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Who is behind this site?

Hey, I’m Mike, the founder of Strong Home Gym. I completed a degree in Sports Science in 2010 and became a PE teacher in 2014. The mission of Strong Home Gym is to make exercise affordable, enjoyable and simple enough to fit into your busy lifestyle. 

We provide heavily researched and informative guides to help you set up your own home gym with the equipment you actually need. There are multiple fitness experts, including gym owners, nutritionists, and decades of personal trainer experience.
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Home Gym Equipment Recommendations

We have spent thousands of hours testing and comparing all kinds of gym equipment. Every piece of kit we recommend has been run through our strict criteria and we get our hands on as many of the items as possible.


The equipment every home gym needs

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We have tried and compared hundreds of machines


Compliment your workouts with the best wraps, sleeves, belts etc.