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9 Best Knee Wraps for Squats and Powerlifting [Buying Guide]

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Finding the best knee wraps for squats is essential to avoid those niggling knee injuries. They can also really help to get that extra 10% gain.

Our team of personal trainers have come across dozens of knee wraps over the years. We’ve come together and put over 30 hours of research to make a list of the best knee wraps for heavy squats.

If you’re in a hurry, our top pick is the Titan Signature Series Gold Knee Wraps. These provide all the features you need for a safer squatting experience and are very reasonably priced.

After showing you an overview of why these wraps make the cut, I’ll explain the criteria we chose them on. That should help you to find a great knee wrap that suits you.

Budget Option

DMoose Knee Wraps

DMoose Knee Wraps

Best Overall

Titan signature knee wraps

Titan Signature Knee Wraps

Premium Option

Inzer XT knee sleeves

Inzer XT Knee Sleeves

9 Best Knee Wraps for Squats

Here is a brief overview of the best knee wraps we found.

Click on any model to find out the current prices and customer reviews.

NameBest forPrice
Titan Signature Knee WrapsSquats- Top pick$$$
Inzer Grippier Knee Wraps Least stiff$$$
Titan THP Support Knee WrapsMost stiff$$
Sling Shot Knee WrapsPowerlifting$$$
Iron Bull Knee WrapsWeightlifting$$
Mava Sports Knee WrapsBeginners$
Mark Bell’s Knee WrapsHeavy squats$$$$
DMoose Knee WrapsBudget$
Inzer XT Knee SleevesComfort$$$$$

1. Best Knee Wraps for Squats – Our Pick: Titan Signature Knee Wraps

51Gz3Dri1DL. SL500

These are simply one of the safest and best knee wraps for doing squats. These Titan Signature Knee Wraps look fantastic with a stylish black finish.

The best knee wraps for squats, these ultra-strong wraps are the most supportive wrap Titan has ever made. They offer more tension and spring for ultimate comfort even with heavy lifting.

Its elastic material stretches to fit your knees without rubbing the skin when squatting and reaches 2m, 2.5m, and 3m in length. They also provide maximum support and reduce stress on the quads and patella when doing heavy squats.

If you’re like me and mix up your routine with different exercises, having support for different weights is a must. These wraps are constructed for huge weights.


  • Ideal for a variety of workouts – Suitable for bodybuilding, powerlifting, and more
  • Good length – Longer length than most knee wraps at 2m
  • Lightweight and comfortable – Perfect for long squat sessions
  • Durable – Made with heavy-duty velcro support for maximum stability


  • Need to be worn in – Takes some time to become truly comfortable

2. Best Knee Wraps – Least Stiff: Inzer Grippier Knee Wraps

51BTyl9pP4L. SL500

The last thing you want when doing squats is to get injured. Amongst a host of other advantages, Inzer Knee Wraps are designed to help prevent knee injuries with a high level of safety.

As you train, it’s important to keep pushing yourself. No pain, no gain doesn’t have to be necessarily true but increasing the amount of weight as your squats progress could put a strain on your knees.

Inzer knee wraps stay in place offering one of the most secure knee joint protections out there. A unique cast-like effect means you won’t have to wrap the knees too much offering rebound throughout a whole range of motions.

You won’t need to mess around with chalk or stickum to keep these wraps in place as they grip to themselves with ease. A gripper will then keep the wraps from moving about proving more comfort and support.

The two meters in length that these wraps give should be rough for most squatters so you can choose the length of wrap you want on your leg as well as your knees. 


  • Comfortable– Much more comfortable than Titan’s THP wraps
  • Easy to put on and take off – Designed to help natural knee movements with full throttle support and a gripper for easier wrapping
  • Fits most sizes – Its cast-like feel will sit tightly to most leg sizes 
  • Grippy material – When fitted, they shouldn’t slip around so give the knees maximum support


  • On the expensive side compared to many of its rivals
  • Grippers get a little time getting used to

3. Best Knee Wraps – Most Stiff: Titan THP Support Knee Wraps

51pKZ3t7JSL. SL500

These Titan Support Knee Wraps could be an ideal addition to your workout routine and help you achieve goals you never thought were possible!

Providing maximum compression, the Titan Support Knee Wraps are made from sturdy material to suit your specific workout. We found these were perfect for squatting as they give you utmost comfort and stability.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the wraps slipping off or sliding if you adjust them properly. These are made with special anti slippage material for those big squats. 

If you suffer from knee pain, these may benefit you. The wraps are designed to keep your knees intact when pushing them in the gym.

