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9 Best Total Gym Models: Comparisons and Alternatives

I’d recommend the Total Gym Apex G5 to most people after comparing over 30 Total Gym models and competitors.

Finding the best Total Gym model can be difficult. There are so many different models to choose from.

So I’ve spent 30 hours researching the Total Gym range and competitors. I know that sounds weird! But after comparing loads of all-in-one gyms I was looking to buy something smaller to use in my apartment.

I created a list of criteria to compare each model against. This includes:

  • Weight capacity
  • Resistance level
  • Size
  • Number of exercises
  • Accessories included

I’ll explain the process I went through in more detail later. But If you’re in a hurry, the Total Gym APEX G5 is my top pick. It offers exercises for every muscle group, has 10 resistance levels and it’s hard to beat the quality of this machine for the price.

The Total Gym XLS is my upgrade pick simply because it’s hard to beat the quality of this machine.

Budget Option


Best Overall


Upgrade Option

best power tower

Total Gym XLS

Best Total Gym Model Roundup

Here is a quick roundup of our top picks. You can click through on any model to check out the recent price. You can also take a look at other customer’s reviews.

ModelBest ForWeight CapacityResistance LevelsExercisesPrice
Total Gym APEX G5Our Pick3751080$$$
Total Gym XLSUpgrade400680$$$$$
Total Gym APEX G1Budget300660$
GR8FLEX GymBodybuilding45015140$$$$
Total Gym SupremeBeginners2751280$$$
Total Gym APEX G3Tall person300870$$
ER KangThe money350560$
AeroPilates Home StudioPilates300n/an/a$$$
Total Gym X-ForceSeniors3501260$$$

As I mentioned, I’ll explain our strict review criteria in the buyer’s guide later to help you choose the best Total Gym model for you.

But first, I’ll go into more detail about why these 9 models are my top picks…

1. Best Total Gym Model- Our Pick: APEX G5

The main reason the Total Gym APEX G5 get’s my top pick is because of one word…


The more well-known XLS gets more attention. But it costs almost twice the price and there are features that I prefer with the G5!

The APEX G5 is the third version of the APEX series. And each version has been upgraded.

There are 10 resistance levels on the machine compared to 6 on the XLS, 6 on the G1 and 8 on the G3. This means that if you want to progress your workouts and have more resistance to gain more muscle, this is the best machine to do that.

There’s no denying that the quality of XLS is slightly better. But the G5 doesn’t wobble and the glide is really smooth as you can see in the 60-second video below…

The other main reason this is my top pick is because of the amazing selection of accessories that comes with the machine:

  • Wing attachment
  • Larger squat stand
  • Leg pull accessory
  • Dip bars
  • Training deck with holder
  • 2 stability mats
  • Total Gym TV access
  • Exercise & nutrition guides
  • Owner’s manual
  • DVD

Another feature that I personally wanted from a Total Gym was the option to add a weight bar. I weigh around 175lbs but the machine can take 375lbs. That means I could add a maximum of 180lbs of weight plates to the bar to add even more resistance.

It’s worth noting that this weight bar is not included. And the bar is 1″ thick so your Olympic weight plates can fit but they’d be a bit loose.

It’d be worth buying plates with 1″ holes like these if you intend on using this machine to build muscle.

A little heads up – 180 lbs (3 sets of these plates) is the most you could place on the bar.

It really is hard to find any negative reviews from other owners apart from issues with shipping or delivery. And most people that go for this model seem to be shocked at how good it really is.

If you’re short on space and want a Total Gym machine, then this is the one I recommend for most people.

Total Gym APEX G5 Dimensions In use/ Folded
Length93″/ 50.5″
Height43.25″/ 8″


  • Value– hard to beat the quality for this price.
  • 10 resistance levels- allows to progress workouts better and add more resistance to build more muscle.
  • Versatile- can be used for a variety of exercises.
  • Full body workout- target all the major muscle groups to help build muscle.
  • Additional accessories- includes all the necessary accessories for a more effective workout.
  • Workout videos- includes a range of fitness DVDs and workouts to get you started.
  • Hard rubber handles on pulleys- high quality pulley system and the handles won’t collect sweat from your hands.


