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7 Best Weight Benches For Your Home Gym- 74 Reviewed [Buying Guide]

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With so many options out there it can be hard to decide what is best weight bench for you.

We’ve researched over 70 Olympic weight benches (see how below) and physically tried out many of them. We narrowed it down to the best 7 on the market.

The Rep Fitness FB-5000 is our top pick for flat benches due to the overall quality and price. The Rep Fitness AB-3000 got the highest score against our criteria for adjustable benches.

Budget Option

31NEbwvMyML. SL500

Amazon Basics Flat Bench

Best Overall

FB 5000 Competition Flat Bench

Rep FB-5000

Premium Option

Rogue AB 3 Adjustable Bench

Rogue AB-3 Adjustable Bench

7 best weight benches for home use in 2021

From flat benches to FID (flat, incline & decline) adjustable benches to folding benches it can be hard to know where to begin. 

Luckily for you, we have tested and researched dozens of the best weight benches. We ranked them against 12 factors and here are the results…

NameBest forPrice
Rep FB-5000Flat bench$$
Rep Fitness AB-3000 FIDAdjustable$$$
Fitness Reality 1000 FIDFoldable$
Rogue Monster Utility Bench 2.0Flat upgrade$$$
No-Gap Rep AB-5000 FIDAdjustable upgrade$$$$
Rogue AB-3 Adjustable Bench“If money was no object”$$$$$
Ironmaster Super Bench ProRunner up$$$$
Amazon Basics Flat BenchBudget$

1. Best flat weight bench- our pick: Rep FB-5000

REP FB-5000


Rep Fitness used to be known as a budget brand. But the standard they are bringing to the table (or should I say bench) today is up there with the best.

The great thing is that their prices are still very reasonable. 

With 3×3” 11 gauge steel, this bench is almost strong enough for the bench press world record.

It was 915 lbs FYI! The bench could take this weight but it may not also take the guy lifting it!

Rep FB-5000
Dimensions48”L x 12”W x 17″H
Weight62 lbs
Steel/ Weight capacity3×3” 11 gauge- 1,000 lbs
Pad thickness3”


  • Has a 1,000lb weight capacity- you’ll never lift too heavy for this bench.
  • Good value for money- other comparables can be much more.
  • 3” thick foam pad- very comfortable.
  • 1 front leg- there is space for your feet while bench pressing.
  • Good customer service from Rep- in case something happens when shipped.
  • Grippy vinyl- you won’t slide around when bench pressing.
  • Blue, red, glossy black, textured versions- you can match your home gym decor!
  • 12” or 14” wider pad available- for those broad-shouldered lifters.


  • Hard to find- seriously! The only complaint I’ve seen is from a damaged item when shipped but they were delighted with how Rep Fitness responded to them.

2. Best adjustable weight bench- our pick: Rep Fitness AB-3000 FID

REP AB-3000


Another Rep Fitness bench, but this time ranking top of our list for the best adjustable weight bench. 

It will be more than enough for 99.9% of gym lifters. The incline and decline function means you can use the bench in any way that you like.

The leg rollers and padding are coated in durable vinyl, making it easy to clean after a sweaty workout. 

However, REP Fitness has made some changes to this model recently. It used to be 17.5″ high but the newer version is 18″. This does make it a little taller than most of our other recommendations here. The taller a bench the harder it is to use the power from your legs during a bench press.

But they have really “beefed” up the bench. It used to weigh 85lbs, now it comes in at 95lbs making it even more sturdy. One thing to be aware of with adjustable benches is how they can be more prone to wobbling than a flat bench, especially when they are on the incline.

The AB-3000 doesn’t budge, even when using it on an angle.

Simply put, this is the best bang for your buck that you will find for an adjustable bench. 

Rep AB-3000 FID
Dimensions54”L x 26”W x 18″H
Weight95 lbs
Steel/ Weight capacity14-4 gauge steel- 1,000 lbs
Pad thickness2.5”


  • Best value for adjustable bench- oftentimes twice as much or more for this quality.
  • Ladder style adjustment catches- easy to adjust the height.
  • 1000 lbs weight capacity- keep on placing those weights on!
  • Handle and wheels- easy to move under the squat rack and out.
  • Incline and decline- for more variation to your workouts.
  • Assembly- it honestly takes 15 minutes- a big improvement from the previous model.


  • 18” height- 17” is the competition standard height, any higher than this and it becomes harder to use your legs during a bench press (many adjustable benches are higher though).

3. Best foldable weight bench – our pick: Fitness Reality 1000 FID

31pdkDr6eZL. SL500


Keeping an eye on the budget this is one of the better “cheaper” products on the market. But we wouldn’t recommend this bench to anyone who lifts more than 400lbs with a bench press.

However, if you don’t lift anywhere near that, this could work.

