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Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Gym Equipment Deals (2023)

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There is no better time to find bargain gym equipment than the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend.

There are more and more quality deals appearing from companies like PRx Performance, Force USA, REP Fitness, Rogue Fitness, Titan Fitness, Bells of Steel, Fringe Sport etc.

At Strong Home Gym, we have a team of fitness enthusiasts including decades of certified personal trainer’s experience and gym owners (some with a small home gym and others with 6,000 sq ft commercial gyms!) We use this experience to test, research, and recommend fitness equipment that can help you save money and time.

I’d recommend using our guide on how to build a home gym with this article to get the best bang for your buck and make a home gym you’ll love.

Want to improve your home gym?

Use the hours of research, testing and experience inside the ultimate guide to build a home gym. Find out…

  • The 4 items of kit every gym needs
  • What you should avoid
  • Where to find bargains and discounts

Click here to learn more about how to build a home gym.

I’ve spoken to all of the main companies in the fitness space to find out what their offers are on Black Friday in 2023.

And it’s all here in one place for you…

Best Cyber Monday & Black Friday Gym Equipment Deals

Here are some of the best places to look for Black Friday fitness equipment deals…

  • BEST VALUE DEAL- PRx Performance: Save 5-20% on all Profile® ONE & PRO Folding Racks & Cages! More tiered deals during the Black Friday weekend! [valid: Nov 1-30]
  • EXCLUSIVE- Force USA: Get a free barbell when you purchase a discounted all in one trainer- 0% APR financing + FREE shipping. Plus get an additional 5% off with exclusive code STRONG5 [valid: Nov 1-30]
  • THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE- REP Fitness: 10% off all benches (& select discounts on barbells, racks, benches, plates, dumbbells etc.) [valid: Nov 1-30]
  • ADJUSTABLE DUMBBELL DEALSnode Sport– Freestand worth $209 with AD80’s (limited to the first 300)- “BUNDLE” & “15OFF” code to save $139 on AD80s- “15OFF” code sitewide to save 15% [valid: Nov 1-30]

Strength Equipment Black Friday Deals

  • Bells of Steel: up to 50% off select items [valid: November 17-December 2]
  • TRX: Last year was a FREE gift with a purchase of over $175 (suspension trainers, kettlebells, weight vest, dumbbells etc.) [valid: November 1- November 22 & December 1- December 14]
  • Get RX’d: 10% off sitewide and 50% off select items [valid: November 1-November 30]
  • Rogue Fitness: Matte Black Friday has items on sale (barbells, racks, benches, plates, dumbbells etc.) [valid: November 1-November 30]
  • Titan Fitness: Up to 44% off (barbells, racks, benches, plates, dumbbells etc.) [valid: November 1-November 28]
  • Fringe Sport: 10-50% off- some huge deals you can find the details here (barbells, racks, benches, plates, dumbbells etc.- there is a deal to buy a complete home gym for $850 in there!) [valid: November 20-November 27]
  • American Barbell: Last year was up to 50% discounts (barbells, plates etc.)
  • Amazon: (all fitness equipment)
  • Vulcan Strength: Tiered discounts 10-15%, free shipping & some discounts up to 30% off (barbells, racks, benches, plates, dumbbells etc.) [valid: November 10-November 30]
  • DMoose: Last year had discounts sitewide (accessories such as wraps and sleeves)
  • AtivaFit: Last year you could save $100 (adjustable dumbbells)
  • Flybird Fitness: Last year was 20% off (weight benches, adjustable dumbbells, and doorway pullup bars)
  • Iron Bull Strength: up to 70% off (knee sleeves, weightlifting belts & equipment)
  • Giant Lifting: up to 50% off (dumbbells, plates, barbells, racks etc.)
  • Tribe WOD: up to 70% off (Hammer, kegs, barbells vests etc.)
  • Kettlebell Kings: up to 50% off (kettlebells, vests, hammer etc.)
  • Rubber Banditz: up to 25% off rubber bands (code BLACKFRIDAY2023)
  • Jerk Fit: up to 40% off (accessories, hand grips, shakers, workout gloves etc.)
  • Tuff Wraps: up to 60% off (knee sleeves, straps, wrist wraps weightlifting belts etc.)
  • Iron Neck: up to 33% off neck training device
  • Core Home Fitness: up to 70% off (adjustable dumbbells, benches etc.)