Although ideal for squats, these are not suitable for all types of exercises due to their stiffness so you may find yourself taking them on and off between sessions.


  • Ideal for squats – Hugely stiff wraps that will support extreme amounts of weight
  • Stores more power – Returns 20% more power with minimal addition of weight
  • Thick material – Built to last with highly durable material
  • Stabilizes knees – Tighten or loosen the straps to provide the right amount of compression for your squat


  • Not easy to wear – May take some time getting used to taking them on and off
  • Not suited for every workout – Its thick material is a blessing and a curse as it can hinder some exercises

4. Best Knee Wraps for Powerlifting: Sling Shot Knee Wraps

41L124itNOL. SL500

Sling Shot Knee Wraps can be used to great effect with squats. If you’re an athlete who is looking for protection over performance, these may be just the ticket.

With improved labels of stability, the sturdy material conforms to the knee, these aim to reduce any risks of injury when completing squats.

A great aspect of these is how they provide plenty of flexibility with level 3 elastic material. This will let you move smoothly without any discomfort or restrictions.

You don’t have to take them off when doing other workouts such as CrossFit as the high level of compression will give your legs superb levels of control.

If you’re into powerlifting and weightlifting too, these Sling Shot Knee Wraps can be used. The tighter you wrap these, the more weight you should be able to push.

If you’re serious about squats, the slightly high price tag should pay itself off in no time!


  • Comfortable – Knee wraps can be customized to fit most physiques comfortably
  • Suitable for different workouts – Highly flexible material to prevent restrictions in movements for powerlifting and weightlifting
  • Perfect for all squat styles – These can be used to great effect with bodyweight squats to front squats
  • Good support – Helps to prevent injuries


  • Threading has been known to come loose after regular use

5. Best Knee Wraps for Weightlifting: Iron Bull Knee Wraps

51U4LqgzJfL. SL500

Next up are the secure Iron Bull Knee Wraps which may be the best choice if you like to challenge yourself in your workouts.

Some knee wraps can be a pain in the backside to put on but these come with a velcro system to easily secure and support your knees sufficiently.

Your knee wraps will probably go through the wars so it’s a good idea to find some that are long-lasting.

The high-quality, heavy-duty material made with these Iron Bull knee wraps should stand the test of time, even in a variety of exercises.

Its length of 80-inches lets you control the tension with how tight you fasten the velcro’s hook and loop system. You should be able to match your lifting gear too with a choice of several colors.

These offer support stability and strength but it’s worth noting that these are not approved for competition just yet.

If you’re not a powerlifter though and just need them for lunges, these are definitely worth considering!


  • Extremely easy to put on – Unlike many knee wraps, these are simple to take on and off with their velcro system
  • Available in a choice of colors – If you’re one for style, there should be a color to suit your needs
  • Easily adjustable – Should give you the right amount of compression for every lunge
  • High-quality material – Heavy-duty velcro and elastic is made to last 
  • Suitable for many workouts – If you like to mix up your routine, these are great for an array of exercises like powerlifting, CrossFit training, and more


  • Not yet approved for competition

6. Best Knee Wraps for Beginners: Mava Sports Knee Wraps

51bSBE6BwfL. SL500

The Mava Sports Knee Wraps could be a fantastic choice if you’re on a tight budget.

Although more affordable, Mava doesn’t lack any quality with an elastic polyester fabric design for maximum stretching in squats. 

If you’re looking for comfortable knee wraps that will help your knees support more weight, these could be a perfect choice. At 72-inches long, their length is just about right for protecting your knees.

They come with a hook and loop closure so you can tighten them to your specifications. Then you just have to tuck the wrap ends inside the loops and you’re ready to go!

Coming in two colors, Mava Sports knee wraps should suit any style but you should keep in mind that these haven’t been approved for competitions just yet.


  • Affordable – Ideal if you’re on a tight budget and its stretchable high-performance elastic offers great quality
  • Includes a hook and loop closure – Prevents loose ends dangling from the wraps and are easily adjustable
  • Stiff yet adjustable – Sturdy enough to be used as knee braces applying more compression to your knees
  • Available in two colors – Choice of colors to suit different styles


  • Not approved for competition 

7. Best Knee Wraps for Heavy Squats: Mark Bell’s Knee Wraps

41NeZEBU1SL. SL500

Mark Bell’s Knee Wraps may be the golden ticket if you’re looking to achieve your goals and build your strength.

The high levels of compression offered by these wraps ensure a good amount of knee support so that you can train to your fullest potential.

