Our mission at Strong Home Gym is to help busy people like you get stronger and fitter with your own affordable home gym.

By bringing together a team of certified personal trainers, health experts and fitness enthusiasts, we provide up-to-date and transparent advice on exercising from home.

There is a lot of information out there about what you do and don’t need to workout from home. It’s very hard to find what equipment and exercises will actually help you see results and gains.

Strong Home Gym cuts through the noise to leave you with information that will actually help to see results.

What Strong Home Gym believes in

Finding the time to go to the gym is never easy. But you don’t have to do that to stay strong and fit.

These are our core 5 beliefs at Strong Home Gym to achieve our mission…

1. Everyone has the right to be healthy and strong

Everybody deserves the right to stay fit and healthy. It shouldn’t be only for the “rich and famous” that have personal trainers and tons of time to focus on it.

Education is a key part in making this a level playing field. The whole purpose of this website is to provide that education.

2. Exercise shouldn’t be expensive

Many people think that spending money on regular exercise (such as a gym membership) helps to keep themselves accountable. However, many studies have proven that this isn’t the case for most people.

Exercise doesn’t need to cost a penny. But a plan and systems will certainly help to build the habit.

3. Getting stronger shouldn’t be time consuming

We are firm believers in the 80:20 principle. This is Pareto’s theory that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.

Our equipment recommendations and workout advice is based around this exact principle to help you save time (and money).

4. Honesty and transparency is vital

All of our equipment reviews and recommendations are based on the best available items on the market. We never base recommendations on what pays the most money but rather what is actually the truth.

Transparency is always our first thought. If we are being paid to mention an advertising partnership you will be the first to know.

5. Evidence is more important than opinions

There are a ton of opinions thrown around in the fitness space. We always strive to use research to back up any claims.

For example, many people believe that lifting free weights builds more muscle than using machines. However, the evidence strongly suggests there is not much difference in this. There may be other benefits to using certain types of equipment, but we always value evidence before any biases (including our own!)

The Team

I’ll explain how we create content further down on this page. But first, it’s important to know who is behind the site so you can see where the information is coming from…

Mike Beatty: Founder

Hey, I’m Mike and I’m a long time fitness enthusiast.

Mike Beatty Squatting
Mike Beatty- Founder of Strong Home Gym

So much so that I have a Sports and Exercise Science degree and I am a qualified Physical Education Teacher.

I created Strong Home Gym to provide a place where anyone can access to get fitter and stronger no matter how much money or time you have.

I’ve been featured in Straight to the Bar, Dollarsprout, and many other places.

Steve Hoyles: Certified Personal Trainer Contributor

Steve is a personal trainer, qualified weight lifting coach, gym owner, and copywriter.

Steve Hoyles
Steve Hoyles

He has worked in the fitness industry since 2004 and helped thousands of people reach their fitness goals.

Steve plays a big role in making sure the most up-to-date and accurate strength training advice is shared on Strong Home Gym. He is the owner of My Gym UK and has been featured in Men’s Health, Kymira Sport, and many other places. You can learn more about Steve here.

Michelle Tierney: Certified Personal Trainer Contributor

Michelle Tierney is a Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer and Health and Wellness Freelance Writer.

Michelle Tierney
Michelle Tierney

Her mission is to help others create healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits. She has been an avid athlete her whole life and has gained expertise in holistic health, endurance and strength training.

She provides individualized nutrition plans, weight management support, eating disorders, and gastrointestinal disorders. Michelle has been featured in Fitwirr, Bistro MD, and many other places. You can learn more about Michelle here.

Dr. David Beatty: Doctor of Medicine Contributor

Dr David Beatty
Dr. David Beatty

David has been a doctor for over 30 years in England.

A large part of this role has been around helping people make lifestyle changes. Recommending and educating people on healthy habits such as sleep, nutrition and weight loss has been crucial to his career.

David wants to help make sure people can live a healthy lifestyle.

He plays a vital role in making sure accurate and up-to-date health advice is delivered by Strong Home Gym. He has been featured in Healthline, Best Life Online, Up Journey, and much more. You can learn more about David and his qualifications here.

How we create content

All the content you find on this site has been edited and planned by me.

There are freelance writers, including friends that are experts in the fitness industry, that create content for this site but everything goes through me as the chief editor.

We get our hands on as much of the equipment as possible to provide real-life experience. However, this isn’t always possible so we will also do extensive research into other customers reviews and feedback.

Everything is then run through our own review criteria and put into simple English.

I want this to be a place you can trust and isn’t biased due to brand sponsorships, unlike some other places you may find this kind of information!

What will you get from this site?

There are a few things you will get from this site:

  • An ultimate guide on how to set up your home gym (suitable for any budget).
  • Thorough research and honest reviews on a variety of essential home gym equipment.
  • At-home workout guides.
  • A community of other like-minded people looking to get fit from home.

If this sounds like something that you are looking for, then I look forward to hearing from you and your own home gym story!

If you’re looking to get started then check out the ultimate guide to set up your home gym here.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.