Gym Machines Black Friday Deals

  • Total Gym: 40-60% off (home gym machines on rolling gliders) [valid: November 24-November 29]
  • Bowflex: Up to $600 off SelectTech dumbbells, kettlebells, and home gyms and select free shipping (all in one home gym machines and adjustable dumbbells, treadmills, ellipticals etc.)
  • Life Fitness: Up to 30% off popular cardio equipment, including free shipping and white glove delivery and installation service (machines) [valid: November 1-November 28]
  • True Fitness: up to $2,300 Off Fitness Equipment For Home + FREE Shipping Sitewide (machines & cardio equipment) [valid: November 17-November 30]
  • Speediance: Get 15% off all Speediance Gym Monster packages (up to $600 savings) and 20% off on the Gym Pal (Smart Home Gym Machine) [valid: November 10-November 28]
  • Fitness Factory: 20% off Body-Solid, Powerline, and Endurance items until Nov. 27 and up to 35% off TRUE Fitness cardio equipment and up to 36% off Octane cardio equipment until Nov. 30
  • Tonal: Take $500 off [valid: November 6-December 4]
  • Lifepro Fitness: $100 vibration plates

Cardio Equipment Black Friday Deals

  • STEPR– Save up to $700 on smart stair climbers
  • LIT Method: Last year you could save $800 on the LIT machine (Home Gym Machine/ Rower)
  • Diamondback Fitness: $500 off cardio machines, free shipping, 0% APR financing (elliptical bikes & cardio equipment) [valid: November 1-November 30]
  • Octane Fitness: Up to $2,300 off standing ellipticals + free shipping (cardio equipment) [valid: November 10-November 30]
  • Sole Fitness: $200 off the SRVO- up to $200 off treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes, plus up to $100 off strength equipment (cardio equipment) [valid: November 10-November 30]
  • Yosuda Bikes: 15% off with YSD15 code (rowing machines, ellipticals, exercise bikes)

Workout Programs

  • Superhero X12: Training & nutrition programs (50% off)
  • Bodybuilding: Workouts, training and nutrition programs (7 day free trial)

Squat racks, barbells, weight benches, weight plates & dumbbells on Black Friday

At Strong Home Gym, we believe in using the 80:20 principle. In this case, you can buy a few items of equipment to cover the vast majority of exercises you’ll do at the gym (click on any link to see our thorough buying guide and recommendations):

These are the 20% pieces of equipment we share in our guide to building a home gym that will be used for 80% of exercises.

And here are some great places you can find a deal during Black Friday…

PRx Performance

PRx Black Friday

If you are short on space then we highly recommend the PRx folding racks. There is no denying that their patented technology makes them unique in a crowded market.

And there’s nothing anyone else can do about it!

But the main concern for people about these racks is their price.

During this Black Friday, you’ll be able to bag a bargain such as:

  • 10% off all Profile ONE and PRO racks
  • 15-20% off barbells
  • 10% off in stock benches (folding flat, stand-alone incline, VTX)
  • 5-20% off all storage equipment

Also, check out their weight plates– they are some of the most affordable options on the market.

This is one of the sales I’m personally most excited about so be sure to check it out…

REP Fitness

REP Fitness Black Friday

Rogue, REP and Titan all offer some amazing quality gym equipment for a very reasonable price.

But REP is what I consider a middle ground between Rogue and Titan.

Typically you will find pricing of similar items in order of price like this:

  • Rogue
  • REP
  • Titan

REP’s quality has improved A LOT in recent years and especially since the shortage of equipment in 2020. The price has stayed very competitive making it…

A sweet sweet combo of…

Quality and affordability.

If you are considering buying an affordable power rack in this sale the PR-4000 is our top pick. This will give you a 10% discount on the rest of your order so it may be a great time to stock up on bumper plates, or upgrade your weight bench.

REP PR-4000 Power Rack

REP-PR-4000 Power Rack
Read our best squat rack guide here

Looking for an affordable yet high quality power rack?

Look no further!

After comparing over 100 types of squat racks the PR-4000 came out on top.

You can add any attachment to it (including cables, dip bars and plate holders). You can even add additional uprights to back to make it even more of a beast!

The 1 inch westside hole spacing means you can position the spotter arms to the ideal height when you bench press. So you can safely drop the bar and have a full range of motion when you lift.

And the 3×3″ 11 gauge steel make this the best value rack we could find.

Bells of Steel

Bells of Steel Black Friday

Bells of Steel is making more and more quality equipment that is making it’s way onto our top picks after extensive research and testing.

For example, their trap bar and the multi-grip bar are our top picks overall due to the quality and pricing.

They also have some freakishly good deals coming out later in the month of November- we can’t technically reveal what these deals are (yet) but if you like a bargain just trust me… you MUST check this one out.