You shouldn’t have any problem wrapping your knees up and keeping the wraps in place as these are made with highly durable materials for supreme leg support. If you have a budget in mind, these may fit the price.

More affordable than many on the market, Mark Bell’s knee wraps are made by the highly reputable brand Sling Shot. These are known for making high-quality sports equipment.

You may be wondering why it has come 7th on your list. The stiffer material and tighter design can be a little uncomfortable for some users but after some time, they should feel spot on!


  • Boost leg strength – The high levels of compression help offer top-quality support for your knees and legs
  • Adjust to suit different sizes – Level 4 elastic to fit larger legs and break world records
  • Ideal for heavy weights – Helps you lift more weight in powerlifting, weightlifting, and squats
  • Keep your knees stiff – The ultra stiffness of the material ensures your knees are stable throughout the range of a squat


  • Takes two people to wrap them tightly to your legs

8. Best Budget Knee Wraps: DMoose Knee Wraps

61 7cI8lrjL. SL500

If it’s important you find strong and firm knee supports on a budget, the DMoose Knee Wraps may be the ideal choice for you.

Their awesome elastic quality is top class and can be used on the arms and wrists for an action-packed powerful workout.

These knee wraps are made to increase strength and power. They should provide exceptional support during front and back squats as well as lunges.

Whatever movements you are making, the flexibility of this elastic material should help your gains.

DMoose Knee Wraps include a secure hook and loop for extra comfort and breathability even when tight. Sick of knee wraps breaking when you push your workouts? The stability of these is incredible and well suited to hardcore as well as soft-core workouts.

You may find your technique stability improves with the right knee wraps. With an array of colors to choose from, DMoose’s Knee Wraps may just suit just about everyone.


  • Keeps you dry – The fabric soaks in moisture to prevent sweat patches and possible rashes
  • Durable – Made with long-lasting material for reliable extended use
  • Suitable for men and women – Made to fit most body sizes and all levels of fitness
  • Adaptable – Helps with a wide range of workouts and can adapt to a mixture of exercises
  • Range of colors – Can choose from an array of colors including a unique American flag-inspired design


  • Material is thicker than most wraps for a hotter skin temperature
  • Velcro can be a little itchy and pulls on the fabric

9. Best Budget Knee Wraps for Comfort – Alternative Pick: Inzer XT Knee Sleeves

51pGfIJcr3L. SL500

I couldn’t leave out the Inzer XT Knee Sleeves from the list. The sheer comfort and easily adjustable nature of these sleeves could suit your better than traditional knee wraps.

If you have injured yourself, these knee sleeves could be ideal for helping you throughout rehab. They are easy to adjust to not cause any discomfort over a previous injury.

These XT knee sleeves are extremely easy to put on and take off making them convenient to use at any time. Completely adjustable, and available in five sizes, these should fit different sized legs with ease. 

Unlike knee wraps, the XT knee sleeves let your skin breathe and prevent any sweat from building up underneath. This should give you better focus with a more powerful joint support.

You can use these in a variety of sports where leg strength is essential but they can feel a bit clunky at first, especially if you are used to wearing knee wraps.


  • Completely adjustable – A high-tech design means these should fit your specific size 
  • Lets the skin breathe – Highly durable material absorbs sweat to prevent any build-up underneath
  • Easy to put on and take off – Save time between sets with an easy velcro system
  • Provides better blood flow than knee wraps – Keeps your knees secure while allowing blood to flow easily throughout high-intensity workouts


  • Sizing chart may not be specific 

Knee Wraps Buying Guide

There are a few aspects you need to consider when buying good quality knee wraps for squats. 

Here are some factors to think about so you can decide on which product to go for.


Knee wraps are available in different lengths with the most typical being 2-3 metres long.

2-meters is usually more than enough for most people.

But you may need to tighten the wrap around the knee more if you are lifting heavy weight. So it may be best to go for 2.5 or 3-meter versions if that is you.

The Titan THP wraps come in 2m, 2.5m or 3m variations.

See a full guide of lengths in the following link: Elasticity Grade & Length Guide For Wrist & Knee Wraps


Stiff and soft knee wrapping is a vital aspect of knee wraps, especially with squats. Stiff wraps are more prone to hurting your skin and can even leave some bruising.

On the other hand, they will help support your knees more when lifting larger weights because of their support on the maximal isometric force.

Soft wrapping probably won’t affect your lifting as much but give you more flexibility and comfort in an array of exercises apart from squats. Think about your squatting routine and which of these would suit your needs best.

Try out the Inzer Grippier Knee Wraps if you’re looking for a less stiff pair.