  • Additional weight bar not included- if you want to build serious muscle it’s worth factoring in the bar and plates recommended above.
  • Foam handles on dip station and pull up bars- can collect sweat during a workout and become a bit slippery.

2. Best Total Gym Model- Upgrade Pick: Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS Home Gym

My upgrade pick is the Total Gym XLS. It simply ticks all the boxes against our criteria.

This model is the most popular, which is sometimes a red flag for me as the “most popular” is not always “the best”. Often the most popular model of anything is due to money spent on marketing *cough* Chuck Norris *cough*

Timer saver- the offer at the end of that video does not exist anymore! The video is just to demonstrate the marketing budget spent on the XLS over the years.

But after comparing the other models available, you really can’t beat the XLS overall quality.

The main reason this gets my upgrade pick is because of the smoothness of the glide board and how durable it is. It’s also super easy to install, which is more than can be said for most all in one home gyms. Watch this 3-minute video below to see what I mean…

I’ve seen tons of reviews from people that claim they’ve had this machine for years and it works as good as new!

The Total Gym XLS comes with a range of accessories including:

  • Squat stand
  • Leg pull
  • Wing attachment
  • Exercise wall chart
  • Nutrition meal plan
  • Owner’s manual

The XLS also has holes to add a weight bar and weight plates if you want extra resistance to build muscle.

A key feature of any Total Gym is its compact nature. But some of the other models are a bit more fiddly to fold away. You can easily fold away the XLS when it’s not in use, which makes it ideal if you want to make use it in a living space and tuck it behind the couch or in a cupboard after.

However, the machine itself is heavier than others on this list due to its quality and sturdiness. You can still move it, but it’s definitely not as easy as some others on this list.

Total Gym XLS Dimensions In use/ Folded
Length90″/ 51.5″
Height43″/ 8.875″


  • Quality- hard to beat the quality of the pulleys and smoothness of the glide board. The leather used on the glide board and hard rubber handles are high-end specs and make it easy to clean.
  • Additional accessories- range of accessories included for a thorough workout.
  • Training videos- includes a range of training videos to kickstart your training.
  • Compact- won’t take up too much space in your home gym & easy to fold away.
  • Comprehensive workout- gives you everything you need for a full body workout.


  • Only 6 resistance levels- other models on this list have more resistance levels, which makes progressive overload easier (but 6 is more than enough for most people).
  • Expensive- the most expensive option on this page.

3. Best Budget Total Gym Model: APEX G1

The APEX G1 is a great choice if you’re on a tight budget and want a cheaper model.

This model still provides 60 exercises which give you a great range of exercises to complete for a full body workout. It offers the lowest number of exercises on this page, but it’s still more than enough for most people.

It’s the first version of the APEX series (the same series as the G3, and G5).

The one thing you may notice straight away is that it doesn’t have a squat stand. It is possible to do leg exercises using the loop for your feet on the pulleys. But you won’t be able to push off the squat stand like you can with most other Total Gym models.

It still comes with:

  • Wing attachment
  • Leg pull accessory
  • Exercise wall chart
  • Total Gym TV access
  • Exercise & nutrition guides
  • Owner’s manual
  • DVD

This also has the option to add a weight bar and plates to add even more resistance than your body weight. This is vital if you are looking to build muscle rather than lose weight.

While this is a great budget option, it still is pretty sturdy. It’s the same size and weight as the G5 so you shouldn’t find it too flimsy.

Total Gym APEX G1 Dimensions In use/ Folded
Length93″/ 50.5″
Height43.25″/ 8″


  • Budget friendly- more affordable than other Total Gym models.
  • Versatile- can be used for a variety of exercises at home.
  • Large weight capacity- comes with a decent weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Cable and pulley system- can be used for more versatile workouts than a barbell.
  • Compact- can easily be stored away after use.


  • No squat stand- most other models on this page have one.
  • 60 exercises- compare this to the 140 exercises possible on the GR8FLEX.
  • 6 month warranty- most Total Gym models offer at least 1 year, so it’s a sign they do not have as much faith in this machine lasting as long.

