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8 Best CrossFit Barbells for Your WOD [Buying Guide]

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Finding the best CrossFit barbell is not as simple as buying the first one you find at Rogue Fitness. There are certain aspects that a CrossFitter needs to pay attention to such as a medium knurling and durable steel that can take a pounding from being dropped overhead.

So the Strong Home Gym team, including personal trainers and gym owners, compared 45 multi-purpose bars on the market. We rated each bar against 12 criteria and asked a variety of people that have personally used our top picks.

If you’re in a hurry, I would recommend the Rogue Bar 2.0 as a CrossFit bar for most people. It uses 190k PSI tensile strength and “Rogue Work Hardening” making it the most durable bar on this list. The composite bushings let the sleeves spin just the right amount and it’s hard to find a bar with these specs for this price.

The Rogue Ohio Stainless Steel bar is what I’d recommend if you are looking for an upgrade. Stainless steel is the most resistant metal to rust so it means no protective coating is used on the bar. It makes the knurling feel more aggressive without being too sharp and it will look as good as new for years.

I’ll show you why these barbells made our list and I’ll explain our process for selecting these bars later.

Budget Option

Fringesport Wonder Bar

Fringesport Wonder Bar

Best Overall

Rogue Bar 2.0

Rogue Bar 2.0

Upgrade Option

Rogue Ohio Bar- Stainless Steel

Rogue Ohio Bar – SS

8 Best CrossFit barbells

Here’s a table summarising some of the main specs of each bar…

NameBest forPriceRating (out of 12)Tensile StrengthSleeve LengthFinishDiameter
Rogue Bar 2.0Overall$$$12190k16.4Zinc28.5
Rogue Ohio Bar- Stainless SteelUpgrade$$$$$11200k16.4Stainless Steel28.5
Fringesport Wonder BarBudget$$11200k16Black Zinc28
REP Excalibur BarRunner up$$$12215k16Hard Chrome28.5
American Barbell Training BarUpgrade runner up$$$$10190k16.3Hard Chrome28
Fringesport Women’s Wonder BarWomen$$11160k12.5Zinc Coating25
CAP “The Beast” BarCheap$7110k15Black Oxide28.5
Rogue Chan BarCenter Knurl$$$$11200k16.5Cerakote over SS28.5

I’ll explain what to look for when buying a CrossFit barbell later. First of all, let’s dig into why these bars made the cut…

1. Best CrossFit barbell overall – Rogue Bar 2.0

Rogue Bar 2.0

This bar was designed for CrossFit. In fact, the Rogue 2.0 is the exact bar that has been used more than any other at the CrossFit Games.

That’s not the reason this is our top pick for a CrossFit bar though…

The Rogue 2.0 bar has 190k PSI tensile strength, the knurling is grippy but not too aggressive and it has a great zinc finish that will prevent the bar from rust.

But the best thing is the price.

It’s simply cheaper than any other bar we could find for this quality.

The standout feature of the Rogue 2.0 is the customisable rings around the sleeves. There is no practical benefits to these bands, but it’s a great opportunity to customise your own gym with any colors or branding you would like!

As you can guess, this is the 2nd version of the Rogue training bar. It’s now made in the USA at Rogues epic facility instead of overseas. But the big change is the knurling that now goes all the way to the sleeves, instead of stopping short.

This change was requested by many people… and Rogue listened. It helps tall people or anyone with bad mobility stretch their hands to the sleeves and still have grip for lifts like the snatch.

The sleeves are precisely machined and have a mild ribbing pattern than helps to keep the plates on.

Rogue uses composite bushings in the sleeves which provides a consistent and smooth spin. It’s important that the sleeves spin for movements twisting the bar overhead, such as the snatch. This makes sure the bar doesn’t twist your wrists while holding heavy weights.

But the spin isn’t as much as some Olympic lifting bars with needle bearings, such as the Rogue Pyrros. These spin for a longer time, but this can make slower lifts like squats and presses feel slightly more unstable.

It also now uses Rogue’s proprietary Rogue Work Hardening (RWH). Rogue won’t share their secret sauce about what this actually means (a bit like KFC’s secret recipe). But according to their $2million and 5 year research it allows their bars to last three times longer than a bar not using RWH.