If you are looking for a decent bench that can be folded up and put away in a cupboard or under a bed then this may be perfect for you. 

It also works for users up to 6ft 4” tall, unlike many other budget options. 

Fitness Reality 1000
Dimensions48”L x 12”W x 17.5″H (9”H when folded)
Weight35 lbs
Steel/ Weight capacityPowder-coated tubular steel frame- 800 lbs
Pad thickness1.75”


  • Folds down to 7” high- you can easily slide the bench under your bed or in a cupboard like an ironing board.
  • Incline and decline positions- perfect for a full-body workout.
  • 800 lbs capacity- Stronger than many other budget benches.
  • Low cost- very affordable Olympic weight bench.
  • Wheels- easy to move around your home.


  • Rubber caps on legs- can come off when moving the bench around.
  • Unreliable steel- Weighing only 35lbs is a clear sign that cheaper steel has been used, which can mean the bench is less stable with heavy-weight.

4. Best flat weight bench – upgrade pick: Rogue Monster Utility Bench 2.0

Flat Weight Bench- Rogue monster utility


If you lift heavy weight with your bench press (or are working towards this), then you may have just found your bench.

An absolute beast! (Or should I say monster?) 

This flat bench is perfect if you’re into powerlifting. The single post at the front means that you can tuck your feet behind you to really drive with your legs when you lift. 

If you like to arch in the bench and press up through your feet then there is no other bench better to support you do these heavy lifts. Or if you just want the comfort and peace of mind that your bench is not going to budge, then the Rogue Monster is for you. 

There is even a “fat pad” option which provides the support and comfort for these heavy bench press lifts.

Rogue Monster Utility Bench 2.0
Dimensions47/50”L x 12/14.5”W x 17.5/19″H
Weight68 lbs
Steel/ Weight capacity3×3” 11 gauge – 2,000 lbs
Pad thickness2.5″/ 4” (fat pad)


  • 2,000 lbs weight capacity- perfect for anyone on the large side that is lifting 400+lbs.
  • Single post at the front- perfect for powerlifters to bring your feet back and push up through your legs to arch your back.
  • Fat pad option- your scapula can sink into the bench for more grip.
  • 3×3” gauge steel- creme de la creme for an Olympic weight bench.
  • Gloss black powder coat- just looks cool.


  • Expensive– but you get what you pay for here.

5. Best adjustable weight bench – upgrade pick: No Gap Rep AB-5000 FID

REP AB 5000 Zero Gap FID


Rep is back… back again.

This time with a no-gap adjustable flat, incline and decline (FID) bench. The main reason this gets the number one spot is again due to the value that you get from Rep. 

The biggest competitor is probably Rogue’s FI adjustable 2.0 bench. Not only is this Rep version cheaper, but it actually wins in our eyes (no gap and decline adjustment!)

This is for anyone that has ever found their bum slide into that pesky gap between the seat and the back support of an adjustable bench.

The height of 17.5” is also 0.5” lower than Rogue’s adjustable. This means you can get more push from your legs as you are slightly closer to the floor (remember 17’ is competition bench height). And the only adjustable bench we have found that is lower than 17.5” is actually our runner up pick.

Rep AB-5000 FID
Dimensions57”L x 21”W x 17.5″H
Weight99 lbs
Steel/ Weight capacity11 gauge- 1,000 lbs
Pad thickness2.5”


  • No gap – no sliding around when lifting heavy weight.
  • 11 gauge steel & 1,000 lbs weight capacity – more than strong enough for most people.
  • 17.5” height – low enough to be able to use your legs when you bench press
  • Incline and decline – provide variations to your workouts.
  • Good value – hard to find a “zero-gap” adjustable bench of this quality for this price.
  • Unique front foot- just out to the front and side which helps to keep the bench balanced from all adjustable positions.


  • Leg attachment not included- if you want to do any decline movements you will need to purchase this additionally. 
  • Slippery surface- the vinyl covering is slick making it slightly slippery when lifting heavy weight

6. Our “if money was no object” bench: Rogue AB-3 Adjustable Bench

Flat Weight Bench- Rogue monster utility bench Adjustable Weight Bench Rogue AB 3


Rogue is a proven and trusted brand in the home gym department.

They have a lifetime warranty and you can be sure you will get commercial quality equipment when you buy something from Rogue.

Rogue’s AB-3 bench has been well thought out. It has only one leg at the front making it easy to position your feet under your knees to get more power from your legs when bench pressing. The wheels and handle make this very heavy bench easy to move and position underneath your squat rack.

If money is no object then the Rogue adjustable bench will give you the sturdiness of flat bench and the versatility of an adjustable.