To give you a taster… last year they were offering some free gifts when you make purchases during the Black Friday weekend:

  • Spend $200 for choice of one Tier 1 gift: White Mini Band, Mighty Grip Workout Chalk or Arm Blaster
  • Spend $400 for Tier 2: Glute Ham Slider, Loadable Dumbbell or pulley attachments
  • Spend $1,000 for Tier 3: 3-in-1 Plyo Box, Deadlift Pads or two Loadable Dumbbells
  • Spend $4,000: A chance to get every single one of these items

If you like the sound of a lucky dip then you won’t want to miss this one…

Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness Black Friday

It’s pretty hard to find a good deal with Rogue. In fact, they only have one sale a year…

And that is “Matte Black Friday”!

However, this year there is still “supply chain congestion” (I guess thanks to the virus that shall not be named). This means they have “Matte Black November”. So it allows you to get your orders in early to avoid the disappointment of missing out.

Here’s what Rogue has going on:

  • Hot Deals
  • Closeout
  • Boneyard
  • Hundo Pricing

You can see what they mean in the image above.

But some of the best deals to be aware of is that Monster racks have no more than $75 shipping cost. And non-branded dumbbells will sell for $1/pound! Keep an eye on their awesome multi-purpose barbells too 😉

Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness Black Friday

Titan is well known for its affordable gym equipment.

But what is becoming more and more transparent is they are really starting to compete with the quality of other companies like Rogue. This makes some of their products the “best for most people”. An item like their safety squat bar genuinely is our top recommendation.

Watch their Black Friday deals, such as $100 off power racks, like a hawk this year…

Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport Black Friday

Fringe Sport has some very decent gym gear. Particularly their Olympic barbells and bumper plates.

Their Black Friday is nearly always one of the best ones around.

They often cut prices by 50% for the weekend so keep an eye on what happens here…

American Barbell

American Barbell Black Friday

Well known for their attention to detail on Olympic barbells.

One of the best places to look for some bargains during Black Friday. Again they have made some pretty big claims about what will be on offer this year…

Black Friday Home Gym Machines

Machines aren’t highly recommended in our guide on how to build a home gym.

However, there’s no denying they are useful for certain people or situations:

  • People new to working out
  • Anyone worried about injuring themselves with a barbell
  • People recovering from injuries
  • Etc.

They are typically easier to use and there is a lot of research that suggests they are still effective for building strength or muscle…

Force USA

Force USA Black Friday

Force USA dominates the all in one home gym market.

We’ve researched over 100 machines and tested many of them, and honestly, nothing comes close to the quality and versatility for the price.

Plus, if you get a machine in November you get a free barbell (which is so good it actually features in our best Olympic barbell guide… and we’re VERY picky about barbells).

If you’re in the market for a home gym machine then you need to check out the Force USA G15 as it is a beast and you won’t need anything else in your home gym.

Force USA G15 Machine

Force USA G15 All-In-One Trainer
Read our best all in one home gym guide here

The Force USA G15 combines a Smith machine, a squat rack, and a pulley system in one compact machine.

The G15 pulley cables have a 2-to-1 and a 4-to-1 ratio allowing you to perform any movement on it. The cable length is longer than a 1-to-1 ratio and allows you to lift lighter weight, ideal for lat raises etc.

Add a leg press and lat pull-down attachment to make it become a true all-in-one home gym machine.

After comparing over 100 machines the G15 came out on top for quality, versatility, and nothing competes at this price point.

You can learn a lot more about the models in our thorough Force USA all-in-one trainer review. We compare all of them and suggest who we think each model is best suited for.

For exant to miss this one…

Total Gym

Total Gym Black Friday

The Total Gym became popular after the endorsement from the likes of Chuck Norris in those old-school TV commercials.

But they are still popular today and can be a great way to workout in a small space or if you travel a lot without access to a gym.

Be sure to check out our best Total Gym model recommendations.

And if you’ve been considering one then don’t miss the Black Friday weekend…


Bowflex Black Friday

Bowflex is great at producing beginner all in one home gym machines.

The power rod technology makes them very easy and safe for anyone to use. It still provides a decent resistance and it’s possible to stay in shape and build muscle using these machines.

Their adjustable dumbbells are also some of the most affordable out there so don’t miss this sale!

Other Black Friday workout equipment

Maybe you are after some other gym accessories or equipment such as a suspension trainer, bands, flooring etc.

These items are not to be overlooked to set up a complete home gym.

However, they can increase your spending significantly and finding discounts can help to save a ton of money.


TRX Black Friday

TRX features heavily in our best suspension trainer guide.

Suspension trainers are a great way to improve core strength and target pesky muscle groups like the upper back muscles with your bodyweight.

Another great addition to any gym, but also if you travel a lot and want to keep up with your training.