Here are the bars on the list according to Rogue’s F scale

CrossFit Barbell F Scale Rating

As you can see the Rogue 2.0 has a F8-R rating, which is much higher than any other bar on this list.

And this supposedly means it can last much longer in a CrossFit gym or CrossFit home gym…

CrossFit Barbell Lifespan

The knurl uses a more passive hill design, as do most CrossFit barbells.

But the precision of the knurling and spacing between them is incredible. This means the calluses on your hands won’t be ripping off when you spin the bar on movements like the clean. But it also has more than enough grip, especially with chalk for those heavy deadlifts.

The black zinc coating is great at preventing rust or corrosion to the bar. It will fade over time unless you keep oiling it and take extra care, but this doesn’t affect the performance of the bar. The Rogue Ohio Stainless Steel option, our upgrade pick, is ideal if you want your bar to look exactly the same in 10 years time.

In case you want to read specifically about Rogue’s offer, check out our best Rogue barbell in-depth guide.

Anyway, on to the pros and cons of Rogue Bar 2.0:


  • Price for the quality- the specs are the same as some bars that cost twice as much.
  • 190k PSI tensile strength– durable and will not deform from lifting heavy weights.
  • Composite bushing sleeves- smooth spin but not too fast so it won’t make slow lifts like a squat or presses unstable.
  • Lifetime warranty- peace of mind and it proves Rogue Fitness rates their bars highly.
  • F8-R F scale rating- the proprietary Rogue Work Hardening supposedly allows the bar to last three times longer than other bars.
  • Unique bands- brand your gym with your own colors.
  • Dual knurl markings- make it easy to position your hands for different lifts like the bench press and the snatch.


  • Black zinc coating- can wear off and make the bar look more used. It doesn’t affect the performance though.

2. Best upgrade CrossFit bar – Rogue Ohio Bar- Stainless Steel

Rogue Ohio Bar- Stainless Steel

The Rogue Ohio bar is very similar to the Rogue 2.0.

The big difference here is that this bar is made from stainless steel, which is very corrosion resistant so it doesn’t need a “finish” to protect it. It means your hands will be gripping directly on metal rather than the black zinc on the 2.0 version.

Not only does it feel far superior but the bar will not get any scratches or rust over time. It will look brand new in 10 years time, which can’t be said for a bar that uses a black zinc coating.

Finish resistance of barbells

The Ohio bar has 200k PSI tensile strength, which is also slightly stronger than the 2.0’s 190k PSI.

It uses bronze bushings instead of the 2.0’s composite bushings. Both types of bushing systems provide excellent smooth spin for the sleeves. But it has been argued that bronze bushings last longer than composite.

The one thing that is slightly strange is that the Ohio bar doesn’t use Rogue’s proprietary technology “Rogue Work Hardening”… unlike the Rogue Bar 2.0. Supposedly this can make a bar last 3 times as long according to Rogue and this is another reason why I’d recommend the 2.0 to most people.

It has the same lifetime warranty and dual knurl markings that Rogue provides with most multi-purpose bars. It just proves how much Rogue values their barbells.

To sum it up, this is the bar for you if you want a bar with the best corrosion resistance and a better feeling of steel knurling.


  • Stainless steel- the most corrosion-resistant option for a barbell.
  • Bare steel bar- feels special! The knurling feels more aggressive as there is no coating over the steel.
  • 200k PSI tensile strength- the bar won’t break or warp.
  • Lifetime warranty- peace of mind and it shows Rogue backs their products!
  • Bronze bushings sleeves- smooth spin but not too fast & more durable than composite bushings.
  • Dual knurl markings- make it easy to position your hands for different lifts like the bench press and the snatch.


  • Price- it has very similar characteristics to the Rogue 2.0 but it costs more for the better finish and feel of the bar.
  • No Rogue Work Hardening- the stainless steel option doesn’t use RWH. If you are buying for your own home gym, this will still last for decades. But if you are buying for a CrossFit gym, I’d recommend the Rogue 2.0 or a different finish.

3. Best budget CrossFit barbell – Fringesport Wonder Bar

Fringesport Wonder Bar

The Wonder Bar is ideal for you if you are on a budget but you still want a very good CrossFit barbell. You won’t be able to find a bar of this quality for this price point.