Here are the pros and cons of different knee wraps: Knee Wraps: The Benefits and Drawbacks

Easy to use

If you’re like me, you’ll know that different knee wraps are easier to put on and take off than others. This can become a chore when you’re feeling motivated to hit the gym.

There is usually a trade-off here though. The easier to use wraps with a velcro attachment are quick and simple to use. But the harder to put on wraps often provide more support.

Make sure the elastic is durable enough to stretch around your legs too and the material is strong enough to be used over and over again.

Some wraps like the Mark Bell Wraps can honestly need the help of someone else to put on properly. However, Mava Sports have a beginner-friendly pair that are much easier to put on and off.

The last thing you want when you have the barbell on your back is for your wraps to slip!

Here are some steps to go through to ensure ease of use and comfort for your knees: What All Squatters Knee’d To Know!

Competition approved

If you’re thinking of progressing your workouts into a more professional field, you need to consider if your knee pads are approved for competitions.

If you plan to include powerlifting in your workout regime to compete, they must be competition approved. You don’t need to worry about this if you just work out for yourself with no competitions in mind.

Titan’s Signature wraps are competition approved, which is another reason they are our top pick.

If you plan on starting powerlifting, here is a helpful guide of powerlifting gear that has been approved by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) you will need: IPF & USAPL Approved Equipment & Gear For Competition (2021)

Are Knee Wraps Worth it?

Simply put, yes. If you intend on squatting more, knee wraps are definitely worth getting. 

“Wearing knee wraps increase peak power output during back squats.”

[National Library of Medicine Study]

Knee wraps also prevent injuries by keeping your legs stable throughout the full range of motions during a squat.

On the other hand, if you just want to increase your size or compete in raw powerlifting competitions, then they’re not really needed.

Here’s a handy video telling you why to wear knee wraps when squatting…

Knee Wraps Frequently Asked Questions

Are knee wraps good for squats?

Knee wraps have many benefits when it comes to squats. Firstly, they can help you improve your technique. Its stored elastic energy allows for a stronger upward movement when doing a squat movement.

They help support your knees with a study showing the difference between squatting with and without knee wraps. It was found that knee wraps 
don’t “negatively affect the transfer of strength/power from the squat to the target sport activity.” More testing is required, however.

Knee wraps also minimize the risk of injuries reducing stress on your knees and tendons. They also provide warmth to your knees helping speed up some recoveries from injury.

Are knee wraps or sleeves better?

This comes down to your personal fitness goals and concerns over the health of your knees. Knee wraps are preferred by powerlifters as they are more restrictive and help keep the knees and legs stable throughout.

Knee sleeves are more commonly used in CrossFit because of their versatility and how they help athletes recover from sessions of heavy lifting. You shouldn’t rely on sleeves as often as they may not give adequate support for heavy lifting.

How do you wrap a knee wrap for squats?

There are two different ways to do this: Spiral and X (cross)

The spiral technique starts by laying the wrap’s end on the outside part of your calf, where it narrows before meeting your knee joint. 

Then pass the wrap behind your leg and up between your legs before moving it over the front of the top of your shin. Pull tightly as you do this.

Move half of the wrap’s width every time you come around. 

Stop when you’re comfortable as long as the wrap is above your knee cap. 

Then wrap it downwards until the material runs out. Loosen the last pass and tie a simple knot. 

The X or cross technique starts above the knee horizontally. 

At the side of your leg, angle downwards and warp over your kneecap.

Pass the wrap around your leg but below the knee horizontally.

Move upwards diagonally to form an X shape.

Repeat before tying the wrap.

Watch this video to combine the two techniques:

Do I have to wear knee wraps when squatting?

No, you don’t have to wear knee wraps when squatting.

However, wearing knee sleeves (such as the Titan Signature Knee Wraps, our overall top pick) has multiple benefits for most people.

Unless you’re a super fit person that’s been working out and feeding properly for many years, you might consider using knee wraps to help improve your technique and ease up the stress level on your knees.

Wrapping it up

Excuse the pun!

As you can see, there are many factors that go into top-quality knee wraps for squats.

Always remember to think about what you will be using them for the most and whether the length or stiffness of wrapping is adequate for your needs.

The Titan Signature Knee Wraps are our top pick for their affordable price, heavy-duty durable material and lightweight feel. They should help you progress your squats as time goes on as well as accompany more exercises.

Search for all of our products reviewed today in the table at the top of this page. But the best knee sleeves for squats may be more suited to you, especially if you are a beginner lifter. Or check out our best knee sleeves for CrossFit if that’s more your thing!

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