4. Best Total Gym for Bodybuilding: GR8FLEX Gym

best power tower

The GR8FLEX Gym actually almost got my top pick.

It’s another model that ticks all the boxes. The reason the G5 got the top spot is that it offers the weight bar (the GR8FLEX uses resistance bands), uses higher quality materials overall (better cables, pulley system and handles) and it’s usually slightly cheaper (but the price of both do vary and are very similar).

Whilst the option to add a weight bar and weights helps add resistance for the G5, this comes at an additional cost. However, the resistance bands are included with the GR8FLEX.

There are 4 resistance bands adding a total of 50lbs of resistance (2=10lbs and 2=15lbs).

It also has 15 resistance levels, which is more than any other model.

This is ideal to make the exercises progressively more challenging, which is crucial to building muscle mass and improving strength. So if you’re looking for a total gym model for bodybuilding, I’d recommend this!

There are also a couple of other stand out features in the Total Gym vs GR8FLEX battle. The GR8Flex has in its favor:

  1. The amount of accessories
  2. The lifetime warranty

Most Total Gym models have a 1-year warranty and the G1 only has a 6-month warranty. The next best warranty on this page is the AeroPilates Studio with a 3-year warranty on the frame.

This lifetime warranty just proves how much GR8FLEX backs their machine. The length of the warranty normally represents how well a product is made, and there is no other lifetime warranty on this page.

A huge benefit to the Gr8FLEX is the little rubber stoppers at the top of the rails that stop the glide board from reaching the top/ sliding off the rails.

GR8FLEX Rubber Stoppers

This means if you do squat jumps you never need to worry about jumping too high and un-railing the glide board. This is hard to do on a Total Gym too, but it is possible.

Most incline bodyweight machines come with some accessories. But here’s what you get from GR8FLEX:

  • Wing bar
  • Dip bars
  • Leg harness/pulley system
  • Cellphone holder/stand
  • EZ curl bar
  • Crunch ab accessory
  • Soft grip handles
  • Extra large squat stand
  • Resistance bands
  • Floor protection anti-skid mats
  • Owner’s manual

Overall the GR8FLEX is a fantastic alternative to the Total Gym models we’ve reviewed above. You won’t have to assemble the gym equipment before you use it, either. Just see how easy it is to fold away in the 50-second video below…

For the value of this product, it’s a hard one to beat.

But you can definitely notice the quality isn’t quite as good as the XLS or APEX G5. The wheels on the glide board are a little bit more “scratchy”, the pulley system doesn’t use quite the same quality of metal and the handles of the pulley system are soft rubber instead of hard rubber.

Overall, if you are on the larger side or looking to add muscle I would recommend the GR8FLEX (unless you buy the weight bar and plates for the Total Gym).

GR8FLEX Dimensions In use/ Folded
Length96″/ 52″
Height50″/ 10″


  • 15 resistance levels and 50lbs resistance bands- choose the best resistance for your workout needs.
  • Variety of colors available- choose a color to match your space- black, white, golden, military, patriotic.
  • No assembly required- even easier to use straight out of the box.
  • Additional accessories- includes a variety of additional accessories for a thorough workout.
  • Pulley system- more versatile than other types of home gym equipment.
  • Lifetime warranty- the entirety of the machine is covered by the lifetime warranty.


  • No option to add a weight bar- the resistance bands don’t add as much resistance as plates on this bar could. This is why the G5 is my top pick overall.
  • Overall quality not as high as Total Gym- the handles are soft rubber compared to hard rubber and the pulley system is definately not as strong and durable as the Total Gym variations above.
  • Canvas material on the board- this will hold more sweat and not as easy to clean as a “leather” type surface on the Total Gym.

5. Best Total Gym for Beginners: Total Gym Supreme

The Total Gym Supreme is ideal for beginners as it allows you to stream free select workouts on Total Gym Basic TV.

This makes it super simple to place your iPad or phone on there to follow along with any workouts you like, such as this beginner one…

(I’ve included some more good muscle-building workouts at the bottom of this article too!)

There are 60 exercises that can be performed on this machine which offers a lot of versatility, but it also isn’t overwhelming!