It uses a very strong 202k PSI tensile strength, which is far higher than most cheaper barbells out there. Fringesport also has a good reputation in the gym equipment space and this is backed up with their lifetime warranty.

If you intend on doing more Olympic style lifts like the clean and jerk or snatch you can buy the 4 needle bearing cartridges per sleeve. Needle bearings tend to spin a lot more than bushings, which is great for your wrists in those fast moving lifts.

However, a bushing sleeve tends to last longer. These are more suited for you if you do want to use the bar for squats and presses (bench or overhead). Too much spin on the sleeves can make the bar feel more unstable for these lifts.

It is worth noting that the Wonder bar has a 28mm diameter compared to most other bars on this list using a 28.5mm diameter. It means the bar has a bit more whip as it is slightly thinner. This is great for Oly lifts, but not ideal for slower lifts like squats and presses.

This will also help you to lift heavy deadlifts as the thinner bar will help you get more grip.

The black zinc coating is definitely not my preferred finish for a bar. It’s easy to scratch and it can look worn quite quickly. It’s still pretty good at preventing rust and it looks pretty cool, the scratches don’t affect the performance of the bar either.

If you are focusing on saving a few dollars and want a bar that will last a long time, this has to be on your radar.


  • Price- the best bang for your buck.
  • Bronze bushings (moderate spin) or needle bearings (fast spin) option- if you will do more CrossFit or Oly lifts get the needle bearings. If you will mainly squat and press go for the bushings!
  • 202k PSI tensile strength- very strong steel that won’t deform easily.
  • Lifetime warranty- proves the Fringesport thinks highly of their bars!
  • Dual knurl markings- make it easy to position your hands for different lifts like the bench press and the snatch.


  • Black zinc coating- can wear off and make the bar look more used. It doesn’t affect the performance though.
  • 28mm diameter- slightly thinner than the 28.5mm options making it a bit less rigid and more “whippy”, which makes it harder to control for slow lifts.

4. Runner up CrossFit barbell – REP Excalibur Bar

REP Excalibur Bar

When people think of the best barbells they think of the likes of Rogue, Eleiko, Kabuki and Uesaka. However, REP Fitness is a company that is affordable and very quickly producing some of the best gym equipment in the industry.

The stand-out feature of the Excalibur compared to our top pick, the Rogue 2.0, is the fact that the sleeves use bearings (fast spin) and bushings (moderate spin). This provides stability during power lifts, but more spin for Oly lifts.

This is something that most CrossFitters will appreciate with the variety of lifts performed.

Another thing the Excalibur has going for it is the 215k PSI tensile strength. This is higher than any other bar on this list!

CrossFit Barbell Tensile Strength

In Rogue’s $5 million research that helped them determine the F Scale rating, they found the ideal tensile strength for a barbell is between 190k-220k PSI. Any lower and the bar can warp under a lot of weight, any higher and the bar becomes brittle to cope with CrossFit WODs.

So this is not some budget brand’s barbell!…

Scoring 12 out of 12 against our criteria, it’s the only other bar that ticks all of the boxes apart from the Rogue 2.0.

CrossFit Barbell Strong Home Gym Rating

It’s affordable and it uses our preferred CrossFit barbell diameter of 28.5mm.

You can learn a bit more about the bar and see it in use here in the 100-second video from REP Fitness…

If you want to learn even more about the REP Fitness barbell offer, check out our Best REP Fitness barbells article.

Anyway, back to the Excalibur… There really isn’t much difference comparing it to the Rogue 2.0. But the reason this doesn’t get our number one spot is because of 3 things:

  • The 5 year warranty (compared to Rogue lifetime warranty)
  • It’s manufactured overseas- some people prefer to stay patriotic
  • The Rogue 2.0 uses the intriguing (but mysterious) Rogue Work Hardening

But a bar that uses a mixture of bearings and bushings will spin more than a bar only using bushings.

Simply put… this is the bar for you if you will perform more Olympic-style lifts like the clean and jerk or snatch. You may want a bar with a bit more spin than the Rogue 2.0.


  • Bearing and bushing sleeves- the best of both worlds for the spin! The bearings make it a longer and smoother spin, but the bushings make it more durable.
  • 215k PSI- the highest tensile strength of any bar on this page, making it extra durable.
  • Medium knurl- it won’t rip your hands when the bar twists, but enough grip with chalk for heavy deadlifts.
  • Dual knurl markings- make it easy to position your hands for different lifts like the bench press and the snatch.
  • Hard chrome finish- rust-resistant, easy to maintain, and the bar will look as good as new after years of use.


