds compared to Total Gym’s 62% of the user’s body weight. 

Bowflex machines will allow you to do almost all traditional exercises that you could do with a multi-gym machine. However, if you are very tight on space, have a tight budget and not too tall then you may prefer a Total Gym. 

Can all in one home gyms build muscle?

All in one home gym machines are a great way to build muscle and target specific muscle groups. Scientific studies have proven that there is no significant difference in building muscle with weight lifting machines compared to using free weights. Machines also allow you to safely exercise until failure when you are alone and target specific muscles.

Are machine weights accurate?

Most weight stacks are fairly accurate. However, many universal weight machines use a “mechanical advantage” to help you lift the weight.

For example, functional trainers often have a resistance ratio of between 2:1 and 5:1. This means that a 200 lb stack would only provide 100 lbs of resistance with a 2:1 ratio or 40lbs with a 5:1 ratio. 

Best all in one home gym summary

After analysing over 100 all in one home gym machines there are some clear winners. 

The Force USA G3 is our overall top pick for the best home workout machine due to the value and quality.

The Powertec Fitness Lever Gym is our top pick if you are looking to bulk up with a home gym. And the Rep FT-5000 is our recommended cable machine for the price. 

You can check out other user reviews and up to date prices of all of these machines in our table here

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