Rogue AB-3 FID
Dimensions68”L x 12”W x 18″H
Weight117 lbs
Steel/ Weight capacity2×2” & 2×3” 11 gauge- 1,000 lbs
Pad thickness2.5”


  • Very stable & durable – one of the most sturdy adjustable benches on the market.
  • 1,000 lbs weight capacity – this bench will easily support heavy lifters needs while also being versatile to other movements.
  • 9 back adjustments and 6 seat adjustments- more variations than a lot of other benches allowing you to work a wider range of muscles.
  • Wheels and handle- easy to move under your squat rack. 
  • 18” height- there are some adjustable benches that are much higher. This allows you to use your legs when doing a bench press.
  • Incline and decline- more movements possible.


  • Expensive– very sturdy bench but even the leg attachment is additional
  • Large gap- it can be awkward to find the best position for your bum and lower back when doing a bench press

7. Our runner up weight bench: Ironmaster Super Bench Pro

312TbJPi5uL. SL500


I honestly think this is one of the best value benches you can buy. 

It wasn’t our number one pick due to the front legs sticking out slightly. Having only one leg at the front can be a deal-breaker for serious bench pressers as it can affect your foot positioning. It’s also slightly more expensive than the Rep FB-5000. But these were the only 2 benches that scored 10 out of 12 overall. 

It’s a total wildcard but has so much going for it and is very affordable compared to other benches on the market.

Here are just some of the attachments you could buy for this bench:

  • Spotter stand 
  • Preacher curl pad (biceps)
  • Crunch situp 
  • Dip bars
  • Chin up bars (for a bench!!?)
  • Hyper core attachment (lower back)
  • Leg attachment (leg extensions and curls)
  • Lat pulldown
  • Wheel kit (bench wheels that is)

Basically, you could build your whole home gym around this one bench if you wanted too! And it’s a reasonable price compared to alternative FID adjustable benches on the market. 

Ironmaster Super Bench Pro
Dimensions44”L x 10.5”W x 17.2″H
Weight68 lbs
Steel/ Weight capacity11 & 12 gauge steel – incline 600 lbs – flat 1,000 lbs 
Pad thickness2.5”


  • 17.2” height – the lowest adjustable bench we found, making it easier to use your legs with a bench press.
  • Incline and decline – with the leg attachment you can get a full range of exercises in using this bench.
  • Completely flat bench with no gap – remove the seat and you have a flat bench with no gap at all (a premium on other benches).
  • 11 gauge steel – very sturdy construction that can take a lot of weight.
  • Good value – one of the more affordable adjustable benches on the market.
  • Versatile – you can build a mini home gym from these attachments alone.
  • Space-saving – if you use attachments you can replace a ton of other equipment.


  • Front post sticks out- can get in the way of your foot positioning when doing a bench press.
  • Narrow pad- only 10.5″ means it’s not ideal for broad-shouldered people (although there is a “fat pad” upgrade available)

BONUS- Best budget weight bench: Amazon Basics Flat Bench

31NEbwvMyML. SL500


I decided to throw this one in here for those real budget-minded readers (you know who you are!)

Sometimes you just want something cheap that does the job, for now… I get it! 

And if you are just looking for that “decent bench that doesn’t cost much”, then you may have just found it. Introducing…

Amazon Basics. 

It’s a bench that most people will be able to bench press on. But let’s face it… it’s basic! Here are the pros and cons of going down this route…

Amazon Basics Flat Bench
Dimensions41”L x 11.2”W x 17.9″H
Weight24 lbs
Steel/ Weight capacity?? (our guess is 500lbs)
Pad thickness??


  • Cheap and cheerful – it works and it won’t break the bank
  • Stronger than it looks – people have actually tested this out and dropped 500 lbs on the bench without a scratch! Bear in mind that was without the weight of the lifter on there too.
  • Useful if you buy an adjustable bench later or already have one – some people simply prefer to bench on a completely flat bench. There’s no gap and it’s completely flat!
  • 17.9” height – isn’t too high so you can use your legs to drive into a bench press- even Rogue have taller flat benches than this.
  • It’s cheap – did I mention that?


  • It weighs 24 lbs – it will use some weak steel to only weigh this amount. It’s not advisable to be lifting very heavy stuff on here.
  • You probably won’t be able to sell this on – it’s that cheap that someone buying it will most likely buy it brand new.
  • Front legs in the way- hard to put your feet in the right place when you bench press.