  • Not made in the USA- some people want to stay patriotic and the attention to detail is often higher in USA manufactured bars.
  • 5-year warranty- still pretty good for a barbell but not as good as the lifetime warranty of our top pick.

5. Runner-up upgrade pick – American Barbell Training Bar

American Barbell Training Bar

American Barbell pay close attention to every detail in their training bar.

The sleeves are precision machined and the shaft is made from precision ground alloy steel. Being manufactured in the USA, American Barbell have got a bit of a reputation for delivering the highest quality barbells. But the reason this bar got our pick over some others is due to the affordability.

The knurling is perfect for a CrossFit bar. It’s grippy enough for those heavier deadlifts but it won’t rip the skin off your hands for lifts like the snatch.

It has been designed with Olympic weightlifting in mind.

But this does mean it doesn’t have the powerlifting knurl markings to help position your hands in the right spot for bench presses. It also has a 28mm diameter and I prefer the slightly more rigid 28.5mm diameter for a multi-purpose CrossFit barbell. The diameter of the bar and the price are the only two areas that the bar that dropped points against our criteria.

But this means this bar is ideal if you focus on the faster lifts above your head like a clean and jerk or snatches.

The smooth spinning composite bushing sleeves means your wrists won’t be bent backward during these faster lifts.

American Barbell opted for a hard chrome finish for the training bar. This makes it super easy to maintain and will keep your bar looking fresh and new for years to come.


  • Attention to detail- excellent quality spacing of the knurling, which feels impressive.
  • Made in the USA- generally, a higher quality finish compared to when the manufacturing is outsourced.
  • 190k PSI- strong enough for any weight on the bar.
  • Hard chrome finish- easy to maintain and looks as good as new for years with no scratches.
  • Composite bushings- smooth spin and helps the bar last longer.


  • No dual knurl markings- only the Oly weightlifting markings mean it’s not as easy to place your hands for powerlifting competition standards for the bench press.
  • 28mm diameter- thinner and less rigid than the 28.5mm options you see on this page.

6. Best women’s CrossFit barbell – Fringesport Women’s Wonder Bar

Fringesport Women's Wonder Bar

The women’s Wonder bar is pretty much the same as the men’s version.

But it has a 25mm diameter and only has 160k PSI tensile strength compared to the mens 202k. This is because the bar is smaller and a higher tensile strength on a bar this size isn’t needed, in fact, it can make it more brittle.

The bar has the same options for the sleeves with the pink W for the bearing bar (fast spin) and the purple W for the bronze bushings bar (moderate spin).

The pink version is ideal if you know you will be doing a lot of fast lifts such as the clean and jerk or snatch. But if you plan on using the bar for different lifts including slower squats and bench press, the bronze bushings provide more control and versatility.

You have the peace of mind with Fringesport’s lifetime warranty that if anything was to go wrong you can get it sorted out.

For the price and overall quality of the bar, this is what I would recommend as the best CrossFit barbell for women.


  • Price- the best bang for your buck.
  • Bronze bushings or needle bearings option- if you will do more CrossFit or Oly lifts get the needle bearings. If you will mainly squat and press go for the bushings!
  • 160k PSI tensile strength- very strong steel for a thinner women’s bar that won’t deform easily.
  • Lifetime warranty- proves the Fringesport thinks highly of their bars!
  • Dual knurl markings- make it easy to position your hands for different lifts like the bench press and the snatch.


  • Black zinc coating- can wear off and make the bar look more used. It doesn’t affect the performance though.

7. Cheap CrossFit barbell option – CAP “The Beast” Bar

31A8S9f1QbL. SL500

Maybe you’re on a really tight budget and you simply cannot justify spending over $200 on a barbell. If that’s the case The Beast holds up as a decent CrossFit barbell.

The bar has significantly worse specs than any other bar on this list. But it still does the job for most people. It’s perfect if you’re relatively new to lifting or CrossFit and you want to do some Oly style lifts like the clean and jerk but you know you’ll mainly be doing more controlled lifts like the squat and presses.