Amazon has just about everything you can think of. If you’re buying a power rack, barbell or plates I would usually advise one of the main brands to ensure you get the warranty, quality and customer service etc.

But it can be ideal if you’re on a tight budget or need any other accessories.

Don’t miss Amazon’s Black Friday sales…


If you want to know some other places to look for deals then check out some of the following companies…

  • Tempo
  • MYX Fitness
  • Rx Smart Gear
  • NordicTrack
  • Assault Fitness
  • ProForm
  • Gymreapers
  • Ice Shaker
  • Sole
  • Exogun
  • Terra-Core
  • Echelon
  • Vulcan Strength
  • Kabuki Strength
  • Eleiko
  • Reebok
  • Adidas
  • Lululemon
  • Hyperwear
  • Ergatta
  • Torque Fitness
  • Horizon Fitness
  • Hydrow
  • Zeno Gym
  • Onnit
  • Brute Force
  • Powerblock
  • Hylete
  • EliteFTS
  • Aviron
  • Rubber Flooring Inc
  • Again Faster
  • Fitness Factory
  • Ironmaster
  • CFF Fit
  • Sorinex
  • Fray Fitness
  • Griffin Fitness

Tips for Black Friday Fitness Equipment shopping

It’s easy to miss this weekend or end up buying a load of stuff that you never use. So here are some tips to make sure you make the most of it…

1. Have a plan… and stick to it

Before you pull out your credit card you should make a list of what you actually need.

There are some equipment which you will use all the time and other items that may look cool but don’t bring any results.

Making a good plan is as easy as 1,2,3 once you know these simple steps…

  1. Work out your own fitness goals
  2. Plan a workout to achieve these goals (check out our beginner weight lifting routine if you want to build muscle &/or strength)
  3. Buy the equipment you need to do these workouts

If you’re not sure where to start check out our guide on how to build a home gym. It includes the main items most people need and has a ton of tips to save money whilst building it!

2. Reseach before Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Once you have a plan it’s really important that you figure out the specific equipment you want.

And this part is NOT easy!

For example, if you want a barbell do you want a:

If you don’t know what some of those are, don’t let all of that overwhelm you! Simply check out our best Olympic barbell guide as we’ve done all the research for you!

Our team has spent hundreds of hours researching, comparing and testing thousands of products. Here are some of the big guides that should help:

Spending an hour or so researching can literally save thousands of dollars from buying the wrong kit for you.

3. Take tiered discounts or free shipping into account

Sometimes companies pay discounts if you spend more money with them. For example, Bells of Steel gives you a chance to win some crazy good items if you spend over $4,000 with them.

Other companies provide free shipping if you spend over a certain amount.

So sometimes it’s better to buy a bundle from one store than a few things from each one.

If you’ve done your research and know exactly which piece of kit you want you may need to buy from a few different stores. But sometimes that extra consideration into their deals for Black Friday gym equipment can make all the difference to the bottom line.

4. Act fast on Black Friday

Don’t wait until the last day to make your order.

It’s crazy how busy this weekend is! If you wait too long your favorite kit may go out of stock.

So have your plan and set a reminder in your calendar for early doors on the Friday (check out each website though as some start on the Thursday and others, like Rogue, have deals all month!)

5. Check the fine print

When you assume you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me”.

Never assume!

Always check the website’s fine print before expecting to receive a free power rack with your 10 resistance bands. It can be easy to misunderstand a deal or believe you’re in for a discount when you’re not.

6. Bookmark this resource

Keep this page handy.

It gets updated regularly over the month of November every year and things do change!

Black Friday gym equipment FAQs

When is the best time to buy gym equipment

The best time to buy fitness equipment is on Black Friday. You can buy all kids of gym equipment for a discount compared to the retail price. Many brands are aware that people are looking for deals during the Black Friday to cyber Monday weekend, especially as many people have New Years goals on their minds around this time of year.

What gym equipment is on sale on Black Friday?

Almost all kinds of fitness equipment is on sale during the Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale. Nearly every brand will have some sort of discount for something. Some of the best bargains this year are at PRx Performance, Force USA, REP Fitness, or Bells of Steel.

The bottom line: Black Friday gym equipment

Make sure you are crystal clear on the equipment you want.

Use the thousands of hours of research at Strong Home Gym to make sure you know what items of gym equipment suit you.

Then simply head on over to some of the best bargains such as PRx Performance, Force USA, REP Fitness, or Bells of Steel.

These deals only come once a year and there’s no guarantee they’ll be back next year.

Wanna save more money and time?…

Check out our ultimate guide to building your home gym to help figure out what equipment will help you see those results.

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