It comes with:

  • Tri-Grip shaper bar
  • Ab and leg pull
  • Dip bars
  • Wing attachments
  • Squat stand
  • Owner’s manual

This is pretty much everything that most people use on any Total Gym. But it doesn’t come with tons of extras like some other machines, which can make it confusing to know what to use!

It doesn’t come with the holes to add the weight bar like the APEX G5 or XLS models. I’d definitely prefer to have this as an option as I would want the extra resistance. However, for most beginners, this is another unnecessary add-on that simply isn’t needed to get toned and lose weight.


  • Total Gym Basic TV- ideal for beginners to follow along with a workout from their iPad or phone.
  • Full body workout- helps you smash through your workout goals.
  • Versatile- can be used for over 60 different exercises.
  • Durable construction- manufactured using high quality materials to last you for longer.
  • Adjustable- choose between 12 levels of resistance.


  • No option to add a weight bar- the resistance bands don’t add as much resistance as plates on this bar could. This is why the G5 is my top pick overall.

6. Best Total Gym for a Tall Person: Total Gym APEX G3

best power tower

The Total Gym APEX G3 is our top pick for taller people. This particular Total Gym model gives you ample room to use the whole of your body during the workout.

All of the APEX models are 93″ long and are on the large side of any Total Gym Model.

In fact, some 6 foot 4″ tall customers even say they can fit on the machine. Personally, I would say if you are any taller than this then you probably won’t be able to get the full range of motion for many of the exercises. If that’s the case check out our guide to building a home gym here to see what we suggest.

You won’t have to manipulate your body into uncomfortable angles to fit the machine’s dimensions.

It also features a large foot pad to give you plenty of foot space during workouts. You can adjust the resistance of the G3 between 8 different levels.

There is also a variety of exercise videos for you to follow to get you started.

With this model, you can easily choose between quick workouts or more intensive workouts. This is a great feature if you want to find a workout that will suit your schedule.

The Total Gym APEX G3 offers you a full body workout. This makes it a great fit for beginners who want to stay on top of their fitness.

Total Gym APEX G3 Dimensions In use/ Folded
Length93″/ 50.5″
Height43.25″/ 8″


  • 93″ long- one of the larger glide boards you can buy.
  • Large weight capacity- can support up to 300 pounds.
  • Additional accessories- includes all the accessories you need for an efficient workout.
  • Versatile- can be used for over 70 different exercises.
  • Ergonomic- glideboard is padded and has been designed for your comfort.
  • Foldable design- compact, foldable design makes for easy storage.


  • Foam handles- can become sweaty and slippery after an intense workout.

7. Best Alternative Total Gym for the Money: ER Kang

If you’re looking for another cheap alternative to the Total Gym, then check out the ER Kang.

While it might not be the best for serious bodybuilders who want to pack on muscle, it will do a great job of covering your overall fitness.

The ER Kang gives you a range of over 60 exercises to complete. You can easily get a full body workout completed in as little as 20 minutes.

This makes it a great fit for those who are looking for a cheap Total Gym model to help them exercise comfortably at home.

It even comes with a weight bar and 80lbs of additional weight to add to the machine. It can hold up to 350lbs of weight so it’s strong enough to cope with most people.

However, it is on the small side compared to most other models on this list.

If you are taller than 6 feet I would not recommend it. It’s definitely not the same quality as the Total Gym models above, and you’ll probably find it loses its glide quicker if you load it with too much weight.

But for the price it does still work pretty well! If you’re on a budget and looking for a machine that can help you exercise for 20 minutes a day 3 times a week, then this does this job!

Total Gym APEX G3 Dimensions In use


  • Budget-friendly- one of the most affordable alternatives to the Total Gym models.
  • Added 80lbs weight bar and plates holder
  • Versatile- can be used for over 60 different exercises.
  • Full body workout- gives you everything you need to work on every muscle group.


  • Only 5 resistance levels- less than any other on this page. Makes it harder to progress the workouts and add more resistance.
  • 79″ long- the smallest model on this list making the range of motion smaller for most exercises. Look for one of the APEX models like the G3 or even the GR8FLEX if you are taller than 6 foot.