As long as you’re consistently throwing the bar from above head height with over 200lbs on the bar this bar will let you do most lifts you can think of. And you simply cannot argue with the price…

CrossFit Barbell Price

110k PSI tensile strength is more than enough to cope with 400lbs of weight on the bar without warping it (as long as you’re not throwing that weight down).

But there are some things to be aware of before you just go for this bar.

There are many customers who have complained about getting metal splinters from the sleeves of the bar. A great tip is to make sure you wipe the bar down with a towel before using it and after every workout. Eventually, these metal shavings will go, and it won’t really affect the performance of the bar.

The black phosphate finish is one of the worst corrosion resistant finishes on a barbell. It scratches easily and rubs off and if you leave this bar in a humid garage gym without caring for it, it will rust over time.

Overall, this bar is ideal if you just want a cheap spare beater bar to throw around without worrying about it or you are on a really tight budget.

There are some other budget barbells I would recommend ahead of The Beast for general use. You can find out more about these in our best budget barbells guide.


  • Cheap- ideal if you are on a tight budget.
  • 1,000lbs rating- still strong enough for most people.
  • Fine for beginners/ beater bar- if you don’t drop the bar from overhead too much it works fine. Or if you have another higher-quality bar you can use this to throw around!


  • No dual knurl markings- only the Oly weightlifting markings mean it’s not as easy to place your hands for powerlifting competition standards for the bench press.
  • Metal shavings off the sleeves- be careful when wiping the sleeves as you can get metal splinters off this bar.
  • 110k PSI- the lowest tensile strength of any bar on this page.
  • Black phosphate finish- scratches and rubs off quite easily.

8. Best CrossFit barbell with center knurl – Rogue Chan Bar

Rogue Matt Chan Bar

The Rogue Chan is my wildcard and one of my favorite multi-purpose bars that exists.

The unique feature of this is the passive center knurling. A center knurling is typically not great for a CrossFit barbell. This is because it can scrape your chest raw if you are performing high reps of thrusters or similar CrossFit lifts.

However, I personally like to have a bit of grip in the center for a bit of stick on my back squats. Sure there are tons of other squats you can do in CrossFit without needing to put the bar on your back, it’s just my preference. But it’s also is helpful when you’re in the front rack position. Make sure you check out our squat rack buying guide to help support your squats.

The Rogue Chan has a super passive knurl here to provide that stick for squats, but it won’t scrape your chest raw for other lifts. Win-win!

Matt Chan also wanted the knurling a bit wider and more aggressive than a normal multipurpose bar…

Matt Chan Knurling

This is because it helps him position his hands quickly exactly where the knurl stops. It will suit most athletes that are over 5 foot 10 but may not be ideal for shorter athletes who position their hands nearer the center. The more aggressive knurl is great for those really heavy lifts too.

Another great thing about this bar is that the sleeves are longer than any other bar on this page…

CrossFit Barbell Sleeves Length

16.5″ sleeves mean there is more room to load plates on the bar if you lift crazy heavy deadlifts. But more importantly, it means you can buy thicker (often cheaper) bumper plates without worrying about running out of space on the bar. Check out our full bumper plate buying guide for some useful tips on what to look for here and how to save money!

The final reason why I love this bar is the finish. It uses stainless steel, which is arguably the most corrosion resistant metal, but it also has a cerakote finish. This is what is used on some of the most durable firearms!

Matt Chan is a CrossFit legend (in case you didn’t know) and he’s personally contributed to designing this bar. He’s even made changes as he wasn’t completely happy with the original version, such as using a higher 200k PSI tensile strength and the finish of the bar.

Here’s Matt himself to explain a bit more about why he loves the bar…


  • Passive center knurl- adds grip for squats but won’t rub your chest raw for thrusters.
  • Stainless steel with cerakote finish- the creme de la creme. You cannot get a more corrosion-resistant bar.
  • 16.5″ sleeves- the longest sleeves on this list means you can fit more weight on the bar.
  • 200k PSI tensile strength- strong enough to handle any weight.
  • Dual knurl markings- make it easy to position your hands for different lifts like the bench press and the snatch.


  • Rogue Work Hardening not used on stainless steel bars- supposedly could make the bar last 3 times as long (according to Rogue!)
  • Price- the better finish makes this more expensive than the 2.0 version.

