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  • Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of MyGym: With 20 years of experience, Steve Hoyles is a seasoned personal trainer and the dedicated owner of MyGym, a thriving strength and conditioning facility in the UK.
  • Educational Background: Steve holds an honours degree in Sports Science from the University of Wales Swansea, complemented by numerous certifications including British Weightlifting Certified Coach and Level 2 Kettlebell Coach.
  • Published Expert: Steve's expert insights have been featured in reputable publications such as Men's Health, Men's Fitness, BBC, The Guardian, and more, showcasing his expertise in the field of fitness and strength training.


With two decades of hands-on experience, Steve empowers individuals from all walks of life to improve their health, fitness, and vitality through strength and conditioning. His approach combines scientific research with practical wisdom, distilling complex information into clear, concise advice.

As a family man, partner to Rachel, and father to two sons, Steve brings a holistic perspective to his work. He not only coaches clients but also mentors the next generation of fitness professionals. His dedication extends to SHG, his platform, where he aims to transform it into a global fitness community, educating people worldwide about gym equipment and exercise.


Steve earned his honours degree in Sports Science from the University of Wales Swansea. Additionally, he holds a plethora of certifications, including British Weightlifting Certified Coach, Level 2 Kettlebell Coach, and Level 4 Exercise on GP Referral Specialist, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Vision & Personal Life

Steve's unique approach lies in his commitment to educating readers. He believes in empowering individuals by explaining the 'why' behind fitness practices, drawing from his extensive experience and scientific knowledge. His ultimate goal is to inform and inspire, transforming his readers into informed fitness enthusiasts.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Steve enjoys spending quality time with his family, coaching his son's football team, indulging in his passion for football, and exploring the world through travel. His dedication to his work isn't just a profession; it's a hobby and a lifelong commitment to helping others lead healthier, happier lives.

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