8. Best Alternative Total Gym for Pilates: AeroPilates Home Studio

You can use Total Gym’s for pilates. But if pilates is going to be your focus I’d recommend getting a specialized AeroPilates reformer.

If you’re reading this article there’s a good chance you’ve never even heard of an AeroPilates reformer. But if you are considering buying a Total Gym to lose weight, tone and get stronger, then I would highly recommend you watch the short 3-minute video below to see another option that may be more suited for you…

Pilates is a great workout that has numerous health benefits backed by science as you can see in Healthline’s article here. It involves controlled movements to increase your core strength and posture.

There are 4 resistance chords on the AeroPilates Home Studio:

  • Yellow- light resistance
  • Red- heavy-resistance
  • 2 x black- medium resistance

This helps to provide a stretch and resistance to suit you when performing your pilates movements like pulses or hundreds.

The padded glide board and head rest and foot bar make your workouts extra comfortable. This is important as pilates can involve movements that require isometric contractions (holding poses).

It comes with:

  • Patented cardio rebounder
  • Padded foot bar
  • 4 chord resistance
  • Adjustable padded head rest and shoulder pads
  • Double loop hand and foot straps

The cardio rebounder (cool trampoline thingy) makes cardio much more enjoyable and adds a whole new dimension to the machine.

Check out the video below if you want to see an example pilates workout on a reformer…

AeroPilates Reformer Dimensions In use


  • Quality padded equipment- the soft rubber pads are super comfortable and easy to clean after a hard workout.
  • 4 chord resistance- use the resistance to suit you.
  • Cardio rebounder- use the trampoline like device to add a new fun dimension to cardio.
  • Full body workout- helps you to easily work on all major muscle groups.
  • Compact- can easily be folded away after use.


  • No incline- not as good for resistance and building muscle mass as the Total Gym mahines.
  • Stand not included- you can buy an additional reformer stand to lift the reformer about 10 inches of the ground to do more advanced movements like this if you want.

9. Best Total Gym for Seniors: Total Gym X-Force

best power tower

The Total Gym X-Force is my top pick for seniors.

The main reason for this is how simple and easy it is to get up and running. It also uses a simple-to-use flipchart to follow some workouts. This is far quicker and easier than connecting to the app or using a video series or any other tech.

It does mean it’s a bit more limited to the workouts you can do but for most seniors this is more than enough.

It gives you everything you need to stay fit and healthy if you don’t want to use more complicated machinery.

You can choose between over 60 workouts to suit your fitness goals. You can adjust between quick workouts or more intensive workouts to suit your schedule.

A great feature of this particular Total Gym model is the adjustable resistance. You can easily set the machine to suit your required level of resistance (out of 12 levels) for a more effective workout.

This Total Gym model comes with a range of additional accessories to push your body to its limits. You can use the included dip bars, ab crunch boards, and many other accessories to help build muscle.

Overall the Total Gym X-Force is a great model for your home gym. However, taller people should bear in mind that the squat stand is on the smaller side.


  • Easy to use- no assembly required before using it.
  • Large weight capacity- designed for users of up to 350 pounds.
  • Versatile- can be used for more than 60 different exercises.
  • Additional accessories- includes a variety of additional accessories to kickstart your workout.
  • Compact- can easily be folded away after use for easier storage.


  • Smaller squat stand- squat stand is on the smaller side so may not be suited to taller people.

How I chose the Total Gym models

Like I mentioned at the top of this page, I was considering buying a Total Gym to use in our apartment. But it was pretty hard to find out any good information about what one was best and if any were overpriced etc.

So I made a list of 36 different Total Gyms and variations of them in a spreadsheet.

I then just went to town on the research to produce this monstrosity…

I watched hours of YouTube videos of peoples reviews and demonstrations. I compared hundreds of individual users reviews on a variety of ecom stores. I even asked Steve Hoyles and some other personal trainers about their opinion of them.

This helped me to assess what were the important buying factors for a Total Gym.

In case you want to do your own research too (which I highly advise before spending a few hundred dollars) then here is what you need to look out for…

Total Gym buyers guide

There are a few factors that you will need to think about before buying a total gym model.