CrossFit barbell buying guide

There are four things to consider before you buy any Olympic barbell:

  1. What lifts will you use the barbell for?
  2. The quality of the steel
  3. The versatility of the bar
  4. Your budget

But there are some specific things that you should be looking for in a barbell for CrossFit…

What to look for in a CrossFit barbell

Here are 5 characteristics to look for when buying a multi-purpose bar for CrossFit:

  • A diameter that has good whip, but not too much for heavier lifts
  • Medium knurling as you don’t want it too aggressive for high rep WODs
  • Smooth spinning durable sleeves
  • Strong steel so it won’t warp permanently
  • A good finish so it won’t rust

These aspects are crucial in picking the best CrossFit barbell on the market. So let’s dig into this a bit more so you can see how we assessed them…

How we assess CrossFit barbells

I found 45 multi-purpose Olympic barbells on the market. I collected all of the data about the key specs for each of these barbells and contacted the company if I couldn’t find what I wanted from the sales page…

Rogue Contact Support Customer Service

The team at Strong Home Gym then decided 12 factors that should be included for the criteria to assess each barbell against. Here are the 12 factors that we assessed each barbell against…

Size of a CrossFit bar

  1. Olympic multi-purpose bar size- a basic construction scores a point. See below measurements (men’s; women’s)
    • Length – 2.2 meters (7.2 feet / 86 in); 6.5 feet
    • Weight – 20 kg / 44.1 lbs or 45 lbs; 15 kg or 33 lbs
    • Sleeve diameter – 2″ / 50 mm; 2″ (this is important. “Standard barbells” have a 1” sleeve. 2” Olympic sleeves provide a lot more options and can take more weight). 

Depending on one’s personal preferences, some people might also opt for a short barbell. If you are looking to learn more about it, check out our in-depth guide on short barbells.

Durability and quality of the CrossFit bar

  1. Tensile strength 
    • Over 165,000 PSI is more than strong enough for most people and scores a point on our tests. The REP Excalibur has the highest tensile strength on this list.
  2. Weight capacity
    • Anything that can take 1,000 lbs is usually strong enough for most people. 
    • Not all barbells will share their tensile strength (I asked the company if they don’t share this).
  3. Finish
    • A point is scored if the bar has zinc plated, e-coat, hard chrome or cerakote finish. 
    • A stainless steel bar is an alloy of steel that doesn’t require a coating to prevent corrosion so it also scores a point. Many people consider this the best possible “finish” to reduce corrosion and rust. Our upgrade pick, the Rogue Ohio bar uses this.
    • Bare steel, black oxide or decorative chrome is the least resistant type of finish and doesn’t score a point. 
Finish resistance of barbells
  1. Warranty
    • 5 years or more is a good sign that the company rates their bars highly and will provide good quality bars. This scores a point. Our top pick, the Rogue Bar 2.0, has a lifetime warranty.

Versatility of the CrossFit barbell

  1. Knurl
    • The cross-hatched part of the bar that you grip. 
    • A medium knurl on a multipurpose bar scores a point. We either personally tested the bar or took reviews from trusted people in the Strong Home Gym community. Not every company’s “medium” knurl is the same. The Rogue Chan bar has some of the best knurling out of any on this list.
Knurling of a barbell
  1. Center knurl
    • If the bar doesn’t have a center knurl or has a “passive” center knurl it scores a point on our tests. 
    • An aggressive center knurl can scrape your chest raw during high reps of thrusters or other CrossFit lifts.
  2. Spin
    • The ends of the bar (sleeves) should spin. 
    • A multipurpose bar should have smooth spinning sleeves so your energy is spent on lifting the bar, not stabilizing it from twisting. 
    • Bronze or composite “bushing” systems score a point for CrossFit bars. Bars that use a combination of needle bearings (fast spin) and bushings (moderate spin) also score a point. Fringesports Wonder bar has an option for either bearings or bushings.
Barbell Sleeves Bushings vs Bearings
  1. Whip
    • How much the bar can “bend” (see 10-second video below). 
    • Diameter of the bar- 28.5mm (or 25mm for a women’s bar) scores a point in our tests. A thinner bar tends to have more “whip” but is harder to control for slower lifts like squats.
      • 27mm- deadlift specialty bar as it’s easier to grip. 
      • 28mm- has more whip perfect for Oly weightlifting (such as American Barbell’s Training Bar)
      • 28.5mm- ideal for CrossFit as it provides whip for fast lists and control for slower lifts.
      • 29mm- used for slower lifts and powerlifting.
      • 30mm- some people prefer this for bench pressing as there is less “whip”. You may also find some cheaper barbells over 30mm diameter. It’s much harder to grip and not ideal for generic movements. 
      • 32mm- some powerlifters use this for heavy squats as there is even less “whip” and your grip is not as important.
    • CrossFitters typically want a bar with a bit of whip, but not too much which can disrupt heavy squats and bench presses. 