Weight Bench Buying Guide

There are four main criteria you should always look for when choosing a weight bench for home use… 

  1. Safety & durability
  2. Comfort
  3. Versatility
  4. Value for money

We used these 4 criteria to run an unbiased test against all 50+ benches we reviewed…

Our criteria for picking the best weight bench

There are 12 benchmarks we tested the benches against (pun fully intended there)…

The Weight Bench Buying Guide

Safety & Durability

  1. Gauge 11 steel or better
    • The lower the number the stronger it is. 
    • 7 gauge steel is typically the strongest you will see with home gym equipment. 11 gauge is more than enough for 99.9% of people!
    • This is very strong steel and will almost certainly hold 1,000lbs of weight or more.
  2. 1,000 lbs + weight capacity
    • Not all bench descriptions will share the steel strength.
    • 500 lbs is not as much as you think. You may lift 200 lbs now but if you weigh 250 lbs then any increase in weight will be very close to the limit.
    • Some descriptions have been known to put this on the high side so we always check the steel strength if possible.
  3. Stability
    • Vital for safety- the bench feet should be flat on the floor.
    • Cheap adjustable benches are often less stable & harder to adjust the feet placements. 
    • A heavy bench is normally more stable (anything under 40lbs is a sign weak steel is used).


  1. Height 17″ to 17.5″
    • Standard powerlifting competition bench height is 17″.
    • Higher than this can make it hard to reach the floor to use your legs for power.
  2. Good padding
    • Padding that is 2″ or more is normally more than enough for most people. But if it’s too soft it can be unstable.
    • If you lift heavy weight consider a thicker pad.
    • Some material can “bunch” when lifting making it less stable.
  3. No gap when flat
    • A big gap between the seat and back pad can make it awkward to position your bum when bench pressing. Watch 30 seconds of the video below to see what no gap looks like…

Note- many people claim that a gap doesn’t matter. I personally have never minded a gap unless it’s huge!


  1. Easy to move
    • Does it have wheels?- vital if the bench is heavy so you can position it correctly under a squat rack.
  2. One front leg (3-post design)
    • It’s good to have space for your feet to go directly beneath your knees so you can use the power of your legs when bench pressing. Watch 2 mins of the video below to see what I mean
  1. Incline (FI- Flat & incline)
    • Allows more movements such as an incline bench press.
  2. Decline (FID- Flat, incline & decline)
    • Allows more movements such as decline sit ups.
  3. Easy to store

Value for money

  1. Good value
    • Compared to other benches out there is the value you get worth the price? The rough guidelines we used are below…
    • Flat bench = $100-$250
    • FI bench = $200-$400
    • FID (Flat, incline and decline) bench = $250-$500

We ran all of the benches through these criteria to give each bench a score out of 12. 

Here are some of the results…

Best Flat Weight Benches
Best Adjustable Weight Bench (FID)

Weight bench exercises & workouts

There are so many exercises that you can do using a bench. Here are some of the basic movements you can do using just a flat bench…

  1. Dumbbell rows
  2. Bicep curls
  3. Bench press
  4. Incline push-ups
  5. Leg pull-ins
  6. Overhead press
  7. Bench jumps

Watch this quick video to see these in action…

There are tons more too such as…

  1. Incline bench press
  2. Pull over
  3. Close grip press
  4. Bulgarian split squats
  5. Spider curls

Some of these involve a FID bench as you can see in this video…

Weight bench FAQs and tips

What does a weight bench do?

A weight bench is one of the 4 essential pieces of equipment recommended for a home gym. You can do a whole range of exercises and workouts using a weights bench.

The most common movement is a bench press. This is an exercise that tones the muscles of the upper body, including the pectorals, arms, and shoulders. 

Do I need a weight bench?

If you are serious about building muscles in your upper body in your home gym then you will need a weight bench. It allows you to do more movements than you’d be able to compered to a standing position.

Specific muscle groups such as your pectorals and back can be targeted thanks to a weight bench.

Weight bench DIY: How to build a weight bench

Unless you are very handy we do not recommend building your own weight bench. It is an essential piece of equipment for a home gym and you will have 100 lbs or more of weight above you on here. If you do not have a solid bench it can be very dangerous.
But if you are handy, don’t plan on lifting heavy weight or want a home project, the video below should help… 

How much does a weight bench cost?

You can pay anything from $50 to $1,000+ for a weight bench. There are various types of weights benches such as flat, adjustable and foldable benches. As a general guide here are the price ranges for the main weight bench categories:

– Flat bench = $100-$250
– FI bench = $200-$400
– FID (Flat, incline and decline) bench = $250-$500

Check out our weight bench cost article for more information on this.

Should I buy a flat or incline bench?

Most people will benefit from having an all-round adjustable weight bench. The main benefit of an incline bench is to develop the upper pectoral muscles with movements like an incline bench press. 

But flat benches tend to be more stable to lift heavy weight and more affordable. 

If you are on a budget it may be worth getting a flat bench. But it is often powerlifters that lift heavy weights that benefit the most from a sturdy flat bench. 

Best weight bench summary

After running 70+ benches through our tests we found there are two clear winners.

The Rep FB-5000 is our overall top pick for a flat bench. The Rep AB-3000 is our top pick for an adjustable bench. They are both more than enough for 99.9% of home gym lifters and by far the most bang for your buck compared to alternatives. 

You can check out the price and other reviews for the FB-5000 here or the AB-3000 here.

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