  1. Your fitness goals
  2. Size
  3. Weight capacity
  4. Resistance levels
  5. Versatility
  6. Price

We’ll cover some more important factors that you should consider below. These also played a hand in how we chose our top 9 Total Gym models.

Total Gym size- folding and storage options

The overall size of your chosen Total Gym model will be important.

Have you got enough room to accommodate it in your home gym?

How much space will you need to get a full range of movement?

Most Total Gym models feature a foldable design. This allows you to easily fold them away after use. Our top pick the APEX G5 is a great example of this folding and space-saving feature.

If you’re looking for a compact all in one home gym then check out our top picks here.

Weight capacity of a Total Gym

Another factor to consider is the weight capacity of your chosen Total Gym model. Some of these are able to offer larger weight capacities than others. 

You should aim for a Total Gym model that is at least able to accommodate your overall weight plus 100 pounds or so.

The reason you want one that can cope with the extra weight is becasue many of them come with an option of adding a weight bar, such as the XLS. This bar can hold 180lbs. When you first get the machine you may not need to add any extra weight at all.

But as you improve your fitness levels it may be worth adding this to keep progressively overloading your muscles to keep seeing those gains.

Usually The larger the weight capacity of your chosen Total Gym model, the sturdier it will be. 

Resistance levels for a Total Gym

The more resistance levels your Total Gym model has the better. This will allow you to adjust the difficulty of your workouts.

It doesn’t always mean there will be more resistance if it has more levels though! This is an easy mistake to make when you’re buying.

If you want more resistance you should instead pay attenntion to the height of the machine when it’s in use. The taller the machine is, usually the more resistance and steeper the decline can be!

More resistance levels just means you have more control of changing the resistance. There will be less of a “jump” up to the next level each time you increase the height. This is ideal to make gradual progress and is especially handy when working smaller muscle groups like the side deltoids.

The GR8FLEX has 15 resistance levels. It’s also the tallest machine, which is the reason it’s our pick if you want to build muscle mass. And it comes with resistance bands included…

Weight bar or resistance bands

The GR8FLEX and AeroPilates reformer are the only machines that come with resistance bands on this list.

These are useful to provide even more resiatnce than your own bodyweight. However, they do not add as much weight as possible when you insert a weight bar attachment. You can see a weight bar being used in the video below…

You can buy a weight bar here as it’s not included with most Total Gym models. And the bar is 1″ thick so it’s wise to buy a set of plates with 1″ holes like these if you want to make the most of this resistance.

The weight bar can only handle 180lbs of weight, so if you order 3 sets of the plates I mentioned above that will be ideal.

If you are looking to build muscle mass from your Total Gym, I would highly recommend buying a model that allows you to add resistance.

Total Gym accessories included

Does your chosen Total Gym model come with a range of additional accessories?

The APEX G3 has tons of accessories such as:

  • Wing attachment
  • Squat stand
  • Leg pull accessory
  • dip bars
  • Exercise flip chart
  • Total Gym TV access
  • Exercise and nutrition guides
  • Owners manual
  • DVD

This is ideal if you’re a beginner. The more additional accessories that are included, the less you’ll have to buy or figure out for yourself!

Additional accessories can give your Total Gym models more versatility. Below is an example of the types of additional accessories you should look out for.

Total Gym Accessories

Number of exercises available

The number of exercises you’re able to perform with your chosen Total Gym model will be crucial. Most Total Gym models should offer you at least 60 exercises to give you a full body workout.

You’ll want to choose a model that can give you a full body workout. Most Total Gym models will include a variety of fitness videos to get you started and show you how to use your new equipment.

Targeting all major muscle groups will be essential if you want to stay on top of your fitness routine.

The exercises available on each model really does vary. For example:


Most people consider the price first. And it does make sense to think about your budget before splashing out.

However, if you are 6 foot 3 and you buy the smaller ER Kang you’ll likely either break it or you won’t be able to do the full exercises. That means you’ve just wasted your money and either have to buy another one or you give up with your fitness goals after 2 days.