CrossFit bar pricing

  1. Value
    • If the bar is over 160k PSI tensile strength and under $290 it scores a point. 
    • The average price out of 45 multi-purpose barbells is $292. The Beast is the cheapest bar on this list.
  2. (and 12) General users opinion
    • If there are raving positive reviews from multiple sources online and users then the bar scores 2 points.
    • The bar scores 1 point if there is a slight issue with the bar that pops up, but doesn’t affect the overall quality of the bar (it could be packaging, shipping, or customer service)
    • 0 points are awarded here if there is a common complaint about the bar from different sources (scratches easily, poor grip, metal shavings etc.)

After this, I spoke to the team (including certified personal trainers and gym owners) about their opinions of the top rated bars.

I also spoke to friends and checked out various CrossFit communities to see what they thought about the bars, especially if they have used any of them.

This allowed me to select the best option for people with different budgets and training abilities in the list above. These are not the “best” barbells on the market. These are the best barbells for most people (aka the price is reasonable).

CrossFit barbell FAQs

What kind of bar do CrossFitters use?

Most CrossFitters use a Rogue 2.0 barbell. This is the most used barbell at all of the CrossFit Games events and is one of the most affordable high spec bars on the market. Most CrossFit gyms will have the Rogue Ohio or the Rogue 2.0 as an option.

Having said that, it’s worth mentioning that adding a regular barbell is often not enough for CrossFitters who want to further increase the range of exercises in their gym. A popular addition is a multi-grip bar. If you want to learn more about these, make sure to check out our in-depth best multi-grip barbell buying guide.

What is the best Rogue barbell for CrossFit?

The best Rogue barbell for CrossFit is the Rogue 2.0. It is very similar to the Rogue Ohio barbell but it is slightly cheaper and is the most used barbell at the CrossFit Games. It uses Rogue Work Hardening which will last 3 times as long as competitive bars with the same specs.

How long will a CrossFit bar last?

Good CrossFit bars last for over 50 years if they are used for a home gym and taken care of. If the barbell is used in a CrossFit gym it will typically last between 1 to 16 years. Rogue uses a proprietary technology called Rogue Work Hardening to allow some of their bars such as the Rogue Bar 2.0 to last 3 times as long as similar barbells.

What is the standard weight of a CrossFit barbell?

In CrossFit competitions, women use 35 lb (15 kg) bars, while men use 45 lb (20 kg) bars.

While it’s good to be aware of the standard weight of a CrossFit barbell, in regular everyday practice, CrossFitters don’t really pay too much attention to this aspect.

You can stay true to those weights if you want, but keep in mind that the bar weight is not of huge importance, compared to other aspects, such as proper form and technique, for example.

CrossFit barbell: The bottom line

There are some aspects of a barbell such as the good quality steel and medium knurling that make a barbell ideal for CrossFit.

After comparing 45 multi-purpose barbells, there are a few stand out bars on the market.

I found that the Rogue Bar 2.0 is the best CrossFit barbell for most people. It has 190k PSI tensile strength, a great knurl, and uses Rogue Work Hardening to make it one of the most durable bars on the market. It’s also about half the price of many other barbells with these specs.

If you want an upgrade bar with a more resistant finish and an even nicer feeling knurl, then I’d recommend the Rogue Ohio Stainless Steel bar. Stainless steel is the most rust-resistant metal available so it doesn’t need a protective finish to look after it. That means your hands are placed directly on the steel and not a protective coating.

Be sure to check out the best Olympic barbells on the market if you’d like to see what barbells made the cut out of over 100 barbells.

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