There are some items of equipment that 99% of people building a home gym should buy in our opinion. They are all versatile equipment that will help you work any muscle group in the body when complimented together.

These pieces of kit will suit total beginners to lifting weights to professional powerlifters, bodybuilders, and Olympic weightlifters.

home Gym Equipment

Essential Home Gym Equipment

There are 4 essential pieces of home gym equipment you need to get up and running:

As soon as you have these 4 items you can do the majority of exercises in your home gym. We like to use the 80/20 rule for most things in life and these are the 20% of the equipment that will bring you 80% of the results (maybe even more!) 

You can find out more about this in our guide on how to build a home gym here. 

Get the basics right first. 

A very close 5th essential is dumbbells. 

If you buy separate dumbbells they can often end up costing a lot very quickly. However, if you are on a tight budget then some adjustable dumbbells and a weight bench is a good way to start. 

This page will help you choose the best home gym essentials for you based on your budget and fitness levels. 

You will not touch anything more than your barbell in your home gym. This one deserves some serious research and thought to ensure you get this right. You'll probably only ever need one if you get it right!

Squat Rack

The centerpiece of your home gym. A good power rack means you can do more lifts such as squats and the bench press, but it is also one of the most important safety items in your gym. If you get a decent one you'll be able to grow with it and add attachments over time, which can be a huge space saver rather than buying a ton of machines.

Weight Bench

Most people want an adjustable bench. But make sure you don't get a cheap one. These can wobble, be uncomfortable, or even be outright dangerous. A good flat bench is far better than a cheap adjustable in my opinion, but if you can afford a good adjustable bench you'll be set for life.

Weight Plates

You'll probably end up spending the most money on your plates. It's an area you can save money but a good set of bumper plates will last forever and can allow you to do more lifts.


If you're on a really tight budget a decent set of adjustable dumbbells and a weight bench can be your whole home gym for a long time.

Gym Decor

Not all of this section is essential. But your flooring is essential if you want your equipment to last and to make it a more usable space.

Getting your gym properly kitted out involves a few other items that most people will need. Gym flooring is essential for 99% of home gyms and it's one of the first decisions you'll need to make... unless you like moving hundreds of kilograms of equipment!

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