It would make more sense to consider your own fitness goals and the above criteria before you think about the price. If it means saving up for another couple of months before purchasing it, it’s worth it in the long run!

And the APEX G1 is the best budget model on the list above if you are on a tight budget!

Benefits of a Total Gym

There are many benefits to having Total Gym equipment in your home gym. These include:

  1. Takes up little space
  2. You can transport it easily
  3. Full body workout
  4. Functional training to mimic everyday movements
  5. Save money

There are great benefits to functional training in general. These include a range of positive impacts on your physical wellbeing such as muscle strength, metabolic conditioning, and many more.

Total Gym Workouts

All of the Total Gym models are versatile pieces of equipment. You can use them to complete a variety of exercises.

Here are a few to get you started.

Other Total Gym Models We Compared

Total Gym Fit– Could easily be our premium pick. However, it’s about 50% more expensive that the XLS and the quality is very similar. It does have more levels of resistance and is a very popular option.

Total Gym GTS– An even more expensive model. If money is no issue to you then this is probably the best overall version and will likely feature highly in future updates.

Total Gym Fit Ultimate 15 Levels– An upgraded version of the Fit. You cannot buy this from Total Gym’s website so we can’t guarantee the warranty or quality of each machine sold, which is why it doesn’t make the list.

Total Gym Elite Plus- An alternative to the Supreme. Not quite as good as the quality of the Supreme though and the same price.

Total Gym models to avoid

Now here’s the brutal truth about many of the “knock off” Total Gym models…

They are really flimsy and unenjoyable to use at best…

And outright dangerous at worst.

Just watch a couple of minutes of this video to see what I mean…

The models above are not the same as the models below. They are much more durable, made of quality steel and materials and can be a good workout if used properly.

However, I cannot say the same for the models below…

Total Gym Xtreme– just flimsy and can collapse if the peg is not in the right place.

Total Gym Pinnacle- Another cheap model that has a lot of hype behind it but very little substance. Many people ask me if what’s better the Pinnacle vs APEX models. It’s hands down the APEX versions as you can see above.

Total Gym XL7– Another cheap variation available on Amazon. A lot of people also ask what’s better between the Pinnacle vs XL7 vs APEX G5. Again the APEX is one of the few variations I would recommend from Amazon after extensive research.

Total Gym Platinum– It can collapse like the Xtreme above and not a recommended model.

Total Gym Supra Pro- Another lightweight model to avoid. It’s also very hard to find in stock anywhere.

Total Gym Elite Plus- Doesn’t compare to any of the models above.

Total Gym Ultimate– Another one to avoid.

Total Gym Frequently Asked Questions

Is Total Gym worth the money?

Total Gym’s are worth the money for most people. They are great for any user regardless of ability level. And the large number of exercises even the most basic models are able to offer you will more than make your new Total Gym model worth the investment.

Is Bowflex or Total Gym better?

The Total Gym models are better than Bowflex models if you are under 6 foot and are short on space. However, a model such as the Bowflex 2SE offers more resistance and exercises compared to the Total Gym XLS. Both Total Gym and Bowflex models focus on your whole body and can give all major muscle groups a thorough workout.

What is the best Total Gym for the money?

The best Total Gym model for the money is the Total Gym APEX G5. This is a great all-round piece of home gym equipment that gives you a variety of exercises to keep on top of your fitness goals. For the low price it’s hard to beat.

Are squats on the Total Gym effective?

Squats on the Total Gym can be very effective. What’s great about the Total Gym models is that they are low impact, so allow you to build your leg muscles without causing damage to your knee joints. This makes them a great alternative to free weights.

Best Total Gym Model- The Bottom Line

After reviewing the range of Total Gym models we found there were some clear winners. But the best machine for you will depend on your fitness goals.

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Each model offers a different weight capacity, number of exercises and levels of resistance.

Overall, the Total Gym APEX G5 is our top pick due to the value you get for the quality and versatility of the model. It really is hard to beat a glide board machine for this price range and quality.

After a ton of this research, I realized I could actually fit more effective equipment than the Total Gym into my space. If you want to see what I ended up doing and what we recommend at Strong Home Gym then check out our ultimate guide to building your own home gym.

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